Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Pumpkin Pie on All Souls' Day

Hope that you are all enjoying the Hallowe'en Blog Hop which is open until 7th November.  There are some gorgeous spooky designs on display and lots of enabling too!

I did something new for October this year; Dark October Stitching with a different Hallowe'en design every 3-4 days.  So the Pie looks rather different to usual:

Here's a little recap of each project:

Project 1 Just Nan's Haunted Autumn Mouse in a House was also my 30-a-Day project for the month.  I very nearly but not quite completed the carpet square on the 31st so I finished it off doing more than 30 stitches that day.

Mouse stitched on 32 count Cognac linen

Carpet Square stitched on 32 count Antique Ivory linen

Base of the House stitched on 32 count Antique Ivory linen

One Wall stitched on 32 count Antique Ivory linen

Project 2 was Jardin Prive's Happy Hallowe'en Night

stitched on 32 Cognac linen

Project 3 was JBW's Smiling Jack-O-Lantern

stitched on 32 count Platinum linen

Project 4 was Stacy Nash's Cast Your Spell

stitched over 1 on 32 count Platinum linen

Project 5 was Dam Good Craft's Dracula Book Cover

stitched on 32 count Amortentia by Chromatic Alchemy

Project 6 was Nora Corbett's Bewitching Pixie Raven

stitched on 32 count Nebula Belfast by Crafty Kitten

Project 7 was Shepherd's Bush Spooky Night which I finished in the four days.  I just need to add a little bat charm above the P.

stitched on 32 count Platinum linen

Project 8 was my conversion of Lavender & Lace's Enchanted Alphabet, I have reached Q.

stitched on 32 count Tiger Lily Murano by Sparklies

Project 9 to round off the month was a freebie from Plum Street Samplers called Brew Ha Ha.  I stitched this as part of a SAL to celebrate Tracy P's Birthday.  Tracy doesn't have a blog but she does have a FlossTube channel and set up a group on Facebook too.  This is as far as I got in 3 days.

stitched over 1 on 32 count Platinum linen

Finally I need to look at my spending last month!  I was doing well until DMC decided to release the new range of colours in a limited edition tin which Kate from Lakeside Needlecraft had on special offer.  She also had some offcuts of fabric very cheap so I added them to get free postage!  The spend for the month now looks like this:

Crazy sub £25.99
New DMC tin £24.50
Lakeside fabric £5.15
Gold Petite 28 Needles £5.30
Total £60.94

See how pretty they are.
The Large Boy was disappointed that the Golden Skein was not included with them!


gracie said...

Fun blog hops as always. Great projects.

Mary said...

Such fun Halloween projects, great that you got spooky done in 4 nights, a fast stitch is certainly rewarding.

Katie said...

I just love all your beautiful progress. So many spooky pieces being made. The new DMC colors are very pretty indeed.

StitchyDragon said...

Lovely stitching as always Jo you have had a busy month! Ooooh your dmc tin arrived?! I have one on order from Sew and so - the postman stalking might begin soon! Happy stitching!

RJ said...

Loved the blog was great! Love how organized you are with your time and money. I tend to be like that too. And your stitches are cuter than the next. Although I have my favorites I've enjoyed the work on all of them. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

deb said...

Oh! You got the special box of new DMC! Excited for you (this is at least partially vicarious - I'm waffling on ordering it).

So many pretty things you've been working on - always like looking over your shoulder, as it were.

Thanks again for the blog hop - it was fun!

Renee said...

I love Halloween and your projects are all fabulous! Beautiful stitching.

Tiffstitch said...

Love to see everything, Raven looks so good!

Linda said...

Congrats on all of the beautiful stitching Jo.


Kay said...

The tin is so pretty, this would make a fantastic christmas gift to myself. x

butterfly said...

Wonderful Halloween goodies .
Love the new DMC threads , they will be be going on my wish list .
Have a great week.

Christine said...

Great spooky stitching! There are some lovely soft colours in those new DMCs

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Another great selection of stitching. Your choice of Halloween related designs throughout the year got me stitching for Halloween this year. The new DMC colours are lovely.

Bekah said...

Wow what an even looking pie you have this month! I am interested to see what you think on the new colours.

D1-D2 said...

The new colors are very pretty, but I'm not sure if I will buy them :| it's been a while since I've reached for my DMC thread. I've been mainly working on other materials than cotton. You did a lot of work in one month. Is Halloween your favorite seasonal holiday?

Keebles said...

When I got the email from DMC, I thought "great, wonder which ones are gonna get retired and how many charts it's gonna screw up for me!", but they are a pretty bunch of colors for sure!

diamondc said...

Jo: Love your Halloween stitching, I am in love with the new colors.


Susan said...

LOTS of stitching this month and it all looks great. I really like the cognac fabric. The new colors are very pretty in their box. I have them on my wish list (minue the box as I'm not sure what I'd do with it).

Desiree Ehleiter said...

As always, I am amazed at all of your incredibly lovely projects and how much you get done each month! Everything is beautiful.

Lili said...

Wonderful Halloween projects! The new DMC colours are really pretty!

Bethan said...

Such great projects! I love the Nebula Belfast material. The DMC threads look really pretty x

Julie said...

Such pretty colours the new DMC's in the tin are.

Stitching Noni said...

Love the Halloween stitching :o) Enjoy those new threads!

Von said...

I stitched Brew Ha Ha last year and really love having it on the wall this time of year - he just makes me smile. I'm sure you are enjoying stitching him up.
I have't purchased the new DMC colors yet, but it's sure tempting!

Leonore Winterer said...

What a fun month for you, so many gorgeous projects! I hope you'll finish that mouse soon and not wait until next October, you got so much one already.
The new DMC colours really are gorgeous, I wonder when we'll start seeing them appear in charts regularly?

The Crafty Princess said...

Woooo seriously wicked stitching Jo. I love love and love a bit more the fabric from Chromatic. I've always admired their fabbies but me thinks I may have to invest in one. The new DMC colours are awesome, especially the purples. Lush!
xo Alicia

Brigitte said...

That's a really nice pumpkin pie with all these shades of orange and red. Some of my favorite colours. And they also appear in nearly each of your October projects, either on the fabric or in the design. I love that :)