Friday 30 September 2022

September Stitch from Stash and Pie

 It's time for some Pie!  This is a special French pie which arrived for my Birthday along with a personalised napkin:

You can see I cleared my plate!  I don't think it's dishwasher proof though.

As I "ate" each piece of pie, there was a lovely message underneath:

Where did this lovely pie come from?  The answer is in the Gifted Gorgeousness post.

And now for some stitching pie:

I decided to just do a few days on Halloween at Hawk Run Hollow this month as I had two other projects to work on thanks to WIPGO.  I continued with Block 8 which went from here:

to a finish here:

then on to Block 9:

stitched over one on 25 count Cassia Rose evenweave from Chromatic Alchemy

I won't do many days in October as I have so many other projects I want to stitch for Dark October!

So far the number of days is:

Block 7 - 13 days
Block 6 - 16 days
Block 2 - 19 days
Block 3 - 20 days
Block 4 - 15 days
Block 1 - 19 days
Block 5 - 25 days
Block 8 - 15 days
Block 9 - 2 days and counting

The WIPGO Board called for a Hands on Design's Scary Apothecary project so I chose Snail Slime which was a finish in just 6 days:

stitched on 28 count Radioactive Linen from Chromatic Alchemy

The main change I made was to stitch the potions in DMC Satin rather than cotton and metallics.  There's a nice sheen to these parts that you can't really see in the photos.

I only have one of these left now which will go on the list for next year.

The next WIPGO project was Bothy Threads 12 Days of Christmas.  I'm up to Day 4 which was slow-going unfortunately.  A combination of short stitching days and the blue background being very fiddly, having to count gaps for the leaves and the metallic number.  And the very floppy linen.

The Colly Birds were fun though and much quicker!  One more to go.  This project still has one more square on my board so I'll be able to finish this block by the end of the year.  It's a long term project...

stitched on 32 count grey-blue linen

I've kept my usual bath-time stitching pie as well.  

The Cabinet of Curiosities has dominated.  You can see photos of both these projects in my Smalls post from earlier today.

Finally, Stitch from Stash:

I started with my usual Shannon Christine 12 Days charts and finished with my Cross Stitcher magazine subscription but the rest is Birthday Spending.  I got a Sparklies voucher so I treated myself to 3 charts from the Bewitching Pixies and the fabric for the next Zodiac Girl.  I decided on Taurus.  They haven't arrived yet but will be here as soon as the fabric is ready.

The Halloween Advent Calendar was an impulse buy, another Ukrainian designer so a good cause and a gorgeous design:


diamondc said...

Hi Jo: I am always amazed at your progress, you always have so many lovely designs going, I would have a hard time deciding which one to stitch each day.
That pie is adorable, was it really edible? just curious.
Have a great weekend.

Happy Birthday


jocondine said...

Taurus sounds interesting as I'm a born in May girl! The Halloween advent calendar is amazing, never seen that kind of chart before, it really looks great and funny. Good choice! Hang it over your bar, your guests would think twice before drinking a glass of wine! xxx

Leonore Winterer said...

Happy belated birthday, I'm sorry I missed it! That pie you got is super sweet, and I'm glad you got to treat yourself to some pretties too.
The pumpkin block on HRH is very cute, I think it might be my favourite so far.

Katie said...

Lovely work on everything of course. I just LOVE that adorable advent calendar. Oh my.

Rachel said...

Finally catching up on all your fabulous stitching and stats! Everything's coming along nicely, and the Radioactive fabric still makes me smile!
I seem to have a 'thing' for potion bottles at the moment. Does the fact Witch's Kitchen is by a Ukranian designer give me a genuine reason to purchase it?!!!