Saturday, 31 August 2013

Theme-a-licious Looking Backward and Forward VIII

Theme-a-licious is hosted by Heather of It's Geek to Me

Each month Heather thinks up a theme for us to stitch to, or in my case, a theme to somehow shoe-horn my existing stitching into, no matter how tenuous the link!

This was the theme for August:

Airborne August
What's that soaring through the air with the greatest of ease? It's the things with wings on your WIPs!

So I worked on my Wings of Love sampler for my cousin's wedding.  It's not called that, it's called Couers en Boites but it is how I got it into this month's theme.

Carton-Marie Couers en Boites photo DSC03832LuHearts_zpsf5d92b3b.jpg

I also stitched a little dragon for the Dragon Dreams 12 Dragonlets of Christmas:

Dragon Dreams 8 photo DragonDreams8_zps763df071.jpg

Lilly of the Woods is also a fairy with wings, but Andie requested I did not stitch the wings so she went with the other Dreamers on her piece.  So Lilly is my Anti-Theme piece for this month and here is the space where the wings would have gone if I was going to stitch them which I'm not:

That seems to be about it.  Apart from this little butterfly:

Next month is:
Sampler September
Whether you're stitching the alphabet over and over (and over), starting your own band (sampler), or marking some spots, this is your month!

That should be a cinch for me!!  Samplers are one of my favourite things.  I could even start planning my 2014 Band Sampler RR...

 I also shared this photo of how I like to stitch the RRs.  Because I'm only using a length or two of each colour it doesn't seem worth pulling out all the colours so I just get my full set and select the colour I need for the piece I'm stitching that evening.  It makes a nice spread on the table!!

You can see my lovely coloured-in copy of the chart in front of me.
And my small ORTS tin ready to be added to the ORTS jar for TUSAL day.

Finally, I sent the latest postcard in the Summer Blog Hop to Evalina but it's not up yet so watch her blog!!  I am expecting one more picture in then I will email the final ones out in one big end of summer flurry!


  1. Great finishes for the month Jo. I have all my DMC on bobbins and in bobbin boxes and I work from them rather than putting each color in the project. Makes it much faster to stitch.


  2. Fab finishes Jo!! Love that display of your threads on the table! I think I need to get those floss away bags and metal rings to organize them. That coloured copy is pretty cool. Did it come like that or was it coloured by someone?

  3. Holy Moly you are so organised!! I love the Wedding Sampler, it looks so effective and how neat is your stitching?? Fab month for you stunner!
    Alicia xo

  4. Lovely stitching, the hearts are really pretty!

  5. Lovely "wingy" stitchery and I always love to see how others go about their stitching.

  6. Beautiful stitches dear Jo, well done!
    I wasn't participating in the summer blog hop, are you sure you've sent your card to me not to Debbie?

  7. Oh, my! I'm having senior moments already... yes I am participating in the summer blog hop. I didn't get your card yet though...

  8. and a few hours later...
    yep, I have the card and I've posted on my blog about it
    Evalina, This and that...

  9. Your ingenuity in fitting projects to the themalicious theme is rapidly becoming legendary ;D
    Loving the little dragon crying over his spilt milk

  10. Great projects for this months theme, I look forward to seeing Septembers

  11. Your stitching area looks a hive if activity. The hearts are so beautiful.

  12. I agree with Christine, I really enjoy reading your theme rationalizations each month, they're very entertaining :P The "this is where the wings would go" is especially clever, LOL ;) Love the last photo with all that stitchy goodness! I'm nowhere near that organized unfortunately. *sigh*

  13. you are a busy lady, I love your stitching and the red sampler is wonderful, sunny kisses from Rio, Alce

  14. Love all your finishes - the space for the wings is especially impressive! ;) Looking forward to seeing your samplers this month!


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