Saturday, 31 March 2018

March Pie and Stitch from Stash

It was an excellent month for Stitch from Stash and the bank account is looking very healthy!

Nothing    £ 0.00
Total         £ 0.00

Here is the Pie for March, the days allocated to Mrs Peggotty's Alice are generally where I worked a full day and only got a little bit of time in my lunch break to stitch.

The Satsuma Street Goose is my new start for Easter, the official title is Nest Egg but I'm calling it Goose in a Bonnet:

stitched on 32 count Marie's Daffodil from Chromatic Alchemy

If the white of the goose doesn't show up enough on the fabric I will add a grey backstitch.

Finally, the Easter Blog Hop is still going on, everyone has now posted after a slight confusion caused by me not realising that the Greek Orthodox Church celebrates Easter a week after the Church of England!  One of the participants is also hosting a giveaway of an Easter themed chart so make sure you leave a comment on her blog to try and win it.


  1. yippee .... I saw the goose on the yellow fabric, its going to be lovely.
    Happy Easter wishes to you x

  2. I'm super happy to see you stitching Nest Egg, it's a fast stitch and I'm pretty sure that white will show up nicely off the daffodil fabric :D

  3. Great stitching, Jo! Interesting to see how much stitching has happened on each project.
    And great result for “Stitch from Stash”!
    I have a lot fewer projects in progress my pie would have much bigger pieces, tee hee!
    Lovely to see the goose appearing!
    Barbara xx

  4. Your goose is growing really quickly

  5. Always good to stay in budget! Love the goose. I still have to finish the hop. Maybe later today. Thanks for hosting.

  6. Great pie and great job not spending. I have two charts I'm going to have to buy soon. They are haunting my brain haha. Love your WIP. Looks beautiful on that yellow fabric. The blog hop was fun as always.

  7. Very nice on your SFS. I didn't do so well, but planned for it and stayed within my budget so will even out in the end (I couldn't go on a retreat and not spend money - I believe that was written in the agreement when I signed up). Love the fabric you're using for the goose - don't see much yellow and it's such a fun color.

  8. Your pie looks great, like always and well done on the no-spending front.

  9. Congrats on the zero spending. I have a question , how do you do the accounting for two projects stitched in a day.

  10. Great choice of design for the yellow fabric. And the zero-spending policy worked great for you.

  11. Beautiful stitching, Jo. I am glad that everything went well finally and the confusion was solved. Kisses, my friend.

  12. Well done for stitching from stash! I am really failing at that at the moment! I can see the goose on that gorgeous yellow fabrix x

  13. Good for you for not spending...I wish I had your resolve!! Lovely stitching, the color of that fabric is just gorgeous!! It's so interesting to see your pie chart. I haven't kept track of how much time I spend on things, this is a great idea, especially when someone asks...."How long did that take you?" I usually reply in the number of years...hahaha

  14. Nest Egg is a great Easter start, I'm sure she will look lovely on that yellow fabric! Well done on the SFS.

  15. Now I see how you are using your yellow fabric :)

  16. Pie is looking good! And you are doing very well with stitch from stash... wish I could say the same! One of my local online sellers is closing down and she had a huge sale which has crashed my plans for the year... but I am going ahead with stitch from stash because a couple of good finishes will fix up my indiscretions :)
    Hugs x


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