Thursday 24 December 2015

2015 Online Advent Calendar

Here is our Online Advent Calendar, it will be updated every day. 
Scroll down to see the latest picture and a link to the poster's blog.

Pop over to each blog to see how they celebrate.
This year I have asked each blogger to tell us about how they celebrate "Christmas Eve"

Tuesday 1st December is me!

Wednesday 2nd is hosted by Heather

Thursday 3rd is hosted by Deborah

Friday 4th is hosted by Vickie

Saturday 5th is hosted by Katie

Sunday 6th is hosted by Christine

Monday 7th is hosted by Jocondine

Tuesday 8th is hosted by Noni

Wednesday 9th is hosted by Leonore

Thursday 10th is hosted by Gwen

Friday 11th is hosted by Emma

Saturday 12th is hosted by Gracie

Sunday 13th is hosted by Astrid

Monday 14th is hosted by Barb

Tuesday 15th is hosted by Lesley

Wednesday 16th is hosted by Heather

Thursday 17th is hosted by Sheryl

Friday 18th is hosted by Elfie

Saturday 19th is hosted by Beadgirl

Sunday 20th is hosted by Cheryl

 and Alyssa

Monday 21st is hosted by Gominam

Tuesday 22nd is hosted by Hazel

Wednesday 23rd is hosted by Michele

Thursday 24th is hosted by Justine

And there we have it, the Fifth Annual Advent Calendar Blog Hop is complete!  Thank you to everyone who took part this and also to everyone who visited and left comments on my blog and on the Door Posters' blogs too.

Finally, have a great Christmas!!


Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Oh what a lovely idea! I can't wait to visit all of the Advent Hosts!

Katie said...

Thank you for hosting. Can't wait to visit each door.

CalamityJr said...

Thank you! This may be your best theme ever!

Justine said...

Hurray it's Advent Calendar time! Thanks Jo for organising this. Along with Vonna's 25 days of Christmas they have quickly become part of my Christmas traditions!

gominam said...

Thanks for making it easier and so organized. I'm guilty of knocking early on some doors, haha, you're making us feel like kids eagerly waiting to unwrap those presents!

Barb said...

Beautiful. Thanks so much for hosting the event. I will be looking at each blog!

gracie said...

Glad I have joined the event again this year. I will send you a pic of my "item" and promise not to forget to post to my blog on the 12th.

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

Really enjoying visiting blogs I know and new ones to me:)

♥ Nia said...

How fun!! :D I read a few blog post, now I see where the idea started ;)
Love you pics :D
Happy December my friend!!! hugs&smiles

Preeti said...

You are always so meticulous in planning any event!! Great job!!

Brigitte said...

This is just another fun blog hop from you, Jo. I have already visited most of the blogs whose advent posts are up until now. So much fun!

Bea said...

SO enjoying this - I'm sorry there are only 4 days left.

Brigitte said...

That was a lovely 24 days blog hop and I was totally enjoying it.


A very Merry Christmas and a happy and creative 2016! Sunny greetings from New Orleans, Alice.

Astrids dragon said...

Finally, I've read them all! What a relaxing thing to do on New Year's Day. Thanks again for organizing it, I always enjoy reading everyone's blog.
Happy New Year, Jo!