Friday, 19 October 2018

Hermitting Starts Here!

It's the start of the October International Hermit & Stitch Weekend where we all try to get as much stitching time in as we possibly can.  Just like every other weekend of the year but this is Official!

I have no idea what I'll be stitching as I am using the Tiny Decisions app to choose my project each day.  But here's what it told me to do for the last few days:

Jardin Prive - Happy Hallowe'en Night

Day 14

JBW - Smiling Jack O' Lantern:

Day 17

Just Nan - Autumn Mouse House:

Day 11

Nora Corbett - Raven:

Days 8, 9, 10, 16 and 19

And a finish!  Plum Street Samplers - Brew Ha Ha:

Days 7, 12, 13, 15 and 18 

I stitched this over one on 32 count Platinum linen using some of the called for colours.  I changed the large coffee bean man into DMC 4130 and the coffee cups into the colours used for the leaves.  Because I stitched it over one, it meant I could stitch the border over two and just do a single X instead of 4 smaller xx.  It was charted to have the dark grey inbetween the orange in the border but I thought that would be too heavy and preferred it like this.

Depending on what comes up this weekend, we could see two more finishes!  Or a lot more purple on Raven.

I've also been busy with my rock painting, my second obsession.  This is not taking time away from my stitching but does take time from the computer.  So if I haven't visited your blog lately, I apologise; I was getting rocked!

Here's a batch I have done for a Harry Potter event at the shop where I work:

Just to prove that I am not the only artistic one working there, here are the wands my colleague made:

Look at them!!  Garden canes with hot glue and painted.  There's a YouTube tutorial apparently.  These are seriously incredible.  This is the disclaimer I added to our Facebook page:

"Please note - we are not responsible for the result of using the wands. Your own magical ability will determine whether it works or not. Please do not turn us into toads or complain if you are a Muggle and nothing happens!"

Don't want to get sued for defective wands.

Finally, it's nearly time for the spookiest Hop on the Blog - the annual Hallowe'en Trick or Treat Blog Hop.  For this one, you send me an email or leave a comment saying you would like to take part.  A few days before the end of October I will send you an email with a letter of the alphabet.  On the 31st you must make a blog post featuring something spooky you have stitched (or crafted) and your letter.

I will list all the participants on my blog and we all hop around collecting the letters to form the spooky phrase - report back to my blog and leave a comment to win a prize!


Barb said...

I do love all those auto-choices. I think I might have "fixed" the choices to go with the season. Looking forward to the Halloween blog hop.

Kaisievic said...

Love the rocks and the wands - you are a talented bunch at your work. Great progress on your various Hallowe'en projects, too. Love your Brew Ha Ha! finish.

Pamela said...

Wonderful Halloween stitching! Congrats on the finish.

Kay said...

Great stitching, but I especially love the Harry Potter stones. x

Vickie said...

Brew Ha Ha is so cute!

Christine said...

Love the painted rocks and wands for work!

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

A good selection of Halloween themed projects. I love the painted stones you made and the wands from your colleague.
If I'm not too late, will you please include me in the Halloween Blog Hop. Thank you.

Linda said...

Awesome progress Jo. I love the rocks and the wands.


Purple Pixie Dust said...

I got my halloween pillow done for the blog hop. hugs

Julie said...

All you need now is a house elf in the shop to help out so you can sit and supervise whilst putting in a few little crosses into a project or two. Those wands are amazing, love the stones too.
Happy hermitting!

Tiffstitch said...

Gorgeous wands and rocks! Great Halloween stitching too and I need to get out Boo House while I can. I would like to join the Hop!

Beth in IL said...

Love your Brew Ha Ha! Cute!

Katie said...

I had no stitching time during the IHSW of course. But November I'm attending a stitching retreat during the time frame so how perfect. I will get a lot of stitching time!! I love your WIPs and congrats on the finish. I just LOVE the rocks you painted. You are very talented. The wands are amazing too. I love your disclaimer...perfect.

Astrids dragon said...

Good choices from your app! Raven is coming along beautifully.
Your rocks are fantastic, whoever finds them will be thrilled!
I just saw a video on how to make the wands, what fun. The disclaimer is perfect!

beadgirl said...

The Harry Potter things look wonderful. And I love the pumpkin in Brew Ha Ha!

RJ said...

Wonderful Halloween stitching. Love those wands!!! RJ

Leonore Winterer said...

Great spooky stitching and I love your rocks - and those wands! If I lived any closer I would totally pre-order at your shop. I don't even care what I preorder as long as I get a wand, haha :D (I suppose it's the Crimes of Grindlewald screenplay, though?)

Bethan said...

I love your selection for IHSW. The wands are amazing! x

ricketyjo said...

Fab stitching! And I love those rocks and wands, how inventive!!

rosey175 said...

Great wands and little rocks! We just had a Harry Potter 20th party at our library that I helped out with. The one librarian made wands like these but they were from pencils! I assume they could be sharpened and used too, for magical writing (because the world needs more HP fanfics lol).

Brew-Ha-Ha is a great finish! Your app seems to like Raven a lot.