Tuesday, 30 June 2020

June Stitch from Stash and Pie

Another month ends and another Pie to show:

Once again I spent half the month on the Discworld Mappe and went from here:

to here:

And here:

And then here:

Working my way back towards the left hand side of the piece.

I showed Hands On Design's Bitter Brew earlier in the month:

And the entire Alice Sampler but not the close-up of this month's block:

I spent two whole days on the Longest Day Marathon which you can read about here.

After completing my days for Discworld, I spun my Tiny Decisions App which chose the Brooke's Books Stitcher's Alphabet.  Yesterday's post is all about that one.

The next project chosen by the app was my oldest WIP; Ernie Bishop's Noel Letters.  I had started N for the Marathon so for the final two days of the month, I completed N and then started the little floral bouquets for N and O:

It is easier to do them colour by colour as all four are the same.

Final project to share, is my Bath-time stitch which is Just Nan's Holly Noel:

stitched on 28 count beige evenweave

On to the Stitch from Stash part of the post:

Cross Stitcher sub £8.72
16 x DMC @ 68p £10.88
Total £19.60

The DMC are not for anything specific, just to replace skeins which are running low in my master set.  Because of the price of DMC, I rarely "kit" anything up with a separate skein.  I just pull from the master set.  The exception is larger projects, such as Discworld and my Chatelaine where dyelots are important.  There seems to be a lot of green in the bag, must be all the Just Nan smalls!

Finally, the Summer Blog Hop.  Anyone want to do a Summer Blog Hop this year?  I thought we could do a Know Your Blogging Friends Hop.   I allocate you the name of a fellow blogger and you make a post about them, showing something you think they would like to stitch.   Could be something you have stitched or something you found online you think they would like to stitch.

So, for example, if you got me as your Blogging Friend you would write a post about my Blog Hops and show a dragon design (or 2!).

To take part, leave a comment here.   I'll take sign-ups through to the 28th July and then allocate names with the posts going up on 8th August (It was my Nana's Birthday).


Tiffstitch said...

Wow, I still marvel at your organization. I know you've explained it to me, but still, it's remarkable how well you keep track of everything, how much you accomplish and how often you post so we can marvel at all your beautiful stitching. Discworld Mappe is looking close!

butterfly said...

Again a lovely treat of stitching ,all growing and looking fab.
You are so organized Jo , I wish I could be, but being a butterfly I flutter all over the place , but I am getting a little better,and trying to get organized .
Have a lovely day.

Rhona said...

It's lovely to see your progress pictures....Discworld Mappe is looking fantastic! Love the other designs too.

Katie said...

Gorgeous progress on everything especially that amazing mappe.

Mini said...

What a lovely recap of the month with wonderful progress on projects!

Mary said...

YOur organization skills always impress me! I can't wait to see Disco world completed, great progress on that!!

Christine said...

Getting so close to a finish on the mappe now

Rachel said...

Such a good month for you again, especially with Discworld. If that project had been a marathon you must be at about Birdcage Walk by now? :)

Leonore Winterer said...

Oh, tons of progress! The Diskworld is coming together sooo nicely now. And how exciting that you picked up the Noel letters for some love.

Bethan said...

Discworld looks like it is creeping ever closer! Lovely stitching as always Jo x