Sunday, 8 July 2012

A most appropriate chart for the weather!

It's been raining buckets off and on all week.  Thursday was our town's day for the Olympic torch and fortunately was gloriously sunny.  The next day was torrential rain, the next sunny and today rain all day again!

So here I am stitching on an Ark to save us all!

My cousin's new baby sampler has been on my "12 in '12" list this year and I'd planned to do the two nut brown hares from "Guess How Much I Love You" but with my reduced stitching time it was going to be too ambitious. Then I saw Kaye's post on her Kitten Stitching blog.  She was stitched a cute little JBW Noah's Ark and said how quickly it was stitching up.  I commented that it was perfect for my new little cousin intending to buy a copy, lo and behold Kaye gifted me her chart when she finished it!

She also sent some linen, 28 count Wichelt Flaxseed and two skeins of DMC 815 to stitch it in.  I couldn't wait to start and here's three session's progress:

I'm stitching over 1 because I like it!  What is nice about the design is that once you've stitched one little animal and placed the next you don't have to look at the chart, just copy the first one.  I also love that the animals are totally recognisable even though they are such simple silhouettes.

Remember the Warhol-inspired design in my previous post?  Well, I emailed Marie-Therese with my finished photo to say "hope you like it".  She did, and posted on her blog about it!  She called me "délicieuse" which I love!  She also pointed out that I'd called it a rose when in actual fact it is a pansy!  The trouble is I saw the title "La pensée rose de la nuit de la broderie" and confused rose meaning pink with the flower.  I didn't know the word "pensee" at all and Google Translate was no use.  It said it meant "pink thought of the night".

The latest postcard in the Summer Postcard Blog Hop has been mailed out to the Southpaw Stitcher.  Keep an eye on her blog for when it arrives.  I'll be sending the next postcard soon so watch out in your in-boxes.  If possible post the picture on your blog as soon as you can so I can link to the actual blog post.

Finally, not much actual stitching this post, I've been mainly stitching a bookmark for the TA at school (teaching assistant) but it's so close to finish I'll show it then.  So I'll ask a question instead.  When you stitch a freebie design, especially one from a blog, do you email the designer to show them your finished work?  I try to do so and people seem to be really pleased when I do, a little Thank You for the freebies.


Christine said...

Love the ark, though actually it's not raining here today!
Pensee means pansy AND thought, I think that's probably why pansies stand for thoughts in the language of flowers

Julie said...

Beautiful ark,JBW do such pretty charts,I've stitched a few.
nope, I've never emailed the designer, the challenge used to be emailed to the designer with a link to the album.

rosey175 said...

Ahhh! Send us some of your buckets o' rain! We're about 13" (33cm) short of the yearly average and everything, including trees, is dying. The crops surrounding our house look pitiful.

I haven't stitched any freebie patterns outside of forum posts on Sprite Stitch but I think I would email the designer! It gives me super warm fuzzies when people comment on patterns and I love constructive criticism (just don't be mean, haha) to help figure out what I could do different / better! But it's so great to see people getting enjoyment out of something you tried hard to make enjoyable. :D

Ewa said...

I can't say I do, but I haven't stitched many - just two Chatelaine freebies. I always imagine that when I email the designer I might be found to be "annoying" but maybe I'll try it... I just have to get enough courage.

Giovanna said...

Love that Noah's Ark - it's very sweet.

Shirlee said...

Someone else stitched that ark recently. I think it's a great design! I don't usually share photos of my stitched freebies with the designers but I will try to do so from now on. What a great way to say thank you : )

Anonymous said...

Sweet stitching and very appropriate!

Marilyn said...

You can send some rain here, we're in drought conditions. :(
Your little Ark is too cute with the tiny animals. :)