Tuesday, 27 September 2022

WIPGO and Dark October Plans

WIPGO is Bingo for our WIPs.  At the start of the year, we create a Board with 25 goals we want to achieve that year.  Each month 2 numbers are called out and we work on those projects.  The centre square can be a "free" square or you can add a goal there.  I use it for my Longest Day Marathon.

This is my Board at the moment, the numbers for October have just been called:

Which means I can start planning my Dark October!  I was hoping for two spooky projects to be called but have decided that I will include the CCN Halloween Village instead of the Joan Elliott project.  Then work on Joan in November or December.

So what else have I got planned?  October starts on a weekend so I have this lovely little Just Nan Stitchy Witchy Mouse:

 Once she is completed I will turn to my CCN Village which currently looks like this:

The next shop will be next to the Grimoires, so wait and see what it will be selling.

I also have some FFO'ing to do.  I've made a start on Scream House and have sewed the base and three roof pieces together so far:


The ribbons are to tie the whole thing together at the top and the trailing cotton is to attach each piece to the relevant roof piece in due course.

The second building which needs FFO'ing is my 3D Haunted Mansion which currently looks like this:

Plus I have the roof pieces to actually stitch!

I need to put a few days into Halloween at Hawk Run Hollow since it's been called but not too many this month. 

I want to make time for this project, the Mani di Donna Halloween Basket I bought in 2020

 Finally, my continuing progress on Stitchonomy's Cabinet of Curiosities:

I am enjoying this so much.  It's my bath-time stitch which as regular followers will know - this means while my son is in the bath not me!  Even I don't stitch actually in the bath.  Not even with colour-fast threads!

So, those are the plans.  Stay tuned to see how many come to fruition and how many fall by the wayside.


A Patchwork of Crafts said...

You certainly have a lot going on for October already.

Clare-Aimetu said...

Lots of spooky stitching, your Cabinet of Curiosities is super

Leonore Winterer said...

Your WIPgo board is filling in great, and looks like we got some truly spooky times ahead! Lots of great projects, really looking forward to seeing those come together.

Katie said...

Oh Oh Lots of beautiful pieces. Can't wait!!!