Thursday, 30 April 2020

April Stitch from Stash and Pie

April has limped along to a finish, but at least we have Stitch Maynia to look forward to!  More of that later.  But first, Pie:

Discworld started the month here:

and went to here:

So much fill-in and all the backstitch too!   I put it down to being able to sit outside and stitch for an hour or so each day.  There are no distractions out there and I was able to really focus.

I even got this sweet little boat stitched:

This shows how much I have left to do.  There is one whole page, four half pages and a lot of islands in the middle of the sea (plus another boat).  Then I have to do all the longstitch lines which I left until last to avoid catching on them as I stitch.

You've seen my progress on everything else except for my Chatelaine.  I spun my Tiny Decision wheel and Gardens of London came up.  I last stitched on this in March 2019 although I did add some Algerian eyelets during the Longest Day Marathon.  Here's where it was last March:

and here it is now:

stitched on 32 count Belfast in Cotton Clouds from Crafty Kitten

I spent most of my time on the Upper Right Garden but did add the sparkly Rhodes Stitches to the outer border of the Upper Left Garden:

The first job I had to do was frog all those pink Queen's Stitches.  I am using a mixture of the charted threads and a DMC conversion.  In the first Garden I used 962 but in this Garden I had used 961 which was what was on the chart but was too bright for my liking.  So it all came out and was restitched in 962.  Then I finished the Algerian Eyelets in the middle, then some sparkly green.

Then on to those adorable Tiny Jessica Stitches, aren't they sweet?

I finished off with the green sparkle Rhodes Stitch around the outer border and a tiny start on the Lower Right Garden.

Both these Gardens are now complete except for beads and backstitch.

Stitch from Stash looks good this month:

Nothing £0.00
Total £0.00

NO unnecessary spending is going to be the Order of the Day for the foreseeable future. I do love the new Mirabilia, Princess Elliana.  Princess Elliana was tired of quarantine and escaped from her blanket fort, dragging all her bedlinen with her!

I just love her, she uses all the new DMC colours plus a whole bunch more.   But when Nora shared the original artwork, I fell in love with those colours even more!  So if I ever get her, I may be doing a conversion.  The fabric will be Sparklies' Purpleberry Spludge - great name, great fabric.

Finally, Stitch Maynia!

Backn in 2017, I started 23 Just Nan Smalls for March Madness:

Then in 2018 I started 32 more for Stitch Maynia:

In 2019 I stitched on the same 32 on their anniversary:

And this year, I will be stitching the 24 from last year plus the 8 new ones. Should be good fun!


DJ said...

I'm just amazed at how much you were able to stitch on Discworld! It looks amazing...really!! Those Chatelaine's really have a lot of stitching, it's so fun to do some of the specialty stitches, but those specialty fibers can sure slow you down. London is looking lovely!! Maynia should be fun to watch. Maybe next year when I can thoughtfully decide what to stitch, I may join you. This year I'm all over the place and can't seem to focus...I hope all is well in your neck of the woods, and that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy!

Susan said...

Oooooo everything looks amazing. I am really enjoying watching your progress on the map. Ripping out Queen stitches? I would have cried. Queen stitches are the stitch that I avoid at all costs.

I have been eyeing Princess Elliana, but have talked myself out of it. The more I inventory my stash, the more I am talking myself out of new things. My list of things I "can" buy for the rest of the year only has two patterns on it and I was able to set the funds aside for them from my birthday money.

Linda said...

Great progress Jo. Looking forward to seeing your progress on the Just Nan pieces. I've never done stitch maynia but I think about it every year. lol Haven't decided about this year yet.


Barb said...

Before you mentioned it, I was admiring that little boat!

Mini said...

Splendid progress on Discworld Mappe.
Ha Ha i like your interpretation of the new Mirabilia pattern .
Best of luck for Maynia.

butterfly said...

WOW again miss speedy Jo .
What a bunch of lovely stitching and new starts .
The Discworld Mappe is looking wonderful .
I spotted that new chart and fell in love with her , but I still want to buy the Christmas one soon.
Have a lovely weekend and a happy May .

A Patchwork of Crafts said...

You are zooming along with your map and yes that material has a great name.

Katie said...

Beautiful work on everything. Wow the mappe looks amazing. Good luck with your maynia plans.

An Arizona Stitcher I said...

Ooh, the new Mirabilia is gorgeous! Had a chuckle reading about her quarantine escape. Have fun with Maynia!

Julie said...

Elliana is certainly bright and colourful.
More JN's ...yippee LOL
Discworld has grown loads!

Bethan said...

I can see why you were tempted by Princess Elliana - she looks so fun to stitch! Amazing work. I do love seeing your stitchy pie x

Christine said...

Great stitching, I absolutely love the Gardens of London

Rachel said...

How lovely to see the Chatelaine reappear. Will that become your focus piece once Discworld is finished?
I love the idea of Princess Elliana dragging all her bed linen out with her, especially as everything 'just happens' to coordinate with the new DMC colours. I guess this chart is now on your birthday wish list?

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

You made alot of progress on Discworld.

Leonore Winterer said...

Great progress all around! The Diskworld is pregressing AMAZINGLY well, but it was also really good to see Gardens out to play again.
Princess Elliana is stunning, I'd love to see her grow on here!

Astrids dragon said...

I like that little boat as well.
Gardens of London looks lovely, but get rid of those pesky frogs!
Princess Elliana is gorgeous in her escape for freedom, I hope you do get her to stitch.