Sunday, 31 December 2017

December WIPocalypse Annual Review

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Each month we have to share the projects we want to complete before the End Of The World.  At the beginning of the year I chose my "17 in '17" which were the 17 projects I want to focus on this year.  Here is how I did:

  1. Chatelaine Designs - Gardens of London - WIP (Feb focus piece)
  2. Lyndisfarne - Discworld Map - WIP (Jun focus piece)
  3. Imaginating - Hallowe'en Happiness - Finished
  4. Oberlin - Witches  - Finished
  5. Joan Elliott - 12 Days of Christmas - Finished
  6. Brooke's Books - Stitcher's Alphabet   - Finished
  7. Lavender & Lace - Enchanted Alphabet   - WIP - SAL
  8. Nora Corbett - Letter M Fairy - Finished
  9. Teresa Wentzler - Byzantine Ornaments x 3
  10. Jannlynn - Gathering Honey  - Finished
  11. Kustom Krafts - Snap Dragon
  12. Dragon Dreams - Dragon of the Winter Moon - Finished
  13. Joan Elliott - Mermaid - Finished
  14. Drawn Thread - Spots of Seasons - 2 finished
  15. The Workbasket - Fox Forest - Finished
  16. Just Nan - Spring in the Square - Finished
  17. Dam Good Crafts - Dracula Book Cover - WIP
A total of 10.5 Finishes, plus 4 more active WIPs.  2.5 projects not worked on this year.  A much better result than many previous years.

I started 2017 with 19 WIPs and completed 6 of them.  I then started 36 new projects over the course of the year and completed 22 of them (there were a LOT of smalls!).  So that leaves me with a final total of 28 finishes and 27 WIPs.

So let's have a look at those finishes!

January to August

September to December 

Just Nan Smalls

I couldn't quite squeeze the last Just Nan ornie in today as I was stitching 12 Days of Stitchmas.  It will be the First Finish of 2018 instead.

Here's my Pie for the month:

A month of focusing on just a few projects.

Here's how the year looked:

It was definitely Joan Elliott's year (94 days) with Just Nan and Brooke's Books on almost the same number of days (29 and 30 respectively).

Stitch from Stash wise we have reached the end of the accounting period.   Here is this month's expenditure:

JN Peacock £10.00
Black Jobelan £13.60
Mill Hill beads £2.20
Satsuma St £4.13
Total £29.93
I need the black Jobelan for the next Satsuma Street chart and the Just Nan was on half price sale at SewandSo.  Nan is discontinuing a lot of her sampler charts as the charms are no longer easily available so when I see a bargain, I buy one.

I totted up my expenditure for the whole year.  Magazines are my weak point with subscriptions to 4 different publications - Just Cross Stitch, Cross Stitcher, Cross Stitch Crazy and Inspirations.  I'm going to drop Crazy next year.  I spent an equal amount on charts and fabric.  I bought the tin of the new DMC colours but other than that I only spent £12.30 on Kreinik, Crescent Colours and Waterlilies for Mary.

Magazines £129.99
Charts £79.37
Fabric £73.60
Threads £36.80
Other £11.77
Total £331.53

Which seems like a lot but there is my Birthday and Christmas money in there too.

I mentioned the 12 Days of Stitchmas earlier, and here is Day 7:

Just Nan - 12 Days of Christmas
stitched on 32 count Vintage Grain linen

Measi has asked us to do an introductory post at the beginning of January so I will save my "18 in '18" plans until then.

I have got the new Gifted Gorgeousness Sign-up Page done, so you can click on the tab at the top or the new photo on the side to access that.  If you have the linky on your blog, don't forget to update it as the 2017 link will no longer work.


Have a very Happy Old Year's Night
and a very Peaceful New Year's Day


Nic said...

Wow what a lot of gorgeous projects you've worked on and finished this year. May I ask what the piece is in the January to August photo montage with the beehive in the middle. I have become a little obsessed with bee charts recently. Happy New Year!

OhSewCrafty said...

Fantastic finishes, Jo! Amazing selection and quantity. And wonderful dedication on the JE piece... I can't wait to see what you stitch in 2018.

Linda said...

You have made fantastic progress this year Jo. All of your projects are lovely. Looking forward to our SAL and hope like heck I can keep up. Looking forward to next years goals.


Karyn said...

Oh Jo, you accomplished a lot of stitchy gorgeousness! Wow wow wow! Your needle must have been smoking! I am so proud of you, dear friend.
I must also say that those pie charts are fabulous! I think those could be considered finished projects, as well :)
I'm really looking forward to seeing what 2018 brings for your project list and will be cheering you on...Happy New Year!
I'm off to check out the goings-on for your gifted gorgeousness group...

diamondc said...

Happy New Year Jo: I am a bit jealous, wow you have been busy, I do wish I had gotten more done this year, with Mike being ill, the loss of my Mother.
This was not a good year for stitching, 2018 is going to be better all around, I love reading your blog.

Happy New Year

Kerryp77 said...

Fabulous work Jo, you seem to have had a most productive year. Looking forward to the 18 in 18 post, you always have the best projects! Btw magazines are my big expense too (CS, CSC, WOXS)

Julie said...

Well done Jo on completing so much this year, there is always something lovely to see here and I know it will lift my spirits when you chat along.
I've signed up for next year and changed my pic on the blog too.. will 2018 be the year I am a bit more organised?
Looking forward to seeing your 12 Days grow, its one of my favourite JN designs. This year I will stitch a JN.... honest!
Blessings to you and the family for 2018, I hope it is filled with fun and happy times ahead (and lots of stitching too)

Barb said...

The same wishes to you Jo. You have had a very productive year!! So many beautiful designs. Thanks for all you do for this community. You are a good cloud friend!

Katie said...

Wohoo amazing progress. I've loved every post I see come across from you. It's been a great year following and cheering you along. Can't wait to see what you work on next year!

Mini said...

A great wrap up of the stitchy year.congrats on all your finishes, some big ones there. You inspire me to be organized and dedicated to the craft, ofcourse we share the love for pie charts. My eyes popped out looking at the total expenditure, but I guess you not into fancy clothes n shoes.

Carin said...

You made good progress in 2017. Well done !! Curious to see what you are going to stitch this new year ;-)
Hope 2018 is good to you and your family !!

Christine said...

You did well with your goals, lots of lovely finishes/
Happy New Year

rosey175 said...

Woo, all the lovely work that you needed three collages! You've had a wonderful year. It's hard to pick a favorite. I'll go with Happy Halloween or Witches or 12 Days this time!

A Happy Stitchy Year to you! I signed up for GG and updated the images/links. And I got your e-cards; I shake my head in the general direction of postal services for their untimely deliveries. Maybe there were more cards to pass out this year!

Lady Stitch-a-Lot said...

Wow, seeing all you lovely finishes in one post is amazing =) I am looking forward to see a lot more wonderful projects in 2018 =) Happy New Year =)

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

Great round up,lots of lovely stitching and finishing.Looking forward to reading about your 18 in 18 plans.

deb said...

Looks like you had quite a good year on those planned 17, and you did so many other pieces too! I'm interested to see what the 18 are for this year. :)

Anna van Schurman said...

So many lovely pieces! You are so organized to keep such close track of everything. Good luck in '18!

Preeti said...

You accomplished lot of beautiful stitching in 2017! Happy new year to you!

Brigitte said...

28 finishes, wow, that's a lot - and many of them were biggies. You were doing great job. Being as organized as you are really gets you somewhere.
Good luck with your stitchy plans for 2018. And have a Happy New Year, you and your family.

RJ said...

Look at all of those wonderful accomplishments Jo. You did such a fabulous job. Happy New Year. I hope you have a blessed and wonderful 2018' RJ

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Happy New Year, Jo. An impressive list and photos of finishes.

Kaisievic said...

Happy, Happy New Year to you, dear Jo. I hope you know that you are such an inspiration to me and such a great stitchy friend. I love everything that you stitch and I am so thrilled for you that you had such a productive year! hugs, Kaye

Tiffstitch said...

Huge congratulations on accomplishing so much this year! You had so many wonderful finishes and I hope you can extend beyond your goals for next year as well.

Carol said...

What a wonderfully productive year you have had, Jo! You really finished so many of your goals--good for you :) Your pie charts are beyond me--but they sure look pretty!!

Wishing you every happiness in this new year!

Leonore Winterer said...

This confirms what I've known all all along - you've done incredibly well on your WIPocalypse list this year with so many pretty finishes, and it's even better knowing that a lot of these new WIPs were more Just Nan starts that will get finished off one by one by one :) I'm excited to see what next year holds!

Bethan said...

What a productive year, Jo! I think my favourite still has to be your 12 Day's of Christmas project. Looking forward to seeing what you do this year. Happy New Year! x

Suz said...

Wow, you did a crazy amount of stitching this year! You have got to be proud of all of that progress (I think I'm proud on your behalf - haha - I'm definitely amazed!).