Monday, 15 January 2018

Gifted Gorgeousness January Link-Up Post

Welcome to the first Gifted Gorgeousness link-up of 2018!  The link-up date will continue to be the 15th and I will keep the link-up open until the end of each month so you have plenty of time if you are late posting.

The format remains exactly the same, there is a list of rules on the main sign-up page if you want to check what is required but basically anything connected to the word "gift" is allowed, whether it was a gift TO you or is a gift FROM you.

Last year we had 37 people sign up for the SAL, a couple didn't link up at all but seven people linked up every single month!  I used the random number generator to choose a winner from those seven and

is our first winner!  I have your address already so there will be something nice on it's way to you soon.

Then I looked at all the entries, 249 in total and the random number generator chose entry 220 which was the November post for

At this point I got deja-vu as DJ won last year as well.  That's what you get when you take part regularly, you increase your chances of winning!

Since my last post I have worked on a few GG pieces.

I complete my big 2017 GG piece, 12 Days of Christmas by Joan Elliott - gift from my MIL:

Dracula by Dam Good Crafts - stitched on gifted fabric:

Diamond Bouquet by Just Nan - gift from Brenda:

12 Days of Christmas by Just Nan - Christmas present:

Discworld Mappe by Lyndisfarne Designs:

fabric custom-dyed Murano by Sparklies

The very centre of the chart is the right hand stitch on the bottom row and the top of the chart is about four rows above the turtle foot I have just started stitching.

This picture shows what I stitched over the last four days.  The fish took the entire length of The Two Towers extended DVD on Sunday afternoon! 

This piece is going to be a gift from my son's 18th Birthday.  Or his 21st.  Or maybe his 30th...

I received a gift too:

A lovely knitted Goth Bunny from Julie!  Isn't she lovely?  I called her Goth Bunny to start with but then I popped her on the shelf with my badges (my Secret Santa at work bought them for me) and thought maybe she's a Suffragette Bunny?

I love her and if Julie links up here she will get double GG points for sending and me receiving a gift!

Which brings us nicely to the link-up part of the post.  Please use your name or your blog name in the field and NOT the words "January Update" so I can easily see who has linked up this month. And link to the actual post, not just your blog. It is easier if you copy and paste the link, rather than typing freehand.


Make sure you visit the linked-up blogs this month, especially Katie Jeremiah's Mom, she is having a Gifted Gorgeousness Giveaway this month.  Pop over and see what you could win.

Finally, I will be running the Secret Stitching Sweetheart Blog Hop on Valentine's Day.

Secret Stitching Sweetheart Blog Hop

It's really very simple, all you have to do is email me a picture of something you have stitched which is suitable for a stitching friend on Valentine's Day.  It could be a heart, or a pair of cute creatures, or the word "love" or anything which warms your heart. Really anything you think a fellow stitcher would like to receive in her email Inbox.   It can be something you've stitched in the past or something you've made especially for this year.  It could also be quilted or sewn this year as I know some of my followers do other crafts too.

Send me the email by 10th February.

When I have all the emails I will randomise them and send one to each participant on 13th February.  Then on 14th February you must post the picture you receive onto your blog under the heading
 Secret Stitching Sweetheart. 
There will be a list on my blog of everyone joining in, so check out all the blogs and find out who got your picture and identify yourself  in their comments as their
Secret Stitching Sweetheart. 

Does that make sense to everyone?  I hope so!

If you'd like to be involved then leave a comment on this post or send me an email if you are "no-reply".   I'll be putting little reminders up from time to time and will email on 9th February to make sure you send the pic in time.  


Christine said...

Lots of lovely stitching, and a great bunny from Julie

Katie said...

Beautiful stitching. I love your bunny no matter her name she is beautiful. Thanks for advertises my blog. I hope to make some people have a reason to participate in this wonderful SAL.

Elfie said...

The finished 12 Days is beautiful, and your other projects are lovely too. thanks for hosting again.

Elfie said...

I forgot to say that I would like to be in the Valentine Blog Hop.

Linda said...

Congrats to the winners. I am going to try and put in at lease a few stitches so I can do a post. Lovely stitching Jo.


The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

Great stitching to admire and a lovely bunny from Julie.

Tiffstitch said...

Great progress on your GG projects, still love JE's 12 days, so cool you were able to finish that last year! I'm going to have to look if I have any more "love" type projects, I haven't stitched any in a while.

DJ said...

Hi Jo! I'm shocked to be a winner again...and yes, deja vu really does apply! Thank you so much! It's always fun to visit your blog (sorry I haven't been able to in a while, you yada, yada, yada) you always have such a neat collection of things you are stitching. Your 12 days is AWESOME, I have really enjoyed watching that take shape over the past year. I can't wait to see how your Just Nan 12 days works up, I haven't seen that pattern yet! All of your stitching is just lovely, and I look forward to visiting throughout the year again as we go about our GG stitching. By the way, Julie's bunny is precious and I like that she's a suffragette! I waffled on whether to sign up for your Secret Stitching Sweetheart, but I think I've finally decided to go for it...sign me up and as soon as I find the picture I'm thinking of, I'll email it to you! Thanks for all you do to make blogging so much fun! Happy New Year!! (And thanks for choosing me again!!)

Stitching Noni said...

Great update Jo! Love that Discworld labour of love :o)
Happy to join in the Secret Sweetheart blog hop..
Have a great week!
Hugs x

Leonore Winterer said...

I'm all linked up! You can also count me in for the blog hop, I just need to find some time to stitch up a little something.
You made some great progress on your GG projects, especially that map is coming along very nicely. How old is your son now?

jocondine said...

Hey, I was visiting to get the new GG2018 picture (my post isn't ready yet) and I saw my name as a winner! Great, thank you! I love the Suffragette bunny, too cute! The Discworld Mappe will be a big hit to follow this year. You know how much I LOVE your 12 Days of Christmas. That would be great to invent a new concept : kind of an empty frame in my house (with a high tech screen) linked to your house, then I could see on my walls your stitchings! (it's my Gyro Gearloose side). Be back soon with my post. xxx

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Lovely stitching, Jo. What a great bunny from Julie. I think she looks like a suffragette.

Mary said...

One day I hope to become organized to participate in a blog hop.In the meantime I enjoy seeing all your progress photos and will visit your blog hoppers! Love your Suffragette Bunny!

Debbie said...

Beautiful stitching...loving the bunny too. x

Ariadne said...

I linked too.My first gifted gorgeousness blog post I am really happy about it.And I am in for the Valentine of course!AriadnefromGreece!

Julie said...

Two entries for me please, I just did my post and linked up!
Congrats to Jocondine and DJ on their wins for last year.
12 Days is amazing and lots of progress on the Discworld.

Mia said...

Ι am in for this blog hop, Jo. I will be back soon. And, of course, I am in for the Secret Valentine! Kisses, my friend.

deb said...

Always love to see your updates - so much progress on so many different things! Don't think I've seen the Discworld map in a while - you've done a huge amount since last I remember.

RJ said...

Such lovely stitching Jo. I enjoy seeing your blog hop progress. Like Mary I will be joining in the very near future. RJ

Preeti said...

Beautiful stitching and a cute bunny from your friend:) I can connect with the idea of your son's Birthday project. The height chart that I started for my DD might end up for my grandchildren:)

jocondine said...

My first comment must have been lost somewhere... I'm back now with my update.
Glad to be a winner, thank you. As I said I'll follow your progress on Discworld Mappe with a lot of interest. xxx

Beth in IL said...

Thanks for hosting this Jo! I am glad I could shoe horn my Magi under "Gift", but I need to get something else out so I can have a true GG to post.
And I LOVE Discworld! My son tried to get me to read some of the books, but I could not. They did not make sense to me. But I will have to look into the chart as I think he would like it stitched. Thank goodness I'm not doing stitch from stash this year....

Bethan said...

That Discworld piece is epic - and great movie choice alongside it x

Mini said...

Some of my fav colors in the 12 days of Christmas by Just Nan. the maps is going to be one interesting project.

Mini said...

Forgot to add that the bunny from Julie is such a sweet gift.

cheryl said...

A little bit late ... but I made it! I am loving your Discworld project! I completely understand about the length of time it took to stitch the fish ... I have a few projects like that - but they are worth the time. Love the adorable gifted bunny, too!

rosey175 said...

Haaaaa, this is why I can't watch anything while stitching. Especially something as great as LotR movies. That fish would've wound up incomplete with frogs. Congrats to DJ and jocondine! And Julie's bunnies are always so cute. I think a Gothic Suffragette is totally feasible. (doing a Google search for that leads to some quite interesting jewelry!)

Brigitte said...

So great to see that you started another band sampler by Just Nan. I truelove them and will follow your progress on it this year.