Monday, 19 April 2021

April IHSW and F.N.S.I


IHSW or International Hermit and Stitch Weekend always starts on the third Friday of the month.  It's a chance to lock yourself away and focus on your stitching for the weekend.  You can take part on your blog or via the Facebook page - IHSW on Facebook.

The third Friday is also the Friday Night Sew In or F.N.S.I. which Kaye introduced me to.  You can find out more about it here - Sugarlane Designs

Friday was my first day back at work since Christmas Eve so that curtailed the stitching time dramatically!  I did put a few stitches in on my current Just Nan Band Sampler.  This is Nan's Garden:

stitched on 28 count green linen
(I must try get a better photo of the fabric!)

At bath-time I managed to complete my second Autumn Lane Stitchery design.  This is Mrs "Large Hat" Claus!  

stitched on 28 count tea-dyed evenweave

The rest of the weekend was a little bit more productive.  I focused on my Chatelaine Gardens of London and completed a phone box.  One down, three to go!  In true Martina style, there are four different shades of red, and three different colours to make the windows.

stitched on 32 count Cotton Clouds from Crafty Kitten

The next IHSW will be 21st - 23rd May so make sure you note the date in your diary or come and join us in the Facebook Group - IHSW on Facebook. If you don't do Facebook then you can check in here by leaving a comment on my post.

Finally, it's time to reveal the Mystery Phrase from my Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop.  I wanted a phrase which would include the word in the project I was stitching which was this one:

stitched with one strand on 35 count cream linen

This is Ostara by The Primitive Hare, one of a series of 8 Celtic Celebrations, all found here - Primitive Hare Freebies

Now, "celebration" was too long a word so I used "solstice" instead.  I sent out all the emails with the letter and laying in bed that evening suddenly thought "it's not a Spring solstice, it's a Spring Equinox".  Whoops, too late to change now. 

Everyone did indeed find the phrase

"Spring Solstice of Ostara"

You can learn more about Ostara here.

I plan to stitch all eight of these and frame them together which is why I chose 35 count linen, so they will fit in a frame I already have.  Frugal framing!


Shami Immanuel said...

Lovely little projects with so many details. I always have an eye on the fabrics you use. Have a lovely stitching time.

The Liberal Lady Kay said...

Your Chatelaine looks lovely! I have one in my stash to do someday, LOL!!

Carol said...

Back to work, eh? Well, at least you'll have more money to buy stash, Jo! Love Mrs. Claus--so cute with her big bonnet!

Linda said...

Nice progress Jo. I love Mrs. Claus.


RONI said...

I love Mrs Claus! Christmas will be upon us all too soon, with the speed this year seems to be going!

diamondc said...

Jo: Mrs. Large hat is adorable, I see the phone box now.
Lovely designs.


butterfly said...

Love the top stitch it's beautiful.
Enjoy your day .

Tiffstitch said...

Lovely work on everything! My working all weekend impacts my IHSW as well right now.

Mylene said...

Love your band sampler, coming along beautifully. MRS. Claus is just too cute.

jocondine said...

That Ostara word kept me looking for every letters until the end. Lovely Mrs Claus. xxx

Leonore Winterer said...

Great stitching, I love Mrs Claus!

And oooh, I get it now. So Ostara is where 'Easter' and the German 'Ostern' come from, I assume?

The Crafty Princess said...

Oooooh love Mrs Large Hat Claus, that is rather large. And the 4 shades or red and 3 colours in the window make that phone box pop! Nice job.
xo Alicia