Friday, 7 March 2014

Round Robin and Some Steady Progress

I'm stitching in my third Band Sampler Round Robin organised through the Yuku Board.  This month I have been stitching on Measi's Bold Sampler, so called because she has chosen some strong colours for us to stitch anything we like with.  Here are the bands I chose:

And here is an "action shot" of the beads:

The bands I chose came from a Just Nan sampler, Needlestory but I completely changed the colours.  Measi sent us a selection of Dinky Dyes and other threads to use.  She said we could use toning colours if needed, so I added DMC 746 cream to the top band and the Teresa Wentzler lilacs to the other bands.  Why do I call them the TW lilacs?  Anyone who has stitched a TW will recognise 3041 and 3042 as two classic Teresa colours!!

The beads were some random pink beads I had which really tied the rows together, especially the bottom row.  I wasn't overally happy with that row until I added the beads.

The whole thing so far.

I am now patiently waiting for the next sampler to reach me.  Rachel has given us another free theme so I think I will choose some more Just Nan bands!

The steady progress has been on my Noel Blanc by A Mon Ami Pierre.  I stitch on this every evening while the Small Boy is in the bath.  Here is how it looked on 20th February:


And here is how it looks now (2 weeks later):

I got bored of the white repeating border so stitched some green last night!

Here is the other piece I am stitching on a regular basis, Spooky Countdown by Primitive Hare (with Giovanna).  Block 5 now completed:

Finally, I have sign ups open for the Easter Treasure Hunt (we have ages but I thought I'd start early!).  Click on the bunny on the right hand side bar for more details.  I also have quite a long list of Easter and Spring freebies on my Freebies page if you are stuck for something to stitch.


  1. Beautiful round robin piece Jo. Love the other pieces your working on and you have some good progress.


  2. Lots of fun stitching. Love the white on blue, very striking!

  3. Love your work on the band sampler!

  4. You bet, I immediately think "TW!!" whenever I have to use 3041 or 3042 :-) What a lovely band on Measi's RR. Nice going on the other projects too - will be stitching my 6th block later today.

  5. Lovely work. I really like your Noel piece, especially the little bits of color.

  6. Amazing how changing the colors gives the band a totally different feel. The beads really do pull it all together very nicely. Very nice progress on Noel and Spooky. I used to read while DS was in the bath - some nights he ended up a bit pruney looking...

  7. Beautiful beautiful stitching.
    love Annette

  8. Great stitching update Jo!
    Happy Spring!

  9. Love your work Jo. Of course my fav is the Halloween countdown and the trick shot of the bead action LOL!
    xo Alicia

  10. Lovely stitching! That band sampler is looking really good!

  11. Stunning band sampler. The bathtime project is growing well, amazing what you can achieve when you multi task!

  12. Love all the stitching, especially loving the Noel Blanc on the blue.

  13. They all look great, amazing how different the JN bands look when stitched in a different colour way

  14. Love what you did on the band sampler. One of the things on my wall that I'd grab if there were a fire is a band sampler RR I did with some friends. I love looking at it periodically and marveling over how creative we are. =) We did the same thing where we sent along the colors we wanted used. All four are so vastly different!

  15. All the stitching looks wonderful! I love the band sampler, so pretty :)


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