Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Love is All Around Us

Because we have just returned from my cousin's wedding!!  It was a lovely wedding, she looked stunning and her groom was very handsome. The cake was OUT OF THIS WORLD and I will add some photos to the next blog post once I've downloaded them.

Here is the finished Couers en Boites I stitched for the Happy Couple:

Here is is framed next to the card I made:

And here is a close up of the card:

I started stitching the card first to see what the design looked like over 2 on 28 count but red really doesn't cover well so I stitched the sampler over 1 on the same fabric.  The chart is a freebie from Carton-Marie, a French Blog.  Here is Mii's totally different verson on her blog Mii Stitch.

I thought this was a good opportunity to share some other Wedding Samplers I have stitched over the years.  Unfortunately, most were pre-digital camera and there are alot of missing pieces.

This is Lavender & Lace Celtic Noel stitched as a bride using my own colour conversion which I did not keep.  Sorry!  The roses came from Mirabilia's Sleeping Beauty.  I just free-styled the placement.

This sampler came from a magazine called Celebrations and I have stitched it twice, this version is for my cousin and the other was for friends of my brother.  I carefully labelled the back with my name and wrapped it up.  Unfortunately I had forgotten my surname was different to my brother's (I was married) so the poor couple were unable to work out who had stitched it for them!!  The mystery was solved when they had their first child and I sent a card.  I received a lovely Thank You note only a couple of years late LOL.

This one comes from Cross Stitcher magazine August 1998.

And this is a tiny version of the same sampler.

They are both stitched on the same blue evenweave, just the light was different on the day I took the photos.

This one is a very special Anniversary Sampler. I stitched it for my grandparent's Diamond Wedding Anniversary, changing the ribbon border to match their living room.  There are all sorts of nice details in there, from a mini skein for Cotton to the Ivory lace-making bobbins.
I inherited it back when they passed away.  I also inherited my Nana's engagement ring which always comes out special occasions so I wore it for the wedding.

This is a freebie from Passione Ricamo I stitched on red aida for my friends' engagement.  I'm still waiting for the wedding!!

So that's the round up so far!

Finally, the latest Summer Postcard went out to Astrid before the weekend.  Here is the full list so far:

My card goes to Debbie at Debbie's Cross Stitch
Debbie's card goes to Christine at The Alchymyst's Study
Christine's card goes to Lynn at Kearnel's Korner
Lynn's card goes to Clare at Aimetu's Stitching
Clare's card goes to Vickie at A Stitcher's Story
Vickie's card goes to Julie at Julie's Stitchyknitty Journal
Julie's card goes to Penny at Larkspur Lane
Penny's card goes to Astrid at Dragon Stitches and Stuff


Anne said...

Wow Jo! Couers en Boites turned out to be just perfect! The 1 over 1 was a good choice to do. Made it look very delicate! I'm sure the couple will be touched by your gift. You really have made loads of wedding samplers for people! I never made mine so maybe you can whip up one for me?! Haha!! I remember the Passione heart from last year!! The sampler you made for your grandparents is pretty cool. I like seeing what the gifts are supposed to be. Haven't really followed the rules though but if we make it to 60 years, I want a big diamond!!

Preeti said...

Wow!! That's lot of beautiful stitching!! Lovely gifts you have made. Lavender &Lace bride looks amazing!!

Miamina said...

Wow, they are beautiful! I'm sure they will be treasured :)

Palkó said...

Wow! Your Couers is fantastic! Beautiful!!!

Vickie said...

Oh Jo! You have made so many couples happy over the years. They are so wonderful.

Christine said...

The wedding sampler is beautiful! The L&L bride conversion is inspired

Marcy said...

Lovely heart sampler. And thanks for sharing the older ones also. I love the Celtic Christmas conversion.

Linda said...

Wow Jo. Absolutely stunning wedding samplers. Thanks for sharing.


Deb said...

Love the hearts in boxes! What a beautiful design.
The L&L wedding piece is gorgeous! Love the changes you made. All of your works are amazing!

The Crafty Princess said...

WooHoo Jo!
They turned out so bewdiful!!!
What a great wedding gift. I'm glad it all went well cos sometimes these things can go pear know the open bar, and relatives all in the same room!!
Good job stunner! Hmm I think I just overdosed on the exclamation marks in this comment!! LOL!
Alicia xo

Shirlee said...


Brigitte said...

Jo, your Coeurs en Boites wedding sampler looks absolutely gorgeous. And even more together with the card. So beautiful!
A great collection of wedding samplers that you have stitched over the years. I particularly love the one with all the different anniversaries that you stitched for your grandparents. It's very special.

Julie said...

Stunning gift, you have created lots of beautiful keepsakes for family and friends.

Chris said...

Wow! What a wonderful update. You have stitched so many wonderful wedding pieces.

Mii Stitch said...

I love your take on Coeurs en Boites!!! It looks stunning in red & the matching card is really sweet :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful wedding samplers Jo, glad you enjoyed the wedding (:

Dani - tkdchick said...

What a perfect wedding gift! I love it!

Karoline said...

The wedding sampler is gorgeous, congratulations

Aurelia Eglantine said...

Congratulations on the gorgeous finish of your Heart Sampler & Card, what a wonderful and thoughtful gift, surely a heirloom that the lucky couple will treasure forever :) I really enjoyed seeing the samplers you had stitched in the past too!

The Diamond Sampler you did for your Grandparents is fabulous!!! Mine are celebrating their 60th this September, and I really wish I had found such a nice pattern. I searched for months and didn't find anything that seemed "them" so I'm desperately trying to cobble together something small now as a surprise, LOL :)

Kaisievic said...

Gorgeous samplers, Jo.

Topcho said...

What I lovely collection of Wedding Samplers! Noel is beautiful - I couldn't recognize her a first. You did an amazing job with the colours. And the Diamond sampler for your grandparents is so beautiful and full of meanings.