Friday, 13 July 2012

End of Term Finish

At the end of the School Year it is traditional to give the teacher a little gift, certainly at Primary School anyway.  I often stitch a little sampler of their favourite thing and the details.  This year the Large Boy's teacher is one he had for some lessons in Year 2 so she has already had a cross stitched gift.  As she is expecting a baby in 10 weeks I've decided to wait and stitch baby something.

The cover gift with Cross Stitcher magazine was a lovely Emily Peacock design and I thought it would be perfect for the class' Teaching Assistant.  I don't usually make a gift for the TA as they tend to help the lower ability children so the Large Boy is doing well to know their name by the end of the year!  But this year I've got on well with her thanks to the Small Boy who likes to run round the classroom at the end of the day.  She's also a book fan and her daughter wants to work where I do so I'm keeping my eyes open for vacancies.

Here's the bookmark:

It's stitched on 16 count aida, in usual Cross Stitcher incompetence they included 14count which meant the stitching would be too long for the bookmark provided!  Luckily I looked on Facebook and saw the comments about it so I was able to use some 16 from my stash instead.  There are lots of peeved stitchers who didn't realise!  The magazine are currently running a satisfaction survey, I'd LOVE to be one of the analysts reading the replies!

The books behind the bookmark are some of my "Reading List" from work.  The red ones with crescent moons are from World Book Night and the others are proof copies I get sent to read, review and recommend to customers.  They are mostly Young Adult or age 9-12 which is great for me and the Large Boy.  I'm currently reading Witchstruck which describes itself as "Twilight meets The Other Boleyn Girl", a fairly accurate description!  I'm enjoying it.

And here is something else I'm enjoying - Noah's Ark by JBW:

This is a superfast stitch!  I love all the cute animals.  I charted the baby's name and DOB this evening so it'll be finished by the weekend.  Another of my "12 in '12" finished, YAY!

Finally the latest postcard in the Summer Postcard Blog Hop was sent to Julie of Julie's Stitchyknitter Journal. Keep an eye open for when she posts it.
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Anonymous said...

I love that bookmark it's so cheerful.
Your Noah's Ark wip is coming on great.

EvalinaMaria said...

Very nice bookmark, I'm sure you're glad that you had replacement for it. The Noah's Ark looks very interesting.

Yana Hanim said...

Jo I really really love the bookmark and want to make it for myself! May you tell me which edition of cross sticther it was?

Julie said...

Noah's Ark is so beautiful, the red really is fab.

Nice bookmark, shame lots of stitchers made the mistake, how annoying and how stupid of the magazine!

Kaisievic said...

The Noah's Ark is looking fantastic, Jo.

Shirlee said...

Lovely stitching Jo : )

Anne said...

The bookmark is awesome Jo! That's so nice of you to make a gift for the TA! They do hard work at the schools too and are rarely appreciated. Love your Noah's Ark!! The animals are soo tiny!!

Christine said...

Thanks for the heads up about the bookmark. I'd given that kit to Eloise, could have been enough to put her off stitching for life!
The quality of the cover gifts is getting worse and worse. I'd rather they just stuck a skein of thread on the front or a few needles or buttons.
The one that really hacks me off is when they say the gift is a free chart though. Ooh! A free chart! On the front of a magazine full of charts! It's like you selling a book at work and saying "free with purchase, the last 3 pages"
The Noah's Ark is looking good

Giovanna said...

Lovely bookmark, and great progress on the Ark - so pretty!

Anonymous said...

the upsides of FB!! :D
have fun stitching the ark, I'm having so much fun just watching it getting more and more crowded! :D

Fiona said...

Great stitching, I'm sure the staff at the school appreciate the gifts and that their hard work throughout the year is recognised. It sounds like you have a pretty cool job reading books. Noah's ark looks great, love the colour.

Caitlin @ Naughts Cross Stitches said...

Gorgeous stitching