Saturday, 24 June 2017

Turtle TUSAL

Although there isn't actually a Turtle on here yet.  There will be eventually.


It's TUSAL time, the Totally Useless SAL where we all show our ORTS and link-up on Daffycat's blog.

Here is my TUSAL with the current project:


Here's a close-up of the main project which is this month's focus piece, the Discworld Mappe by Lyndisfarne Designs:

Discworld Mappe

And here's the cover photo with a circle around the area I've been stitching:

You may also have spotted a fully-finished object in that photo too.  It's the fourth of my Just Nan Ornaments, Victorian Rose, stitched on 32 count green linen which looks more blue in the photos!

Just Nan Victorian Rose

Just Nan Victorian Rose

The reverse

I couldn't find a suitable backing fabric at all so I simply finger-pressed the edges and folded them over.  Whip-stitched the folds top and bottom and then whip-stitched the central seam together with some small bugle beads I had in my stash.

Just Nan Victorian Rose

Here are all four together:

Just Nan Ornaments

 L-R: Christmas Rose, Christmas Star, Christmas Hearts and Victorian Rose

Finally, I got some very exciting news this afternoon.  One of the local artists who supplies our shop with cards, fridge magnets, prints and bookmarks is branching out into cross stitch!  She has a deal with Bothy Threads to convert four of her designs into cross stitch to be released at the beginning of next year.  Here are the four they have chosen:

and here is a link to her website where you can already purchase the cards, prints and other merchandise - Love Country UK.  I am so excited for her and can't wait to see the finished pieces.


Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

Those are some wonderful projects you are working on. I can't wait to see that artwork converted to cross stitch and available. Oh, and I have discovered a new stitch-a-long. I'll have to look more closely into this one. --Andrea

Kerryp77 said...

Happy dance for the Just Nan. They look gorgeous together. Glad you're giving some love to the discworld map too.

Tiffstitch said...

Beautiful projects and finishes! Also, very cool about the new designer.

RJ said...

JO, I love how you did the back of your Just Nan stitch which is beautiful. And the bunny cards are adorable and will make the cutest cross stitches. I look forward to seeing them when they come out. RJ

deb said...

Thought briefly of your ort jar while enjoying your longest day marathon post, and there it is, delightfully full. :) Your JN ornaments are so pretty!

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

Love your Christmas Ornaments. Those lovely prints will look awesome in cross stitch.

Susan said...

Wonderful finish on the Just Nan piece. I agree with Kerry, they look wonderful together. LOVE the Discworld map. I will be on the look out for those designs too. Love the rabbits.

Kay said...

These ornaments are so beautiful, I love their delicate stitching.

Christine said...

The JN came out beautifully.
Those paintings will make lovely cross stitch designs

StitchyDragon said...

Beautiful ornament finishes! What a talented artist, those will be lovely to stitch I bet! Have a lovely week,

Linda said...

Congrats on another cute ornament finish Jo. Awesome progress on the Mappe.


Brigitte said...

Now the map looks like a real map with the lake and the bits of backstitching.
So nice to see all four new ornaments in a row.

D1-D2 said...

I love rabbits! These illustrations are lovely. Very neat way to finish something when you don't have enough stash. I will have to remember this one.

Leonore Winterer said...

Great progress and a lovely finish! I can see why you are excited for the new kits, Bothy does wonderful work with charting artwork and those look awesome.

FlashinScissors said...

Love the finish for the Just Nan ornament, and the beaded cord looks lovely pretty too! All 4 look beautiful!
Mappe is looking very map-like now. Great progress!
Barbara x

Sarah in Stitches said...

Victorian Rose is absolutely gorgeous! Great job on the finishing. And the Mappe is one of the most intense designs I've ever seen in my life. Definitely ambitious! :D

Bethan said...

I love the Just Nan ornaments. The Mappe is looking great so far - love seeing it! x

Julie said...

Great collection of JN ornaments, you tree will look superb this year.