Sunday 31 March 2024

March Stitch From Stash and Pie

Here's my monthly Pie for March:

Very varied thanks to the A-Z Challenge.

The WIPGO board chose The Primitive Hare Hocus Pocus Cabinet as my focus piece and I was doing really well until I realised that I had miscounted the top border and now have a floating head!

stitched on 32 count Vintage Country Mocha linen

That will be coming out next time I stitch on this piece.

Instead I decided to spend the Easter weekend on something more colourful and pulled out Spring from Cricket Collection.

stitched on 32 count Marie's Daffodil linen from Chromatic Alchemy

One more day and I should be able to finish this one off.  The rest of the pieces can be seen on the GG and IHSW posts earlier in the month.

In the evenings I started with the Cheshire Cat from Rainbow Hunter, then my WIPGO piece from The Sweetheart Tree and finished the month on the Circle Cross Zodiac Tarot on Etsy. 

I finished Aquarius:

And Pisces!

Only 2 more signs to go!

stitched on 28 count Sky Blue evenweave from Silkweavers

Finally, the only things I spent money on this month were two magazine subscriptions and they are both exempt from Stitch from Stash so I'm doing well.  I do want to buy some fabric for three more Nora Corbett Zodiac Signs and also the lovely Alice blackwork I purchased last month.


Shelly said...

I have Hocus Pocus kitted up, just finding a good time to start it.. I had to laugh about the floating head! I'd fix it too. Wow, the Zodiac Tarot is amazing! Looks like all backstitch too.

butterfly said...

Love those ladies.
I am being good at the moment, just stitching up WIPs no money spent apart from my monthly mags . How long will this last !
NOT SURE , have fun June.

Mylene said...

Spring is such a lovely design and looks like you're done with it in time for this Spring. Zodiac is coming along great too..just 2 more to go..goodluck with all your projects and happy week!

Leonore Winterer said...

Great progress on the Zodiac Tarot - I can't believe you're almost finished with that one! Hope you can un-float that head soon, the piece looks great otherwise.