Friday 26 November 2021

November Smalls


The Smalls SAL is hosted by Mary's Thread

This year my Smalls will be the Stoney Creek 12 Days of Christmas 2019 Ornament series.  I have nearly finished Day 10, just the beads to add and stitched about half of Day 12.  I have decided to stitch the final 2 days together, colour by colour and add beads to all three at once.  This will save a little time!

stitched on 32 count Lime Green evenweave

I added November to my Tiny Modernist Calendar:

stitched on 32 count Summer Sky Belfast linen from Silkweavers

A slightly larger "small" was the third in the C part of the Scary Apothecary series from Hands on Design.  This is Coffin Paint:

stitched on 28 count Radioactive Linen from Chromatic Alchemy

I used all the recommended DMC for this one except for the paintbrushes where I used a lovely DMC Satin thread, the equivalent of 321.  Much easier to do satin stitch in satin thread than in metallics.  I am rather tempted to redo the bottles in Bitter Brew with this thread as the metallic warped the fabric.

Finally, this is the last call for participants for my annual Advent Calendar.  I have a couple of doors left which is very unusual.  Let me know if you would like to take part this year.


Claudette497 said...

I'll sign up if you still need people!

FlashinScissors said...

Hi Jo,
I’ve been stitching Tiny Modernist’s calendar too, it’s been such fun.
In case my email didn’t reach you, if you have any spaces left I’d like to be included in the hop, but not in the first couple of weeks. 😊👍💕
Barbara xx

Mylene said...

The Tiny Modernist calendar is coming along beasutifully. I love the design.

Mary's Thread said...

Great progress on all your little things! Thanks for linking up this month!

Katie said...

Great work on them.

Leonore Winterer said...

Great work on your smalls this month, especially Coffin Paint! I am, however, a little shocked at the realization that it's December already - and it's not the first time this week I realize it!