Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Final Teacher gift

This is the final teacher end of term gift.  The large boy has had this teacher on Fridays for the last two years.  Last year she got a sampler with a Celtic dog (she loves dogs and is quite "celticy" in her dress) and the school name and dates like the other two I stitched this year.  I decided not to do another in the same format but did have a little plastic coaster from SewandSo in my basket.  The design is a Joan Elliot from her card book and fits perfectly.  I used the same mint green pearlescent aida I stitched First Snow on and swapped the beads for petite beads so they fit under the coaster better.   The large boy will be making a back with her name and the dates on.  He will.  I have told him he will!

I'm developing a slight obsession with SALs in part works.  Since I made a resolution not to start any large projects which weren't on my 11 in '11 list I've had to find different excuses.  A SAL in parts is clearly not a large project, it is a number of smalls all added together.  There is no rule about smalls in my resolutions therefore I can start as many SALs in parts as I want!

So, as well as the Castles in the Air, which requires ALOT of thought and decision-making I have started on this one - Periphaeria  It is a lovely Scandinavian themed sampler by a Finnish designer.  They are upto part 6 already and just over half way through.  Luckily I prefer to start stitching in the middle of a project so it suits me fine.  I have decided to go for a purple theme.  I got a lovely piece of Purpleberry Spludge from Sparklies website.  To keep costs and size down I decided to stitch it over 1 (I love the delicate look of over 1 and it's not really alot of bother unless there are large, dense areas of stitching (eg C is for Coven!))

The colours I've chosen are 333 purple and 973 yellow.  The purple was easy but I couldn't decide on an accent colour at all, pink, turquoise, lime green or silver all went through my mind.  In the end I asked the large boy and he decided on the yellow.  So yellow it is.  Aren't children useful?

My first ever RR piece arrived, it's a gorgeous Teresa Wentzler Band Sampler, it's been round the world once and is off on a new adventure.  I can't wait to get stitching on it, it's a little daunting as I've never stitched for other stitchers before (except my Mum!) so I want to make it extra lovely and carefully stitched.  I think I have decided which band I want to stitch, Sophia has kindly included loads of samples of TW bands to choose from.

As usual there are lots of giveaways going on this week.  Unfortunately I haven't made a note of any of them to specifically mention them here.  Look down my bloglist and see who mentions Giveaways in their titles!!  Also GoS has a huge kit sale going on.

There aren't enough photos is this post, so here are the previous 3 teachers' samplers:
That one is all in metallics apart from the black outline.

She collects Rhinos, what can I say?

I also stitched a Vulture for the teacher who organised the "Culture Vulture" theatre activities but forgot to photograph it.  Hands up anyone else who has ever stitched a rhino, a vulture or an aardvark?


  1. That are some fantastic gifts for the teachers. Gorgeous

  2. Wow, great gifts for the teachers - how generous of you!

  3. My mum's a teacher, has been for over 30 years and she's never had any gift that good! Clearly the inner cities are not the placed for crafty based gifts...

  4. Bautiful! I love the coaster - very pretty!

  5. WOW! You have been busy. Your finishes look wonderful and I'm sure the teachers are very appreciative.

    I love your philosophy on SALs not being BAPs!

  6. ooo have some purple berry splodge tooo .. lovely fabric to stitch on :) and doing the STAR sal too oooo have I enabled you ??? lol love mouse xxxx

  7. Hannah, I now have the urge to stitch something for your Mum! Last year the only 3 parents who gave the Friday teacher a present were the 3 PTA parents! We are thoughtful as well as community-minded LOL.

    Mouse, I saw the Star SAL just before you started it but I have to admit I have stolen your Romantique colour scheme (blush). I love the purple on purple you chose for it.

  8. Don't worry Jo - she gets plenty of my stitching, she can't complain!

  9. What lucky teachers! I'm sure they will be thrilled. I know I would be.

  10. they will be stunned with them, what a lovely gift you have done for them!!

  11. Those teachers are very lucky! I've never received anything like that as a gift! Usually I get a store bought card! I really love the celtic piece with the dog.

  12. PS I awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award. See my blog for details.


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