Thursday, 8 June 2017

Dear Edward

Whatever I expected to find when I opened the front door this morning, it certainly wasn't six socking great geese laying eggs all over the doorstep.  Frankly, I rather hoped you had stopped sending me birds - we have no room for them and they have already ruined the croquet lawn.  I know you meant well, but - let's call a halt, shall we?
Love, Emily

12 Days of Christmas (Correspondence) - John Julius Norwich

And we are back to birds!  Luckily for me, there was only one goose-a-laying to stitch this month:

I got all the goose and her nest completed and started on the lettering before I realised the entire picture was one row too low!  So I just stitched the lettering one row higher and it touches the nest but looks fine.  I have also noticed that I haven't stitched the bottom right hand corner bits.

Here is the whole piece last month:

And here it is now:

You can see I have finished all the metallic in the border and stitched some green vine, I've also added some stitches to the left hand Herald Angel.

I've also stitched my two Hallowe'en samplers this month for the theme Something Green on the Hallowe'en Ornie SAL Blog.

Here is a green lizard and some green froggies on  Happy Hallowe'en by Imaginating:

On Witches by Oberlin Samplers I stitched an olive green letter with some green leaves and pumpkin stalks/vines:

And here is the full Itches designs!  Need that first W very soon.

Finally, I fully-finished the latest Just Nan freebie into an ornie:

Christmas Hearts


  1. 12 Days is absolutely stunning Jo. Nice progress on the Halloween pieces. Congrats on the cute finish.


  2. Jo, Your 12 Days of Christmas is coming along beautifully. And your Halloween piece has me thinking of fall today...even though summer hasn't quite officially started. You've got lots of fun eye candy to look at today with your updates. --Andrea

  3. Never would have known about your goose in her nest.The whole piece is looking great.

  4. Beautiful progress on your 12 Days sampler! You know, every time you post a finished block (?), I think what a delightful ornie it would make.... You're zooming through other things too!!

  5. Beautiful stitching as usual. Love the opening of this post, very clever.

  6. Your stitching is pretty. I love the Christmas sampler. The Halloween piece is so adorable.

  7. So many beautiful projects. Congrats on the finishing ornament too.

  8. Super cute stitching ..I love them all so much
    Big Beary hugs x

  9. Beautiful work on the goose, and I'd never have noticed the corner issue if you hadn't mentioned it. Of course, now that you can see it, I'm sure it's already fixed. :) Love the other projects too and great FFO!

  10. The goose looks wonderful and no-one would know that it is not quite as the designer intended, it looks perfect!Your Halloween stitching looks great as does your finished ornament.

  11. Liking the octogan JN, clever shape for it.

  12. You have been busy! Love all the projects.

  13. Great progress on "12 Days of Christmas"!
    Love your Halloween's updates!!
    so cute ornament!
    Happy weekend!

  14. Love your Goose and I can't wait to see what Edward brings you next time ;)
    Happy Hallowe'en is looking fantastic also. Great stitching on everything Jo!

  15. All of your updates are wonderful! I am always so impressed by how much progress you make on some many different projects!

  16. Great progress on your stitching !

  17. Must be nice to have a croquet lawn to ruin...
    I love that Just Nan ornament

  18. Poor Emily - where is Edward getting all those birds from? But if I remember the song correctly, she's in for even more surprises in the coming days...

  19. It would have been a bit much to stitch 6 geese, wouldn't it? Lol. The one looks great enough in her nest.
    Nice progress on your Halloween projects. And lovely new ornament.

  20. Great Halloween stitching! 12 Days is looking fantastic. I love the Christmas Hearts finish too - it's so pretty! :D

  21. It's all so amazeballs. I don't think the lettering touching the nest is a problem. If you didn't tell me I wouldn't have known that it wasn't meant to be. Love love loving your Halloween wips. And yes itches needs the W very soon LOL!
    And a cute lil ornie finish too.
    xo Alicia


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