Sunday 24 December 2017

2017 Online Advent Calendar

Here is our Online Advent Calendar, it will be updated every day. 
Scroll down to see the latest picture and a link to the poster's blog.

Pop over to each blog to see how they celebrate.
This year I have asked bloggers about their plans and traditions for Boxing Day.

Having sent out the emails to all the participants I then learned that not every country has Boxing Day traditions!  So I thought I would start this post by sharing a little of the history of this day.

Boxing Day is 26th December, the day after Christmas Day and it was the day that "post-men, errand-boys, and servants of various kinds expect to receive a Christmas-box".   This is usually a cash gift and nowadays may be given to paper deliverers, milkmen and refuse collecters as a little thank you for turning out every day in all weathers to provide us with essential services.   It is a dying tradition however.

You can read more about Boxing Day here - Wikipedia - Boxing Day

There are three more usual ways to spend the day in the 21st Century:

1. with the side of the family you didn't see on Christmas Day
2. going mad in the Boxing Day sales or being forced to work to serve those mad folk
3. sitting on the sofa watching TV and having a diet of leftover turkey and Quality Street sweets.

Of course, for us stitchers, it's more likely to be playing with our stash and maybe a new start?  I'll be doing the 12 Days of Christmas SAL again.  Starting Just Nan's 12 Days of Christmas on Christmas Day, stitching Day 1 on Day 1, Days 2 and 1 on Day 2, Days 3, 2 and 1 on Day 3 and so on.

So follow the Advent Calendar Blog Hop and learn more about what our international friends will be doing on that day.

Friday 1st December
Kitten Stitching

Saturday 2nd December

Sunday 3rd December

Monday 4th December

Tuesday 5th December

Wednesday 6th December

Thursday 7th December

Friday 8th December


Saturday 9th December

Sunday 10th December

Monday 11th December

Tuesday 12th December

Wednesday 13th December

Thursday 14th December

Friday 15th December

Saturday 16th December

Sunday 17th December - Double Delight Door


Monday 18th December

Tuesday 19th December

Wednesday 20th December

Thursday 21st December

Friday 22nd December - Double Delight Door


Saturday 23rd December - Double Delight Door


Sunday 24th December

Hope you enjoyed the Advent Calendar this year! Remember to leave comments on each day to let people know you have visited too.


RJ said...

Thank you so much for doing this Jo. It looks like so much fun and I will visit everyone. RJ

Brigitte said...

Wohoo, it's up!!! Thanks for this great advent gift again.

diamondc said...

Jo: How sweet to have an online Advent Calendar.

Merry Christmas

Katie said...

Thanks for hosting this. I love hearing about all the different traditions.

Anonymous said...


This is a fab idea. As a new blogger I will take pleasure in visiting each blog.
You have a lovely blog with lots of beautiful stitching.

Leonore Winterer said...

Thanks for hosting this again, I've seen some interesting posts and pretty pictures already! I'm looking forward to your 12 Days SAL again, I don't think I've seen Just Nan's version before :)

Justine said...

Thank you for doing this favourite kind of advent calendar!

DJ said...

I've been trying to visit each blog but I'm falling behind, but I wanted to say thank you for this, Jo! As I've said before, you make blogging fun! I'll catch up soon, it's been fun reading what people have been writing about their Boxing Day traditions!

Anonymous said...

Great idea! You have a lot of beautiful stitching on your blog and I enjoyed looking at it.

Carol said...

Lovely to have this to look forward to this month, Jo--I'm finding a lot of "new to me" blogs through this :) Sure wish we had a Boxing Day here in the U.S. For most Americans, it is simply "back to work" the day after Christmas...

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Looking forward to following these Advent Calendar posts.

RJ said...

I love this calendar Jo and have to catch up with all the posts. It is such a wonderful idea and tradition. RJ

Bethan said...

What a great idea. I look forward to visiting everyone x

Margaret said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours Jo. Thank you for another year of an inspiring blog. Hoping 2018 is a wonderful year for you.

Astrids dragon said...

What fun, so sad to see it end. Another great year, something to look forward to in 2018!

rosey175 said...

Yay, another fun Advent hop! Thanks for being such an awesome host! And for showing off Oreo too ahaha. I think I've visited everyone but couldn't leave a note on Deborah's post for her cute little mouse that is obviously hoarding Christmas cookies. Hope your Boxing Day was grand and filling and relaxing. \:D/

Mia said...

So many amazing beauties. Thank you for hosting, Jo. Happy Holidays, my friend.