Thursday, 15 August 2013

Theme-a-licious August Update

Theme-a-licious is hosted by Heather of It's Geek to Me

Each month Heather thinks up a theme for us to stitch to, or in my case, a theme to somehow shoe-horn my existing stitching into, no matter how tenuous the link!

This is the theme for August:

Airborne August
What's that soaring through the air with the greatest of ease? It's the things with wings on your WIPs!

So what have I been singing all week?  On the Wings of Love by Jeffrey Osbourne.  Well, actually I haven't, but it is the only way I could think to include this piece as part of the theme:
I finished the whole Couers en Boites design but didn't photograph it before I took it to the framers.  This is just one of the hearts stitched over 2 to make a card for the couple.  That's their initials, they're not getting married in LA.

Also with wings we have dragons and fairies.  First up is my progress on this month's Dragon Dreams design:

And my Lilly of the Woods for the large Mira RR:

That pillow is so bitty and boring.  I can't wait to finish it and get on to the drapes.  Nora's drapes are one of my favourite things to stitch!  Have you seen the new Mirabilia released today?  Simply called "Red" she seems to be inspired by Little Red Riding Hood and is amazing!!

The Viewer is already working overtime as the Mira Minions try out every combination of fabric with her!
For those of you not familiar with the Minions and the Viewer, here is a link:

A stitcher known as Thutmosis set up the Viewer to help people decide which fabrics to stitch their favourite Mirabilia designs on.  She has now expanded it to include Chatelaines, Joan Elliott, Passione Ricamo and Teresa Wentzler all with the designers' approval and blessing.  She has fabric from all the major hand-dyers plus plain Zweigart too.  The HTML programming necessary must be immense but she does it all for free!  All it will cost you is several hours days of your life as you lose yourself in the different combinations.

Finally, the Summer Postcard Blog Hop is hopping onwards to Penny.  Here is the full list so far:

My card goes to Debbie at Debbie's Cross Stitch
Debbie's card goes to Christine at The Alchymyst's Study

Christine's card goes to Lynn at Kearnel's Korner

Lynn's card goes to Clare at Aimetu's Stitching

Clare's card goes to Vickie at A Stitcher's Story
Vickie's card goes to Julie at Julie's Stitchyknitty Journal
Julie's card goes to Penny at Larkspur Lane

There is still time to send a card if you haven't already done so, just click on the green "There's No Place Like Home" for more details.


geeky Heather said...

You will, of course, post a YouTube of you singing On the Wings of Love, yes? =)

I think my justification of this month's theme is the dodgiest ever...yes, I did put the check-in post up, though I forgot what day it was!

And I have this to say about Red: GAH! I had just fallen in love with Persephone!!!

Julie said...

You have the best imaginative mind of all the blogs I read, ad yes, ok, the heart will fit this months theme. Such fun visiting here Jo.

Christine said...

I'd never have the patience to stitch a Mirabilia but gosh that new one is stunning. I'm visualising her on a very pale marbled aqua, and I am not going over ther to try it out because I'd lose the whole day ;D

Kathy Ellen said...

Pretty heart, and love your beautiful progress on 'Lily of the Woods'. What a gorgeous new Mirabilia, in all her glorious splendorous "RED"...aboslutely stunning. I wish that I had the patience to stitch one of those designs.

Blessings for a wonderful weekend!

Karoline said...

Lovely progress on your projects.

Recent Mirabilla releases haven't done much for me but I do like Red

Aurelia Eglantine said...

Great WIP progress! Thanks so much for the link, that is a wonderful site! I pretty much aspire to stitch something by all of those designers, so it's very inspirational :)

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

Oh I love the Mirabilia ....

bisous from FRANCE

Vickie said...

Thanks so much Jo for getting Wings Of Love stuck in my head now! ;)