Wednesday 20 July 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Anne from Doll's Musings has awarded me The Stylish Blogger Award.  Am I Stylish?  I'm not sure, maybe my blog is, but any award is nice to have!  I have to Thank Anne, say 7 things about me and pass the Award onto 15 bloggers. 

I used up all my interesting facts last time I got an award and the large boy was no help - "tell me something about Mummy that other people don't know" "She is called Mrs Bossy-Boots" No, I think people already know that.  Thanks for nothing.  So here are my 7 photographic things:

Some of my Earring Collection.  The rest are kept in my jewellery cupboard.  Yes I have a cupboard for my jewellery.  These are my favourite and my best earrings that I wear most.  They are displaying on cake cooling trays.  The cakes I eat are already cool from the shop so I don't need to use them for their original purpose.
 This is the T-shirt from the first ever concert I went to.  I love live music.  I love loud music.  My Mum let me go on a coach with 50 hairy rock fans on the grounds that the organiser had been 3 times before and had a proper job and was therefore considered quite respectable.  I shan't say how old I was because then you'll all know!

 This is my rubble collection.  The brick on the left is from the music venue which hubby used to run and where we got together.  I was working for him and he is such a gentleman he insisted on walking me home every shift.  No ulterior motive there at all.  When his lease ended they sold the building and it was demolished.  The one on the right is a genuine piece of The Berlin Wall.  I went to see Roger Waters perform there and we all brought back chunks of historical rubble, see it has graffiti paint on it.
 This is my needlework book collection.  They live in the kitchen so I have something interesting to read when I am cooking heating up food.  (Tolkein and the Medieval manuscripts have sneaked in because you never know when you need to grab a quick look at them).
This is my display shelf for my smalls. (small projects, not my underwear haha).  I bought one in an "antique" shop but it was 5mm too small for all the frames so my Dad made me this one to match.  The other one has ornaments on.
This is my stash chest, under the stash clutter!  Bonus points for anyone who can indentify the two WIPS visible on top of the chest.
This was the last thing I bought myself.  It was £3 and is very useful as well as decorative.

I don't have time now to post 15 links to my 15 blogs so you will have to wait for part 2.  Oh, the suspense!  I have to go bath the small boy.  He seems to be having a sugar-rush, he had yoghurt for afters which is full of sugar.  It makes him giggle like a loon.


Mouse said...

hehehe love your photo's and nice way to display your ear rings .... and mmm one must be a mermaid but not quite sure on the other :) love mouse xxxx

Jenny said...

I love this post - my brain has already started working! How can I start smuggling my needlework books into the kitchen without DH noticing...?
Love your collections too - cool earring display! I am fascinated by trays, btw - not even kidding!

Congrats on the award! :-)

Joysze said...

"Mrs. Bossy Boot" hehehehehehehehe!!!!!! I love how you display your smalls.

Anne said...

Jo, that was a lot of fun seeing/reading 7 things about you other than being Mrs Bossy Boots :P!! I'm amazed at your rubble collection (I first read it as rubles, as in Russian rubles, and couldn't understand what the bricks were all about). Berlin wall and Roger Waters! My husband is jealous! Love the earring collection although I don't have pierced ears. Can't tell what the WIPS are. Sorry! Glad you got the award :D

Hannah - City Stitcher said...

Congrats on your award, if stylish means it's a good and interesting blog, than stylish it is! I loved your pics too, really good idea :)

Topcho said...

Aw, love all those "photographic things" and especially youe way of displaying - the smalls, the earings and everything :D

geeky Heather said...

Ah, you certainly are stylish with all those earrings!! I'm extremely jealous of your collection. Congrats on the award!