Monday 31 March 2014

Theme-a-licious March Update

Theme-a-licious is hosted by Heather of It's Geek to Me

Each month Heather thinks up a theme for us to stitch to, or in my case, a theme to somehow shoe-horn my existing stitching into, no matter how tenuous the link! 

March Madness
Work on something different every's madness...of the funnest possible kind.

Regular followers will know that I don't do the daily rotations some people love but I do try to stitch a variety of designs in March.  Back in 2012 I stitched 12 different designers, last year I managed 13 so this year I thought - let's go for 14 different projects.  I didn't want to do 14 different designers because that would mess up the Just Nan SAL!

Here are the 14 in the order started:

1. Measi's RR, Bands from Just Nan Needlestory

2. Somebunny to Love - Bathtime Bunny

3. A Mon Ami Pierre - Noel Blanc

4. Primitive Hare - Spooky Countdown, Block 5,6,7,8 and 9

5. Brooke's Books Belinda the Bat Witch/Vampire now mounted in an Italian scene from an old calendar

6. Snowflower Diaries - Spring Witch, also mounted in a calendar page.

7. Secret Project for a friend

8. Just Nan - Winter Typography

9. Another secret project!

10. Twisted Thread - Easter Bunny
(left over project from last year!)

11. The Little Stitcher - 12 Days of Christmas, Day of Warmth

12. Rachel's RR, Bands from Just Nan Cynthia's Sampler and Sweet Rememberance

13. Jannlynn - Gathering Honey
(project for a friend, stitched most of the green)

14. Prairie Moon - Thine is the Trick and the Treat
(I stitched those two little hands in the bottom right)

Phew!  That's a lot of stitching!  Next month will be tricker, SoCal Debbie suggested the theme April Showers so we have to think of designs with water in them.  Or maybe a nice Anti-theme piece with a desert!

Finally, I am still taking sign-ups for the Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop.  Click on the bunny on the right-hand side for more information.  He's a Just Nan design, Dewdrop Bunny.  Please feel free to borrow him and use as a link to promote the Blog Hop.


cucki said...

All your projects are so beautiful.
Hugs x

Jan said...

WOW so many projects! I think I would go mad as a hatter trying to stitch on 14 in one month. Congrats on all your progress.

sharine said...

They are looking awesome:)

Christine said...

That IS a lot of stitching! All the projects are looking wonderful.

Lili said...

They are beautiful! Prairie Moon is gorgeous!

Thoeria said...

You've got great projects on the go there :)

Mii Stitch said...

Great projects! Bathtime bunny is a real cutie :)

Annette-California said...

Wow! Lovely and fun wips. Congrats on making great progress on all 14 projects. love Annette

Clare-Aimetu said...

Lots of lovely stitching - I like the spooky countdown although it seems odd to see it in spring ;-)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow that is madness for sure!

Miss Lilly said...

Wow! So many! Thine is the Trick and the Treat is look pretty damn awesome *___*

geeky Heather said...

Love your project selections! That wee bunny holding the egg is adorable!!

In addition to my "frozen water counts" hint, remember that clouds are just a lot of water vapour, too... =)

Shirlee said...

All those projects going at once ... John almost needed to put me in a straightjacket after I saw this post! I would gladly be a part of your Easter Treasure Hunt but you know me ... I rarely stitch anything but winter/Christmas themed stuff : )

sally said...

Hello Jo

I found your blog through Butterfly Wings.

Your stitching is all great! You have so many lovely projects.
I love Just Nan designs.
Have a good weekend.

Jennifer said...

The calendar pages are so clever! I never would have thought of that!

The Crafty Princess said...

Wow amazeballs stunner! 14 in a month is quite the achievement. Love the Vampira finish too. Tres cool!
Alicia xo

Susan said...

Definitely a lot of projects and they all look great. Love the vamp in Italy!

Brigitte said...

Wow, that's definitely a lot of stitching that you show here. And wonderful pieces. how clever to mount some of the designs into old calendar sheets. a lovely idea.

jocondine said...

Bravo ! (sorry the post I made from the office on friday doesnot work).
Must thank you too because you and Heather give me "courage" and my March has been busy and efficient ! Great to have models as you both.
Kind regards

Shebafudge said...

Lots of wonderful projects as usual Jo. I must confess to only making it to about day 8 before life took over and hardly any stitching has been done since!