Friday, 6 January 2012

I'm having an Epiphany

Well, actually I'm having a Giveaway for Epiphany!   This is part of Evalina's 12 Days of Christmas in Blogland activity.

January 6th is the Twelfth Day of Christmas the day the Kings/Wise Men came to visit Baby Jesus and give him gifts.  So here they are, bearing gifts for my followers.

There are seven draws, one for each king and each wise man.  What's that?  They are the same thing?  Don't you know your Joyce Grenfell?  For those of you unaware of the amazing Joyce Grenfell, please follow the link to some of her monologues.  In the mean time here is the relevant excerpt.  Imagine a Nursery School teacher organising the Christmas Nativity play:

Now, my Wise Men here, please!
Billy, Peter and George.
And George, Wise Men never do that...
Now my Kings, please.
Of course, Mrs Binton, we know that by tradition the Wise Men and the Kings are one and the same, but we did want everyone in our Nursery School Nativity Play to have a chance, so we have taken a few liberties, and I don't think any one will mind...
Now Kings: Sidney, Neville, Cliff and Nikolas Anoniodes.Four Kings, I'm afraid. We happen to have four lovely crowns, so it seemed a pity not to use them.Sidney, put your crown on straight please, not over one eye. What have you got under your jersey?
That's not the place for a hamster, is it. Put him straight back in his little pen, please.

Draw Number 1 is this booklet of Springtime designs plus 2 cards and envelopes.  It was a cover gift with World of Cross Stitching magazine.

 Draw Number 2 is a Fizzy Moon Calendar for 2012 which includes four exclusive cute charts as pictured on the front cover.

Draw Number 3 is this booklet of vintage designs.   It was a cover gift with Cross Stitcher magazine and I was really looking forward to this until I realised all the designs had already been in the magazine!  However if you haven't got this mag where you live it is a lovely prize.

Draw Number 4 is a set of Christmas House ornaments.  The kit includes material, aida, felt, ribbon, buttons and threads (which are not DMC or Anchor and you may want to sub them!).  I've seen these stitched up and they are rather nice, but I don't do the whole sewing thing!  I will include the instructions on how to make them up too.

Draw Number 5 is a selection of Madeira Metallics.  I won these for having a letter printed in a magazine but I already have alot of DMC metallics so I would rather these went to a good home.

Draw Number 6 is a "Stitching Friends" ornie stitched by my own fair hands.  Here is a similar one, but your's will be in blue.  And the corners will match!

The final Draw Number 7 is just for Quilters.  The San Man Originals Forum has had a New Year makeover and there are the cutest little shop designs there.  I am desperate to stitch the Quilt Shop for someone but I don't know any quilters!  So if you quilt (and have blog evidence to prove it!) then this is for you.

No pic because it is copyright to San Man.

Rules, only one - comment on this post by Friday 13th (lucky for some!) stating:

Which draws you would like to enter.  You can enter all or some of them but you must be a quilter to enter Draw 7.  Or have a mother/sister/aunt/partner/relative who quilts that you will gift the prize to.  Please tell me who this is in your comment.

Good Luck to everyone who enters.


demeter83 said...

I love Joyce Grenfell, always wanted to have a go at performing one of her Monologues - and George... don't do that!
Please can I enter draws 2 & 5?

cucki said...

Hello dear very lovely giveaway.. Can you please count me in giveaway no 1 ..
Thank you love cucki xx

Topcho said...

Oh my, I laughed so hard to the Nativity Play! XD Thanks for the generous giveaway! Can I try my luck with 1,2 and 6 ? ^^"""

Kaisievic said...

Hi Jo, Lovely Giveaway. Please enter me in Draw # 6 and 7 ( I am a quilter, although I do not quilt atm as I all I do is stitch and blog) . I will put some evidence on my blog today.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

Mouse said...

love the Joyce Grenfell ... and you are old enough to know about her ???
please could you enter me for draws 6 and 7 .... I have all the others and I do quilt too :0 and would love something stitched by you :) love mouse xxxxx

blue star stitcher said...

That monologue was funny, I had never heard of her before. Can I be entered for drawing number 3? Thanks for having such a great giveaway.

Gabi said...

What a gorgeous kind of give away. Love it.
I would be honored if you put my name into drawing No. 6

Shirlee said...

What a fun giveaway! I'd like to enter Draw #6 please : ) Blessings, Shirlee

Kaisievic said...

Jo, please check out my blog for quilting proof - lol!

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

Nicola said...

Hi Jo, what a generous giveaway, please could you enter me in for five and seven. I am a quilter and you can see proof on my blog on the page for finished items.

I always think of Joyce with the original St Trinians although she did many other things. I remember her dialogues.

Christine said...

Oh I love Joyce Grenfell. "George, don't do that"
I've already got all the cover kits and I'm not much of a quilter, but please could I enter draws 5 and 6

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

I am a huge Joyce Grenfall fan too:) Looks like she has quite a stitchers' fan club going on here.
She was a brilliant lady.
I'd like to enter draw 6 please Jo.

lanybleu said...

I would love to be included in your giveaway, I am a stitcher and a newbie to quilting.

Linda said...

What a great giveaway. I would love to be entered in numbers 1 thru 6.

Thank you, Linda

Sarah Beth said...

Ooh boy they all look great. I have the calendar but would love any of the others.

Kathy Ellen said...

What a wonderful "Epiphany" giveaway, Jo! I loved reading your adorable excerpt of your Nursery School Christmas Nativity play.

I would love to win your sweet "Stitching Friends" ornament in blue, for Draw #6.

I quilt too, and would love to an opportunity to receive Draw #7. I will post a picture, on my blog, of my most recent quilt, (almost finished) so that you know that I do quilt for sure:)
Blessings to you, dear Jo:)

CalamityJr said...

Thank you for sharing your Epiphany with us! I'd love to be included in drawings for 5 and 6. Thank for the chances!

Anna van Schurman said...

Do you know there's a tradition in my family--all the girls (including cousins) have played Mary in the kindergarten Christmas play). Except for my one cousin who was in the same class with my Mary playing sister--she was Gabriel, had all the lines. (She's a smart one!) (And Gabriel's daughter played Mary!)

I would like to be in the draw for four and six. Love those houses.

Laurita Hall said...

Mmmm 3 Wise Men and 4 Kings...I´ll have it in mind for next Christmas! And something lovely in the sky... a baby LOL! Great Monologue!

I would like to enter for: Drawings 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 please!


Terri said...

I would love to be entered for drawings 5 and 6. They are just lovely!

Kat said...

I would like to try for drawing number 5. Thanks for the chance!


Mary in TN said...

I would like to enter the draw for the Madiera threads please. Thank you.

Joysze said...

I don't usually enter giveaways, but something stitched by you I'd love to have. ;) Looks like lots of others think so too. :D

Mary Joan said...

Thank you for sharing Joyce Grenfell "Nursery School Nativity Play. It put a smile on my face.

I also love your Wise Men stained glass window. It looks beautifully stitched and mounted. I hope one day to stitch it also.

Please enter me into your draw for items 5 and 6. I have also posted your giveaway on my blog.

Mary Joan