Saturday, 28 July 2012

Something old, something new and something(s) exchanged

Firstly the something old.  While sorting out our rather grandly (mis)named Library I found these three old samplers:

1996 - This one was in a magazine from the time.

1997 - This one was from a chart by Anchor which a friend lent me.

1998 - And this one was designed by me!
Using borders, alphabets and motifs from a cross stitch book I borrowed from the library.

All three are stitched on 14 count aida using DMC 3041, one of my favourites colours.  Each features a mixture of cross stitch and blackwork.  The mounts are actually lilac to co-ordinate (not blue).  The photos are clickable so you can enlarge them if you so desire.  Not all my photos are clickable anymore as I've discovered it's quicker to "copy and paste" than use the "insert picture".  So if you want to see more detail then pop over to my Photobucket Album (link on the right).

And here's the something new, the continuing progress on Blackbird Designs Bluebirds:

Stitched on tea-dyed 28count.  
Which seems really HUGE compared to the 40count for my Three Hearts design!

And the something(s) exchanged?  Earlier this year Sarah-Beth suggested a little exchange with me.  Here's what I sent her and here are the goodies that she sent me:

This pic show the book and lots of lovely papers for scrapbooking plus some postcards and the cutest ladybird mini-frame.  And LOTS of little prezzies.

And this pic show the inside of the book (open to my favourite project - a doormat with strips of fabric wound round to make a giant cross stitch!) and the contents of the little prezzies.  Notelets, charms, embroidery patterns and the cutest mouse button.

Thank You Sarah-Beth for sending me Christmas in July, opening all the little prezzies was just like having a stocking full on Christmas morning! 

Finally, a Public Service Announcement - back in March Blogger discontinued Google Friend Connect for all non-Blogger blogs which basically means some of the blogs I was following fell off my Reader.  I recently re-discovered Reflections in the Pond by Silver Lotus via a comment on someone else's blog.  So if you used to follow Silver Lotus and wondered where she went, the Good News is - you can find her again!!


nikkin said...

Love your presents! The sampler you designed is wonderful, glad you found some old treasures!


Giovanna said...

Nice exchange! And nice progress on the BBD.

Kaisievic said...

Lovely exchange presents and thanks for sharing the link for Silver Lotus.

Kaisievic said...

P.S. I also meant to say how much I enjoyed looking at your old samplers - beautiful and you are so clever to have designed your own.

mdgtjulie said...

I can't believe you made your own sampler, Jo. You're so clever. I could never do that, lol. I love the color you used in them too. It's beautiful. Plus the great exchanges in this post, wow. Lots of eye candy, lol.

cucki said...

I also love the old samplers..they so pretty.
Your new stitching is so cute too..and lovely gift.
Big hugs xxx

Christine said...

The BBD is looking good.
I like your co-ordinating sampler set

Julie said...

The sampler you designed is beautiful.
Super goodies you exchanged.

Dani - tkdchick said...

What wonderful treasures you came across. If you hadn't said it I would of thought the three pieces were from the same designer.

Nice exchange!

Silverlotus said...

Absolutely lovely samplers!

And thanks for the public service announcement. ;)

Anonymous said...


Just found your blog.

Your samplers are beautiful, especially the one you designed yourself.

Your wip is lovely!
That's a lovely exchange you received.

McKenna C. said...

Great exchange! I love your samplers too! :D