Sunday, 18 June 2017

The Colour of Magic

"In a distant and second-hand set of dimensions, in an astral plane that was never meant to fly, the curling star-mists waver and part...

Those are two clues as to what I have been stitching this week, and here's another:

That's the whole piece along with a little bag I'm using to keep the thread in.  The bag was a Birthday present from Preeti last year.

Here's what it will look like one day:

And here's a close-up of what I have stitched so far, along with my elephant thread holders.  These were a cover gift from Cross Stitcher magazine but they came without holes so I simply used my hole punch and voila!  They came with some cheap threads and the little ear stickers, some of which I can use.

This is roughly the area I have stitched so far:

In case you haven't guessed, this is The Discworld Mappe I bought from Lyndisfarne Cross Stitch Designs last year.  The fabric is a custom dyed 32 count Murano from Sparklies and the threads are DMC.

It's a nice easy stitch as it's basically straight rows of one colour for the most part.  The pale blue is the frozen sea and that was a little bit fiddly.  The plan is to not stitch the sea or the space but use the fabric as the background.  I'm going to stitch up and make sure the edge is more-or-less in the right place!

This is definitely a long-term project at 30 pages and I may have to change my plans for next year so I can stitch it every month.  Along with my Chatelaine!

I did manage another small finish, my 30-a-day project which has been Just Nan's Victorian Rose:

really bad photo taken with the iPad

I also framed Gathering Honey:

Finally, I'm making plans for The Longest Day SAL next week.  I'll actually be stitching on Tuesday 20th and blogging about it on the 21st as I'm away from the house on Wednesday.  I've decided to have an Event on Facebook for the real time updates so if you want to follow along there, here's the link.

(It's a private event so leave a comment if you want to see it)
(Arlene, you left a comment but you are a no-reply person so I still can't add you!)


  1. Congrats on the cute finish Jo. You did a great job at framing. I love your new start.


  2. Nice progress on your map. The Gathering Honey piece turned out beautiful in it's frame. Oh by the way I have a different email then the one I sent you for The Featured Stitcher Blog when you are ready for me. But here is my new e mail address. It's Stitchingaunt at gmail dot com. I got fed up with the email server I had. Sometimes I couldn't even open the mail, most of the time I can't delete it.

  3. The Discworld Map looks to be an incredible undertaking! I have no doubt that you're up to it, but I'm speechless ... wow!

    Gathering Honey looks just right in that frame - excellent choice, beautiful work!

  4. Wow Jo the Discworld Map is going to be an awesome project. Like Deb said it is an incredible undertaking but if anyone can do's you.

    Gathering Honey looks fantastic. Love the frame. Have a wonderful weekend. RJ @ stitching friends forever

  5. Gathering Honey is gorgeous and I love your Victorian Rose also! The Discworld Mappe looks like a huge undertaking but it will be beautiful when it is done!

  6. Yes I'd love to see your progress on the 20th too if you don't mind.AriadnefromGreece!

  7. Jo, I love the frame you chose for Gathering Honey, and I cannot imagine an undertaking of such a huge project...I still spend too much time frogging to take on a big project but I will enjoy watching your progress on this over the next year, years!!

  8. I really like your framed piece, I have always had a thing about bees. x

  9. Wow! The Discworld Mappe is amazing!! I hope you enjoy seeing it emerge as you stitch because that is definitely a project where it's all about the journey! I look forward to seeing your progress on this :-) Very clever idea to use the elephants as thread holders (and very appropriate too!) I just wound the free thread onto mine and then realised they are too big to fit in the box with all my other threads! I think I will borrow your idea as they are really too cute to just sit in a drawer! I really like your Victorian Rose too and the frame you picked for Gathering Honey is just perfect :-) Happy stitching!

  10. WhooooAAA! That is one heck of a long term project Jo! The Discworld Mappe is really cool. Oh my! The frame for Gathering Honey is super. Love it!

  11. Enormous project to be working on!! It will look fantastic though.
    Better not mention anything about this to DH... Otherwise he'll want one as well!

  12. Wow , interesting new start..and nice use of the elephant thread holders. The frame you chose for Gathering Honey is perfect.

  13. There are a lot of details in that map. The pattern seems very well designed.

  14. Beautiful work and so nice that you've had a chance to start your map! Awesome! I'd love to join your event so I can cheer you on. I don't think it's possible for me, again, but maybe one day I'll be able to join in.

  15. Love the Gathering Honey and the framing is great!

  16. That is quite an intense project, Jo! I can't imagine tackling something that stitch-dense :)

    Love that frame that you used for Gathering Honey! Enjoy your week :)

  17. Gathering Honey turned out just beautiful. I can't even imagine doing a 30 page project. Good for you!

  18. Good progress on your discworld design. The small finish is cute and the framed GH is looking nice too.
    Nice to see the purse being out to good use. I am not sure if the fabric of the purse is colorfast. You are using light coloured threads to keep in it and I hope you might have taken due care.

  19. I'd love to cheer you on if you add me to your group! I can stitch along with you for part of the day too.
    I'm so glad you found time to start the Discworld map, it's going to be amazing.

  20. I love the Discworld map (and the Discworld books if it comes to that)

  21. That's a great start, and what a great idea with this very special fabric! I hope the spacing will work out for you. Also, Gathering Honey is looking sooo awesome framed!
    I'd love to see your fb event to follow your epic stitching day :) Although I might be a little late already, I forgot you were doing it one day early!

  22. Jo: What a great start on the map, whew 30 pages, I look forward to seeing the finish.
    Victorian Rose, it is a beauty, Gathering Honey is one of my Favorite designs from the Cross Stitch And Country Crafts magazine from long ago, I have always wanted to do that one, the frame is perfect for this design.
    I would join another SAL but I never stay on time and get behind.


  23. Love your project bag and the elephant thread holders! I remember your post from last year with the design! A gorgeous piece, it will be fun follow your progress! Great start!
    Love the frame on Gathering Honey! Victorian Rose is lovely!!

  24. Wow what a neat piece. I'll enjoy cheering you along on your journey with it. Congrats on your small finish. I love the frame you picked for the gathering honey piece. Perfect! I've been enjoying your photos on the Facebook event but can't wait for your blog post. I'm joining in tomorrow with new starts each hour.

  25. I am going to enjoy seeing your Mappe being stitched.
    Gathering Honey looks fabulous in its frame.

  26. Eeeek! I can't believe I missed this, Jo! Sorry to be late, but may I pop over to see what you have achieved on your Facebook page - although I can't comment there as I'm not a Facebook user!
    Ahhh, nice to see Preeti's gift again, and its so apt for holding the elephants and your threads for the Discworld Mappe.
    Love the frame for Gathering Honey ..... absolutely gorgeous finish for your lovely stitching!
    Just Nan's Victorian Rose looks so pretty! I love all the beads!
    Thinking of you! ..... stitching in this heat!
    Barbara x

  27. No words exist to explain how much I adore your elephant thread holders. They are so cool!! Love Gathering Honey's chosen frame. Such a lucky friend to be getting that beauty.. I love anything Discworld, so Discworld and cross stitch combined?!! PERFECT!
    xo Alicia

  28. Congratulations on finishing Gathering Honey, Jo. It looks amazing! The Discworld map looks so intricate, and lots of pale colours! I look forward to seeing more of it x

  29. Such a lovely frame you chose for Gathering Honey. Somehow the grain of the wood corresponds perfectly with the bee and garden theme of the design.

  30. I too have started Discworld! The books anyway. That "essay" was quite enabling LOL. And I feel privy to understanding the need for elephant thread holders for your project! You've got a good start here (and progress from your later posts) and this will be fun to watch grow.

    Gathering Honey frame is great choice. Always a good feeling when a frame helpfully presents itself. Wish they all would hah.


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