Saturday, 5 April 2014

A Busy Week = Not Much Stitching

Exactly what the title says!  Between work, meetings, Easter Raffles (running two and attending a third) and general Small Boy duties there has been very little progress on anything this week.

Noel Blanc is supposed to be worked on each evening while the Small Boy is in the bath, but I lost three sessions this week so I have only managed a leg since last showing:

The Round Robin has seen a little more progress.  I have finished the larger band from Sweet Rememberance and a Fantail band from Cynthia's Sampler underneath it:

But I did manage to complete the bookmark for a friend (so no photo until she receives it) and an entire heart on a new stitch today:

Attentive followers may remember this heart from last August when I stitched the entire design for my cousin.  This time I am stitching over 2 on 32 count.  I have been looking for a suitable design since my friend announced her wedding and came up with nothing "quite right".  I was browsing a shop called QD in town, it's a sort of homeware discount shop which sells some nice frames from time to time.  I found the perfect frame that day!  It is a white heart frame with several small apertures for photos.  Or cross stitching.  So I have been sourcing charts to fit the gaps and have made a start today.  Just as well really, the wedding is in three weeks!

The boys are off on their Easter Holidays for two weeks now so hopefully there will be some stitching time.  Movie afternoon has been postponed to Monday because of the Grand Prix tomorrow so that will give me a couple of hours at least!  Any recommendations for good movies, maximum 12 certificate or very mild 15s?  We've seen most of the well-known ones and are working our way through my brother's collection now.

Finally, alot of people have been having problems with Blogger turning their photos on the side.  The lovely Denise from Count it *all* Joy has found the solution to your woes!  Click on the link for her very clear and precise instructions on how to solve this problem.  Well done to Denise - the Saviour of the Blogging World! 


sally said...

Hello Jo

You've still made good progress!
I checked back to see the heart sampler you made and is is beautiful. I'll look forward to seeing how you fill the frame.
Your Round Robin looks beautiful.
I hope you enjoy the holidays with your boys.
Bye for now.

Annette-California said...

Thank you for the link to fix wrong turned sided photos. This happened to me in my last post.
Beautiful stitching! love Annette

Cathy said...

Lovely stitching! Looking forward to seeing the frame.

Brigitte said...

I'm sure you are enjoying the time with the boys. But soon there will be stitching on your schedule again. Have a great time.

Shebafudge said...

Stop rubbing it in!! I still have 8 days until I break up although on the plus side I will have a week at home all by myself when the kids go back!! Colin has taken them to his parents for a week this week so I can study.

I am loving how your AMAP is coming on although a bit worried that small boy has apparently missed 3 baths this call to social services methinks ;)

I loved the hearts last year so can't wait to see how this version will turn out too. xx

Susan said...

One less leg to stitch is good progress. Glad you found the perfect frame. Looking forward to seeing the finished project.

Linda said...

They are all so pretty Jo. Your making nice progress.


Von said...

I'm surprised you get any stitching done at all, so you did well this week in my book! :D

Jacquie Morris said...

Some progress is better than no progress! Its looks lovely..

Easter Holidays..yes here too! I have a nearly 19 year old to keep occupied though! ha ha I think a trip to a theme park is in order.. I could sit in the cafe all day whilst Han and her friend enjoy the park!! Great plan you think!?
I hope you keep your children occupied enough so you can do some stitching!?
Smiles to you for Sunday :)

The Crafty Princess said...

Does that mean that there were 3 nights the Small Boy didn't have a bath LOL! I love the fabric the round robin is being worked on. It's a great shade of bluey, purpley, pink! I think I remember that heart design but I will troll through your posts to find it. It's a great vibrant red!
Alicia xo

Michelle said...

I am loving Noel Blank I think its going to be lovely. Everything is put on hold here in this household when the grand-prix is on from the qualifying to the actual race. Hubby is a big follower and does at least one of the races every year. He is off to Hungary this year. Mmmm movies I can recommend Night and the Museum - enjoy xx

Gillie said...

A leg is a leg! Well done on what you did do. The WT was playing with a blogging app for my iPad last night. I am having trouble blogging at the computer because of an arm problem.....this app seems to make putting pics on simple. Going to try it out later! No idea on films, I only just watched the King's Speech, lol!

KimM said...

Any stitch on a piece is progress. You GO, Girl!!

Julie said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing what you come up with to fill the holes in your frame, you always find such lovely things to make for your friends Jo.

Enjoy the Easter hols.

Lili said...

Lovely progress!!
How cute heart!!


Mii Stitch said...

Looking forward to seeing the hearts stitching in the perfect frame :) Have fun!

Chris said...

Lovely progress, we all wish that we could accomplish more!
Woohoo for Denise!
Have a great week!

Thoeria said...

Progress is progress :)

Shirlee said...

Lovely progress if you ask me : ) I wish Denise could provide help for my blog deleting problems!

Josie said...

They look good and a leg is still progress! Looking forward to the frame x