Wednesday 15 November 2023

Gifted Gorgeousness November Link-up Post


Welcome to the November Gifted Gorgeousness link-up. The link-up date continues to be the 15th and I will keep the link-up open until the end of each month so you have plenty of time if you are late posting.

The format remains exactly the same, there is a list of rules on the main sign-up page if you want to check what is required but basically anything connected to the word "gift" is allowed, whether it was a gift TO you or is a gift FROM you.

For October, my focus was my spooky conversion of CCN's Main Street which was a lovely Halloween finish:

stitched on 32 count Charcoal Slate Murano from Sparklies

I continued with my Dark 13 project which is Mani di Donna's Halloween Sewing Basket and FFO'd that in time for Halloween.  

So far this month my focus has been my Chatelaine Gardens of London.  This was a gift for a Big Zero Birthday.  This month I've been stitching the iconic phone boxes.

I also had a new start which was a prize I won, stitched on gifted fabric.  This is Tree of Life from Steady Thread and will be a Temperature SAL for 2024

I made some more progress on the Zodiac Signs from Circle Cross' Tarot design.  I finished Libra and Scorpio then started on Sagittarius: 

stitched on 28 count sky blue evenweave from Silkweavers

Now it is your turn to show us your Gifted Gorgeousness for the month.  Please use your name or your blog name in the field and NOT the words "November Update" so I can easily see who has linked up this month.  And link to the actual post, not just your blog.  It is easier if you copy and paste the link, rather than typing freehand.



Finally, it's time to sign up for the biggest Blog Hop of the year. I am sure you all know how it works but for those who need a reminder - here's a link to last year's:

If you want to take part, just leave a comment here or email me if you are a "no reply" person. I need an email address for you to take part in this hop.


Clare-Aimetu said...

I love your spooky houses and your Halloween basket, lovely stitching. The tarot cards are so effective, thank you for hosting GG.

Carol said...

Wow! So many amazing projects this month, Jo! Love how the Halloween basket turned out--that looks like a very complicated finish (for me at least :). Enjoy your weekend ♥

jocondine said...

Such a great idea the Halloween conversion for the Main Street stitching! Your tarots patterns are always so adorable! Are you a card player? xxx

Akila said...

Wow.. love all your ongoing projects. The basket is so pretty and beautifully finished

Katie said...

Fantastic work on everything.

Beth in IL said...

Your work is stunning, as usual.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

As always a good variety of projects Jo. I love the Halloween basket. Was it difficult/awkward to FFO?

Leonore Winterer said...

Oh, great work on your gift projects this month! The zodiac ladies are really coming along.