Thursday 3 October 2013

Sign up for the Trick or Treat Blog Hop

It's October and time to sign for the annual Trick or Treat Hallowe'en Blog Hop which will take place on the 31st October.  No surprise there for the date!

Those of you with long memories may remember last year's Blog Hop, found here.

If you'd like to host a Haunted House all you have to do is email me to let me know you want to take part.  I will allocate each person a letter of the alphabet.  On 31st October you must post your letter plus a photo of an design you have stitched on a Hallowe'en theme.

I will list all the blogs taking part in order and the Trick or Treaters can hop around collecting the letters and working out the hidden phrase.  Leave a comment back on my blog and one lucky person wins a small prize.  Woo-hoo!

You can be both a Host and a Trick or Treater too.

Still on a Hallowe'en theme, I made a small start on the Drac in a Box from this year's JCS Hallowe'en Special.  Here is how he may look once he is finished:

And here is my progress so far:

Impressive?  Shebafudge did warn me the amount of fabric they list is completely over-the-top.  For example, these side pieces are 2.25 inches square.  They recommend a 6 x 6 inch piece of fabric for each one, so a piece 18 x 12 inches.  Mine is 13.5 x 9 so roughly half the size of their's.  What a waste!  To make the box up they say cut each square with a 1/4 inch margin, so why stitch with more than a 1 inch margin?

Anyway, the boring bit is done and now I can get on with the motifs.  BTW it's a 32 count Permin linen called Star Sapphire.

Finally, could you identify the design I'm stitching for Rachel's large Mirabilia Round Robin from this photo?

This is the result of two evening's stitching which I posted on the Mirabilia Minions FB page.  Incredibly some people guessed the design from this small amount!  They are true Minions.  Just for fun I will leave revealing the answer until next time to see if any of my followers can claim to be Mira Minions too.


Kaisievic said...

Hi Jo, Please sign me up for the blog hop! Loving Drac!

Unknown said...

Drac rocks out! sign me up for the hop too!!!

cheryl said...

Oh how I love your blog hops ... Please sign me up!

Anonymous said...

Sign me up Please! I love Halloween. I love your start to Drac. He's so adorable.

Unknown said...

I would love to join in, please sign me up too. Thank you for organising this fun party.

Lesleyanne xx

Christine said...

Oh my goodness, little Dracula is just adorable! Sign me up for the blog hop please

Julie said...

Drac is going to be great.

gracie said...

I miss last year as I do not stitch much for Halloween. This year I have, so yes, sign me up!

Miss Lilly said...

Sign me up please!
I can't wait to see more of the Drac ^^

Astrids dragon said...

I know I'm way behind on ready blogs, but of course this caught my attention! Please count me in.

Drac looks cool, looks like I might have to go shopping!

Emma/Itzy said...

count me in please! :)

The Crafty Princess said...

Hi Stunner!
I can't wait to see how the Drac turns out. I have that issue as well and loved it but the instructions looked just way too convoluted for my tiny brain to cope with. Good luck with him but I'm going to work on something simpler. I guess I'm not a Mira Minion as I have no clue as to what your wip is!
Alicia xoxo

Shebafudge said...

Hi Jo,

Sign me up for the blog hop lady!! Favourite thing of the year, apart from your Advent Calendar :)

I don't think I have any chance of finishing Drac in time for this Halloween but I am really enjoying stitching him.

Anonymous said...

count me in! I'm so happy you're doing this again. last year I couldn't join because of that joke of a job experience and missed it so much..
I'd like to be a Trick or Treater too 😊

thank you for your time and wit with these funny games.
love Dracula, I can't wait to clear things here and get to mine too. looks like a real treat! thanks for the heads up on the fabric excess.
hugs and happy xxx,

Zeb said...

Sign me up too please :)
I love Halloween but rarely have an excuse to stitch Halloween designs as it isn't that big here in NZ. This will be a good reason ;)

brod'attitude said...

I saw it in the magazine I very impatiant to see your box.

Jan Gartlan said...

I will be in this Blog Hop too please!

EvalinaMaria said...

I would love to be part of that blog hopping :)