Friday, 18 May 2018

Time to H & S this W

Code for International Hermit & Stitch Weekend!  The third full weekend of each month is dedicated to stitching as much as you can.

Luckily I do not have to work this weekend so I'm in for all three days, the weekend starts on Friday!  I started by stitching with two friends and managed a finish.  A Just Nan, of course.  Charm Garden was started back at the end of March and was my 30-a-Day project throughout April.  It's a little bigger than some of the ornies and I didn't finish it when I started Maynia.

Stitched on 32 count Antique White linen

Each of those diamond shapes is supposed to have a different charm in them but I will be sourcing some flower charms as it's almost impossible to get the "official" JN charms now.

When I got home I typed up the Blogger of the Week post and then picked up the Discworld Mappe.

stitched on 32 count Murano custom dyed by Sparklies

My goal for this weekend is to finish the head and then work along the top of the chart.  This is a reminder of the size of the project:

The numbered pages are the ones I have stitched.  Bearing in mind that I am not stitching the blue, the next page along the top should be a quick one then I have two very densely covered pages.  The banner the hippos are holding is just two or three colours but there is all the backstitched lettering!

My plan for next year is to dedicate two weeks every month for this design.

I've been continuing with the Just Nan-a-thon with a new small start each day.  Here are the latest six:

13/05/18 Jasmine Mix
14/05/18 Mitten Men
15/05/18 Owl Winder
16/05/18 Pansy Basket
17/05/18 Peacock Tapestry
18/05/18 Porcelain Nosegay

Quite a variety of fabric colours there.  None of which are really accurate!  Another 13 smalls to go.

Finally, I am planning my Longest Day Marathon again this year.  I am not sure which day it will be.  21st June is a Thursday this year so I have my Toddler Group in the morning and an afternoon tea for a friend's Birthday.  So it will either be Wednesday 20th or Friday 22nd.  Or both, depending on how many WIPs I have by then!   To read more about the Longest Day, check out last year's post:


Pamela said...

Great progress! The Charm Garden is gorgeous!

Mini said...

I had a very productive IHSW like you.It was a very decision to use blue fabric for the map design.

Justine said...

I am definitely giving up on IHSW! I always have the busiest weekends and I'm sure you're jinxing me. This weekend it was DS2's first Holy Communion followed by a family party, and the school summer fayre. No stitching done at all!

Beth in IL said...

I may do the Longest Day of the Year stitch along. Just love that Mappe. A map of Middle Earth would be fun or maybe one of these from Catherine Jordan:

Barb said...

Wow! That map is huge. I do love the flower design, of course, I also love any thing to do with flowers!!

Stasi said...

You have a lot going in Jo. The map is quite interesting; I've never seen that before. Just Nan's are such sweet stitches and yours is looking great!

Vickie said...

Charm Garden is lovely. Can't wait to see the charms you pick. Holy Toledo that map is gigantic!! So glad you used BLUE Murano! ;) Smart!!

Kaisievic said...

Charm Garden is, well, charming - lol! I do love your Just Nan stitching. Good luck with your Stitch Maynia pieces.

Kaisievic said...

Hey, Justine, if I know I have a busy weekend coming up, I often just hermit on another weekend and call that IHSW. Maybe give it a try?

Katie said...

Can't wait to see what you accomplished this weekend.

rosey175 said...

It goes "HRUUUGUGHHH." No, that is not my cow! (Guess which book I just finished hah) Fantastic head although I imagine you're at the point of wondering if it'll ever be done. :D

Leonore Winterer said...

Wow, that head is massive but lovely as well. Is there some variegated thread in there or is it just a master piece in colour shading?
I love your JN finish, looking forward to seeing what charms you'll pick out!

Christine said...

The Map is looking fabulous, great Nan-progress too

Brigitte said...

Oh great, the Charm Garden. I can easily imagine the little flower beds filled with lovely little flower charms. What a nice design.

Julie said...

You could always put flower buttons in the Charm Garden?