Wednesday 31 May 2023

May Stitch from Stash and Pie

 It's time for Pie:

I stitched my full fortnight on Halloween at Hawk Run Hollow again.  Here's where I started the month:

Here's the progress on Block 11:

And here's the whole piece:

stitched over 1 on 25 count Cassia Rose from Chromatic Alchemy

So far the number of days is:

Block 7 - 13 days
Block 6 - 16 days
Block 2 - 19 days
Block 3 - 20 days
Block 4 - 15 days
Block 1 - 19 days
Block 5 - 25 days
Block 8 - 15 days
Block 9 - 27 days
Block 10 - 31 days
Block 11 - 29 days and counting

I moved on to the next shop in my Spooky Conversion of CCN's Main Street and finished the Flower Shop which now sells Herbs:

stitched on 32 count Charcoal Slate Murano from Sparklies

My Evening Stitching was all for the Just Nan-athon and once again I stitched on 32 Just Nan smalls, one per day.  Except the Bunny Biscornu where I stitched a bit on each side to get the round number of 32 smalls.

Here they all are:

There are some that are pretty close to a finish so next year I am thinking of stitching each one during the day and try to finish a few.  So I can start more the next year!  Yes, there are more smalls I have not started yet.

According to my list, I have 91 Small Charts of which I have stitched 49, started another 31 and have 11 left unstarted.  

Finally, Stitch from Stash and another lovely Zero spend!  All my money is still going on papercraft at the moment...



I thought I'd do a little recap of my WIPGO progress so far this year.  WIPGO is basically Bingo for WIPs.  Each person makes their own board of 25 squares with various WIPs and goals for each number.
Two numbers are called each month and we work on those projects.
The centre square is a bonus, if 13 is called then another number is called in addition so you could have three projects that month.  I use 13 for my Longest Day marathon.

Here's my board at the end of May:

I'm doing well at ticking off the boxes each month so far.  My goals are quite simple,  Work for at least one week on Halloween at Hawk Run Hollow each time it is called and work on the other projects for at least one day!  I do try get a full week on those too but it doesn't matter if I don't quite manage it as long as they get some love in the month.

This month the "other" project was my Spooky Conversion of CCN's Main Street.

I've been gradually converting all the shops to a witchy equivalent and this month was the turn of the Flower Shop.  Which became Herbs, what every witch needs for her spells and potions.

I changed the shop from pastel blue to a darker turquoise

The plant baskets became more leafy but then I added French Knots to represent the smaller flowers you see on herbs

I added some bunches of herbs drying from the ceiling 

and lots of French Knots to the basket outside

I was really pleased with the sign which I charted from a photo I found online.
It's a hand sickle with a mortar and pestle.

The whole piece so far:

stitched on 32 count Charcoal Slate Murano from Sparklies

Finally, here's what the original looked like:

Sunday 28 May 2023

May WIPocalypse Most Joyful Project


WIPocalypse is hosted by Measi's Musings

Each month we have to share the projects we want to complete before the End Of The World.  Since 2011 I have chosen a number of projects to focus on that year, starting with my "11 in '11" and increasing to "23 in '23" for this year.  This month I stitched on 4 of them and had 1 part finish.

5. Carriage House Samplings Halloween at Hawk Run Hollow

8. CCN Halloween Village Flower Shop

13. Mani di Donna Halloween Stitching Basket

18. Circle Cross Blackwork Tarot

The full list can be seen here - WIPocalypse and "23 in '23"

Finally, Measi always gives us a topic to discuss too:

May – What project brings you the most joy and why?

Answer - All of them!  A number of people have commented how much they enjoy the variety of projects I share and I think that is the key to enjoying your stitching.

I start each month with the over one solid stitching of Hawk Run Hollow and before that can get boring I have completed my two weeks.  Then I get a chance to either stitch one of my part works or an older WIP so I feel I am getting progress on those.

In the evenings I have my Smalls, this month has been the Just Nan-athon but in previous months I have been stitching the Amanda Butler houses.  

In between I have my Blackwork Tarot, I tend to pick that up at the weekend just for an hour or two but it's quite quick to progress compared to cross stitching,

If I had to pick one, it would probably be the Blackwork Tarot because I always want to keep going with that one!

Friday 26 May 2023

May Smalls


The Smalls SAL is hosted by Mary's Thread

Because I am focusing on my BAPs again, I won't have so many smalls this year but I do have a couple of series with small components so I will share them this month.

The first is the Blackwork Tarot by Circle Cross.  I have finished Air:

stitched on 28 count sky blue evenweave from Silkweavers

and made a start on Water:

My next collection of tiny items is the Potion Bottle Temperature SAL from Stitch It Picasso.  

stitched over 1 on 25 count tea-dyed evenweave

Finally, it's time for my annual Just Nan-athon! I used this to take part in Maynia in previous years. I stitch on a different JN Small each day.

Here are the first 25 projects, I'll be stitching number 26 this evening:

Monday 22 May 2023



IHSW or International Hermit and Stitch Weekend always starts on the third Friday of the month.  It's a chance to lock yourself away and focus on your stitching for the weekend.  You can take part on your blog or via the Facebook page - IHSW on Facebook.

As usual, I worked on Friday so the only thing that got stitched that day was my Just Nan-athon piece which I will show with the others in a collage:

On Saturday I continued with my spooky conversion of CCN's Main Street.  This was the Flower Shop:

stitched on 32 count Charcoal Slate Murano from Sparklies

Unfortunately I had to work on Sunday too but I did manage a bit of time on Water from the Circle Cross Tarot:

stitched on 28 count sky blue evenweave from Silkweaver

Finally the next IHSW will be 16th - 18th June so make sure you note the date in your diary or come and join us in the Facebook Group - IHSW on Facebook. If you don't do Facebook then you can check in here by leaving a comment on my post.

Friday 19 May 2023

May TUSAL and Stitching Library


It's TUSAL time!  

Here is my TUSAL jar with my current project, CCN Main Street Spooky Conversion:

stitched on 32 count Charcoal Slate Murano from Sparklies

This was the Flower Shop, can you guess what it is going to become?

What's on my Shelf?

This is a feature I'm going to include on my TUSAL post until I run out of books! I started a Page on my Happy Dance blog for my Stitching Library and realised what a huge task it was so decided to break it down to one book per month. For the next four years...

Title: Sampler en Rouge et Blanc
Author: Isabelle Vautier
Publisher: Mango Pratique
ISBN: 9782842705046

The text in this book is all in French, but that's OK because it's mostly self-evident what they are saying!

For example: Manoir aux Chats - Cat Mansion

That design is the reason I bought the book, and it's stitched in my favourite DMC 115

This one is Traditions en Rouge - Traditions in Red

Here we have Abecedaire Champetre aux Lapins - A Country Alphabet with Rabbits

Bienvenue sous la Neige (Welcome to the Snow) is shown in two colourways.
Red and White or DMC 115.  They also show a Blue and White version.

Just for a change Etude Ethnique - Ethnic Study - is shown in Brown and Ivory

The final one in the book is Marquoir Plantations - Plantation Sampler and could easily be stitched as small ornaments.

There are a lot more designs in the book, these are just a few of my favourites.

Finally, it's IHSW so I hope you are finding some time to Hermit and Stitch.  Come back and share a post with us on Monday on your blog or in the FB group.

Monday 15 May 2023

Gifted Gorgeousness May Link-up Post


Welcome to the May Gifted Gorgeousness link-up. The link-up date continues to be the 15th and I will keep the link-up open until the end of each month so you have plenty of time if you are late posting.

The format remains exactly the same, there is a list of rules on the main sign-up page if you want to check what is required but basically anything connected to the word "gift" is allowed, whether it was a gift TO you or is a gift FROM you.

Once again, for the first fortnight my focus has been Halloween at Hawk Run Hollow.  The plan is to stitch this for two weeks each month until it is finished.

"Steaming" along nicely with Block 11, so close to finishing it.  

stitched over 1 on 25 count Cassia Rose evenweave from Chromatic Alchemy

I am continuing with my Dark 13 project which is Mani di Donna's Halloween Sewing Basket.  The plan for this one is to stitch it on the 13th of every month.

stitched on 32 count grey linen

Now it is your turn to show us your Gifted Gorgeousness for the month.  Please use your name or your blog name in the field and NOT the words "May Update" so I can easily see who has linked up this month.  And link to the actual post, not just your blog.  It is easier if you copy and paste the link, rather than typing freehand.



Finally, it's May so it's time for my annual Just Nan-athon.  Here are the first 14 designs I stitched on.  Some of these are gifts too:

Wednesday 10 May 2023

Finally Fully Finishing Fun for May


Hosted by Rachel the Ten Hour Stitcher

This SAL is designed to motivate us all to do something with that box of Finished pieces instead of just storing them under the bed.  We will all be linking up on Rachel's blog on or after the 10th of each month (10 Hour Stitcher - 10th of the month).

This one has been hanging around for some time because I couldn't decide whether to frame or scrapbook it.  I couldn't get into my cupboard where I keep my frames so I decided it had to be scrapbooked!

Look at this lovely ribbon I used to trim the design:

Never throw anything out, it may come in useful!

Two Lizzie*Kate designs together.  The smaller one was stitched over one in just five days back in 2018.  The larger one was stitched over two back in 2015.

Both charts were gifted from blogging friends so it's nice to have them finished together.

Finally, I have a part-finish,  The third element in the Circle Cross Tarot SAL.  This one is Air and joins Fire and Earth:

stitched on 28 count sky blue evenweave from Silkweavers