Saturday 4 February 2023

The People Chose A Way With Words


This SAL is all about what you want to see on the blog.  I asked for suggestions for themes from followers of my blog and then put them up to the members of the IHSW Group on FB to vote for their choice.  We are currently working our way through the choices.  This is what was chosen:

February - Way With Words
March - Science
April - to be advised

I do enjoy stitching with lettering, it's quite quick to do and once you have done a couple of the letters it's usually quite intuitive to stitch the rest.  You do have to double check your spelling.  And the designer's spelling, sometimes it's an intentional error (American designers use American spellings not English) and sometimes it's an accidental error and they will produce an amendment.

This is one of my favourite Just Nan series, the Seasonal Typography series featuring the name of the season over and over in different fonts.  Just for fun with these, I changed one word on each design.  You might be able to spot them!

This is a series of 12 of which I have stitched precisely 2.  I don't have the other charts.


With Thy Needle by Brenda Gervais


Here are two which form stitched poems:

Hear the Sea Call

The Stitcher's Hideaway

Glorious Fall

Another lovely font from The Witchy Stitcher and Witchy Brew:

To finish off, here are two of the Joan Elliott Affirmations:




Now it's over to you.  All you have to do is make a post on the theme of A Way With Words, mention The People's Choice SAL (you can copy the picture I used at the top of this post and in my side bar) and my blog. Please link up using the URL of the actual blog post, not the home page of your blog.   I look forward to seeing what you all post.



Finally, I need your suggestions for the next poll.  Anything, no matter how obscure, weird or random will go into the poll.  Keep the theme suggestions to a single word or two - so you could have Cats, or Green, or Holidays, or Warmth etc.   Really anything which could be illustrated in cross stitch.

ps the hidden words were Splendid, Super, Awesome and Wonder!


jocondine said...

So lovely to write with thread! So many ways to use alphabets or calligraphy, love the Halloween quotes and how the variated thread (or pattern) add elegance to Hope and Believe. xxx - suggestions : cooking, building, tools, stripes -

Pamela said...

You have stitched some great words! I don't know which one I like best - maybe the autumn piece.

Rachel said...

I thought your JN Seasons would appear in this post! Lovely to see them again, and the JE words which are beautiful. Love the charms on Hear The Sea Call. I take it that was a kit rather than a happy coincidence?

Katie said...

Love them all!

diamondc said...

Hello Jo: This is a fun post; all the words were fun to read.


Carol said...

I enjoyed the "tour" of your wordy finishes, Jo! I especially love those Wordplays and really should get back to stitching them. I've only done January, February and April. I found that the colors weren't making me happy, but I love how you've changed some of yours up! Hope February is going well for you ♥

Leonore Winterer said...

Stitching words is so much fun, and you got a couple of great ones there!