Sunday, 30 March 2014

TUSAL of Warmth

It's TUSAL time again!  For those of you new to blogging, the TUSAL is a project run by Daffycat, click on the button on the right hand bar for more details.

This year I am intending to stitch The Little Stitcher's Twelve Days of Christmas as a monthly project.  Laura has designed twelve charts with a different theme for each one to represent the days of Christmas.  She has invented the different themes herself using her lovely imagination!

This weekend I have stitched The Day of Warmth.  Here it is as part of my TUSAL photo:

You can just spot the ORTS jar nestled amidst the Spring flowers in the warmth of our garden.

And here it is in close-up, a shepherdess and her sheep:

This is what Laura says about The Day of Warmth:

"On this day, take some time for you.  Let the world go on without you, take care of yourself, relax wrapped in a soft wool blanket and make yourself a nice gift, one of those which warms the heart."

This seems most appropriate today, as it is Mothering Sunday here in England so most of us Mothers will have been at least attempting to take it easy or be a little more relaxed than usual.

Finally, I am still taking sign-ups for the Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop.  Click on the bunny on the right-hand side for more information.  He's a Just Nan design, Dewdrop Bunny.  Please feel free to borrow him and use as a link to promote the Blog Hop.


  1. I love the message that goes with Day of Warmth :)

  2. Charming stitch. Happy Mother's Day.

  3. Lovely! I didn't get these for Mother's Day :(

    Hope you have had a great day today. xx

  4. ooOoo! What gorgeous flowers. Happy Mother's Day to you!!

  5. Sweet flowers..
    Happy mothers dayvx

  6. Oh what a sweet picture you stitched up!!! Great job! I can't wait to see it finished!

  7. What a creative way to show your jar for the TUSAL. I'm loving the message with The Day of Warmth piece. Happy Stitching!

  8. Lovely finish!!
    Happy Mother's Day!

    Hugs x

  9. Nice going on this lovely project!

  10. Jealous, we got 10cm of snow yesterday!

  11. Lovely shepherdess & her sheep : ) I have this series of designs but haven't started them yet. Maybe I had better get started! Your flowers are lovely. A very happy belated Mother's Day to you : )


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