Saturday 6 January 2024

The People Chose Designers for 2024


The People's Choice started in 2018 following the The Alphabet Club and The Zodiac SAL.  The idea was to showcase current and older projects that fit a certain theme.  It's been a great success but out of all the blog posts I write, this is the one that takes the most time, planning and finding the appropriate photos.  I have really enjoyed doing this and love seeing what you all post too.  However, it's time for this SAL ito take a break.  We will be finishing on a great theme - the designer that you are most looking forward to stitching this year:

January - Your Designer of the Year

I have made my list for my "24 in '24" in a slightly different way to previous years, it ties in perfectly with my WIPGO Board and you'll see more tomorrow in our first WIPocalypse post of the year.

But one thing I noticed is the appearance of a new-to-me designer, I have never stitched one of their designs but suddenly there are three on my list!  Who could it be?

Cottage Garden Samplings is the answer.  They do love a series and so do I, so I can see why I have become interested in their designs.  The first one I bought was Halloween Sampler, a few years back.  I intended to start this in previous years but couldn't find the perfect blue-black for the initial letters.  I have decided to use GAST Midnight and this will be my Dark 13 stitch each month.

The next design is one I started at the end of 2023 and didn't finish as December was rather a busy month!  I have cracked on in the first 5 days of this year and it now looks like this:

stitched over 1 on 25 count Cirrus evenweave from Chromatic Alchemy

Once I finish The Fox I will move straight onto The Swans and see how much I can get done in January.

The final series is the 12 Days of Christmas series,  These are quite unusual in that each one is a different size so they make an interesting collage if you stitch them all on one piece of fabric.  I am currently undecided whether to do one large piece or twelve smaller ones.

I have a nice piece of creamy-yellow 35 count which would be big enough for all of them.

I also have my eye on their new series of Fabulous Houses.  I might just pick and choose my favourites from that series.

Now it's over to you. All you have to do is make a post about your Designer for 2024, mention The People's Choice SAL (you can copy the picture I used at the top of this post and in my side bar) and my blog.  Please link up using the URL of the actual blog post, not the home page of your blog. I look forward to seeing what you all post.



Finally, Rachel and I have made plans for a new A-Z challenge.  It won't be like The Alphabet Club but it will involve stitching something with the relevant letter each month.  I plan to stitch two letters each IHSW started with A and B in January.  That will cover 24 letters.  The remaing two might be skipped if I don't have anything or I might do three letters and extend my Hermit Weekend!  Stay tuned to see what works.

Here is the A project - Amaranth by Shepherd's Bush, my current evening stitch.

Progress so far:

stitched on 32 count Antique White linen


Clare-Aimetu said...

I love those designs, no wonder you like the designer. I haven't seen 24 in 24, I always seem to miss stitchy ideas, I like your Alphabet idea. I'm going to try hard to keep up with blog posting and reading this year .... fingers crossed.

Rachel said...

Thank you so much for five years of this fun SAL. The beginning of the month won't be the same without it :(
I've got a new-to-me designer too. I guess with so many out there, it's bound to happen.
I'm looking forward to seeing your interpretation of Halloween Sampler, and whether or not your 12 Days of Christmas will be individual pieces or one - I'm guessing individually since (unless you change them) the colour palettes for each one are quite different. One the other hand, it would make an interesting collage.

Carol said...

Vinniey always designs such lovely charts. I've stitched four of the songbird series--really need to get back to them! Your fox is looking so elegant! Have a wonderful weekend, Jo! ♥

Beth in IL said...

I had given up on People's Choice because I could never find a project that fit the theme. Or I forgot to post. Thank you for being honest. I have been eyeing Cottage Garden charts too and just ordered the turkey! I must be NUTS!

Claudette497 said...

Aww, I've so enjoyed this blog hop. I'm sorry to see it go but thanks for hosting at all these years. I love the fox!

Pamela said...

Thank you for hosting this SAL! I have enjoyed participating. I hadn’t heard of Cottage Garden Samplings, will look into it more. The ones you’ve shown are very interesting.

Thanks again!

jocondine said...

Cottage garden is a great choice and the fox is so elegant, it's a lovely pattern. I'll watch your progress on the 12 days oC, speaking of it I have seen a pattern by Jim Shore with a Santa hiding under his coat all the birds and other characters, very funny one. Thanks for the YC Sal, will miss my first Saturday of the month post. xxx

Katie said...

I finally join back in and it's over. I don't blame you though. It's hard to come up with posts every time. I appreciate the time I did get to join in. This one was a fun one. Thanks for everything.

I agree with you about Cottage Garden. I recently found them too. Beautiful designs. They do a snowman pirate one that is screaming for me to purchase too haha. Just what I need haha.

Leonore Winterer said...

I'm a little sad to hear this will be the last installment of this SAL, but I get that it's been a lot of work for you. Thanks for hosting it for so long, it's been a pleasure to join in each month! Looking forward to seeing your stitching on this designer (I'm holding out on the Year in the Woods series so far...but it's tempting!) and your new SAL with Rachel.

Toki said...

Sorry for the late greeting, but Happy New Year.🐲
As a second year stitcher, I still don't know who my favorite designer is.
I wonder if I can find it if I keep stitching?
I haven't been able to participate in the project you were leading, but I would like to participate more this year.
I know it's hard to lead a project, but it's a great place for people who sew.Thank you for your hard work. And I'm looking forward to future projects.
Cute and stylish foxes are wonderful.😆
I think the temperature tree is already beautiful, but I'm looking forward to seeing the leaves change color.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

I like Cottage Garden Samplings as well but I'm making a determined effort to stitch what I have. It's hard to keep to when I see the designs you are stitching on.
Your A-Z challenge sounds interesting, I look forward to seeing the rest of the alphabet throughout the year.

Astrids dragon said...

Oh yes, so many wonderful designs!
I loved stitching the Halloween Sampler and My Garden Journal. I know there's plenty more I'd like to stitch too!
That fox is adorable, another sweet series.