Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Green, Green, Everything's very Green

Funny how sometimes you just seem to use the same fabric over and over without intending to!

This is some 28 count Jobelan that I seem to be using alot.  I'm stitching the 12 Dragonlets on it and also March's JBW Alphabet Cat.  Then I picked up a freebie Easter design and thought "that'll look good on green".

Here's the Alphabet Cat:

I would show you the backing fabric I'm going to use but I can't find it!  I acquired three scraps of fabric when I sorted out the Preschool bag of offcuts, two of which would be perfect.  If only I could remember the safe place I put them in!

Here's the progress on the freebie so far:

I can't really show you this one much more because it's a present for someone.  Don't think they'll guess it from this picture though!

Not much other stitching going on at the moment.  Small Boy has decided 6am is a good time to start the day so I'm going to bed earlier to make up for the early start.  Large Boy is a 7.30 riser which is much better for me!  I have finished the Birth Sampler and the buttons arrived this afternoon so I'll be attaching them tonight. My friend should bring the frame to Preschool tomorrow then I can frame it and give it back to her for Friday to present to the baby's parents at the weekend.  Hope they like it!

Finally, I have decided that the Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop will take place on Good Friday rather than Easter Sunday.  Sunday is the 31st and I'll have a big Theme-a-licious post to make, I'd like the blog hop to have it's own post.

There is still time to join in, just leave a comment or email me if you're a "no reply" person.  I will allocate you a letter of the alphabet which will help spell out the mystery phrase.  On Good Friday you post a stitched picture on a Spring or Easter theme along with your letter.  I list all the blogs involved and everyone hops round like an Easter Bunny to find the mystery phrase.

There will be prizes, including some of these cute buttons I bought from a patchwork shop, for only 15p each!

The Bunny ones will be for the blog hop and the flowers for a certain event happening on the 8th April.  They had some heart ones and some bigger round ones too.  They also had squares of fabric for patchwork/ornie backing for £10 for about 40 or 50 5inch squares.  Is that a good price or too much?  They were lovely themed fabrics but I'm not sure I'd make that many ornies in a similar colour scheme! 


  1. Cute buttons and well done on getting the alphabet cat completed. I've made a note about the change of day for the Easter blog hop - I'm already for it - makes a change for me to be so organised!

  2. I love the shade of jobelean so fresh. pretty buttons too. Alphabet cat looks very sweet too. x

  3. Love the green! Pretty buttons!! In MY opinion the fabric (in the US it is called a Charm Pack) is ONLY worth it if you like all of the fabric included. In general (some have 40 pieces, some 42, some 38) they make up about a half yard of fabric. So, if you love them all you are paying a premium for the cutting having been done. I assume this is the same US vs UK. I personally prefer 1/4 or half yard cuts of fabrics I love. Of course I end up with a lot of the same piece, but I like that.

  4. So what's up on the 8th of April? I know of one thing, but I'd guess they're not the same, tee hee.

  5. Hi Jo,

    If you still need people I am happy to join in the blog hop. Love your green stitching fabbie.

  6. Your certainly going green, lol
    Looks great
    The buttons are soooo cute

  7. Love your green kitty. Very cute buttons.


  8. Lovely shade of green for your kitty:)

  9. Alphabet cat looks good in green.
    Cute buttons.

  10. For some reason I've got the names of those Richard Llewellyn books stuck in my head now: How Green was my Kitty, Green Green My Stitching Now...
    Good Friday works for me for the blog hop

  11. sweet kitty..and yummy buttons x

  12. Pretty green and so fresh and lush, no wonder you are using it for a lot of projects. Little kitty looks super.

    Cute buttons. I'm sure the parents are going to be so thrilled with your homemade gift, it'll be treasured.

  13. Congrats on the cute finish - love the green cat!

  14. Looking forward to the Easter Blog matter which day you hold it!

  15. Cute cat, perfect for March!

    Not sure if I said I was interested in the Easter Hop, so please count me in!

  16. Your green kitty is lovely Jo.

  17. It's really nice fabby I can understand why you continually use it. I love the lil floating hearts on your post, so cool!
    Alicia xo


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