Friday, 27 April 2018

April Smalls SAL

The Smalls SAL is hosted by Stitching Lotus

This year I am showing my Just Nan 12 Days of Christmas blocks for the Smalls SAL and also my 30-a-day projects.  All smalls also by Just Nan.  It's a Nan-a-thon year!

Here is Block 4 on the 12 Days of Christmas:

Nan has decided to go for Crowing Roosters for her Four Calling Birds rather than the traditional Colly Birds, or Blackbirds.  But they are nice and colourful and fit in well with the rest of the piece.

I completed the beading on Potpourri:

And just need a tiny flower charm to go in the centre to finish it off.

I fully finished Painted Lady for my scrapbook:

And continued to work on Charm Garden:

This is larger than most of the others so is taking longer.

Finally, I am planning to make 31 Just Nan starts for Stitch Maynia this year!  I have sorted out my list of smalls and will start one each day and then continue to work on them one at a time for the next 3 years or so!  It's a fun way to build up a selection of smalls.  If anyone wants to join me in stitching any Just Nans please do.  It doesn't have to be 31 starts, any Just Nan stitching counts.
Show your Nan-a-thon on your blog and email me a link so I don't miss it!


  1. Hah, I love the little upside down rooster. I feel like he's one of those that set up shop right outside the bedroom window at 3:30am.

    There once was a sweet stitcher named Nan
    Who could stash with a layaway plan.
    She would let out a squeal
    When she saw a great deal
    For all things were adored by Just Nan!

  2. These green roosters are really cool. No need to always stay traditional in your designs, lol.
    Wonderful JN finishes as well. I'm so looking forward to seeing all the 31 JNs that you are about to start.

  3. Charm Garden is pretty, don't think I have seen that one before.

  4. Your roosters look great and the one peeking in from above made me laugh. So many JNs! I am in awe of your plan for 31 starts next month!!!

  5. Lovely Just Nan finishes. Good luck with the Nanothon.

  6. Your finishes are so beautiful. Your Nanothon sounds so much fun and can't wait to see your new starts.

  7. Beautiful work. Love your Just Nan-a-thon. I just hope to stitch in May haha. But I look forward to watching your progress and cheering you along on your way.

  8. Lovely smalls projects. Good luck with your 31 starts! :)

  9. Gorgeous Just Nan pieces, Jo, you stitch them so very beautifully. Good luck with your Nan-a.thon. Hey, I sent you an email regarding some other Just Nan designs - did you get it?

  10. Just Nan has such gorgeous smalls! I love the roosters, the are so nice and colourful.


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