Sunday, 31 May 2020

May Stitch from Stash and Pie

The Mania of Maynia is over and it's time to recap how the month went.

First of all, here is my Pie:

15 days of Discworld, all spent on The Blowing Man, from here:

to here:

stitched on 32 count Murano custom-dyed by Sparklies

I have his legs and wind to finish and then I will work on the red/white border to make sure that all meeets up alright.

In my WIPocalypse post I showed my finish of Just Nan's Winter in the Square which had been my 20-a-Day project so far this year.  Once I completed that I decided to start another Just Nan seasonal design.  This one is Small Delights - Spring!  with the exclamation mark as part of the name.  I'm using a lovely pale green linen which is incredibly difficult to get the colour right in photos:

stitched on 32 count pale green linen

The Tiny Decisions app was used once again to decide on my project for the rest of the month after I completed 15 days of Discworld.  A new start came up, I was very excited about this one.  Regular followers will remember my Spooky Conversion of Lavender & Lace's Enchanted Alphabet - Happy Dance.   I had been following Ms Oh Sew Crafty's Christmas Village and also Michelle Cozyegg's Halloween Village and wanted one of my own.  I decided to use the County Cottage Needlework Main Street as the basis and convert each shop to a Spooky version.  Kerry in Stitches has done a Gilmour Girls version and when I won her Sparklies Giveaway I decided to use the voucher to purchase the fabric and make this a 2020 start.

Unfortunately 8 days wasn't quite enough to finish it so I am going to pop it into the Bath-Time stitching slot which is vacant thanks to the end of Maynia.

You can see there is very little left to do:

stitched on 32 count Murano in Charcoal Slate from Sparklies
(this fabric photographs perfectly almost every time)

I will list my conversion colours when I finish this shop.

And on to Maynia.  Here are the final three designs:

29th May - Tiny Toile Heart

30th May - Winter Roses 

31st May - Wintery Mix 

And here are all 32 Maynia projects together:

Finally, Stitch from Stash:

Nothing £0.00
Total £0.00

Not very exciting, but very necessary.


CathieJ said...

I like your month of May recap. You made a lot of progress.

diamondc said...

Jo: Your Blowing Man is amazing, I am so looking forward to seeing this finished, what a beautiful piece this is.
All you designs are showing such good stitching progress.
Your new Just nan is adorable.
Have a great week.


Tiffstitch said...

Wow! It must be nice to get so much of that back stitch done and just have the wind, although it probably has some too. Love all the Just Nans!

Christine said...

The Spooky Conversion Main Street looks good, I look forward to following its progress

Chris said...

Wow lots of stitching on the go, good progress. I am not stitching at then moment but lots of other things to do to keep me busy and happy.

Julie said...

Spooky Main Street will be a fun one to watch come to life over time.
Spring is so sweet, I think I might have that one too (amongst others)

beadgirl said...

I'm excited to see your spooky Main Street!

Rachel said...

A lovely round-up post of your achievements for the month. Your spooky conversion of Main Street looks interesting and, of course, it's lovely to see all of your Just Nans together. Hope June is just as successful. :)

Leonore Winterer said...

Great stitchy month! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your Spooky converison Main Street.