Sunday, 11 December 2016

Making the Most of a Long Weekend Off

It's gonna get busy enough soon enough!

I usually only work 2 days a week, last week I worked Monday and Tuesday.  Next week I am working Thursday and Saturday so that meant I was off from Wednesday to Wednesday!  Eight days off without having to take any holiday.  Let's not mention that I will be working 7 out of 10 days from Thursday for the Christmas Rush.

So what have I been doing?  Helping hubby with the end of year accounts, writing Christmas cards, clearing the living room, keeping up with running TWO online Advent Calendars and, of course, stitching!

You saw the Spot of Winter last post and here is my final piece for the Hallowe'en Ornie Blog, Free Choice December:

stitched on 32 count lime green murano

This is part of a larger design by The Oberlin Sampler Company called Witches.  I will be stitching more of it as it fits into the themes next year alongside my focus piece for the Hallowe'en blog which you'll see in January!

I like this witch stirring her cauldron, there's a clever use of blended threads using grey and yellow for the highlights down her back and also grey and red down the front of her dress.  Love the flash of pink in her underskirt too.  She also has some French Knot warts on her face!

This afternoon I completed another Christmas Cube for the shelf:

And took the Small Boy out for a walk so Hubby and the Large Boy could wrangle the tree into place:

The decorations are still in the loft, not a place which is Small Boy-proof so I'll be getting up there tomorrow when he's at school.

In the evenings I've continued with Fox Forest by The Workbasket:

stitched on 32 count light khaki linen

It is looking nearly done but there's quite a bit of fill-in motifs and then a border all the way round the edge.  Should be done by the end of the year though.

Finally, I hope you're all enjoying the Advent Calendar Blog Hop.  I had so many people in the end, we are doing Double-Door Weekends so there's plenty to see.  Please leave comments on the participating blogs when you visit.  It's nice to share the love!


Linda said...

Congrats on the finishes Jo. Love your tree even though it is empty.


Julie said...

The cubes are looking wonderful all made up. It's so lovely to watch their journey with each small finish to the completed project.

Tiffstitch said...

Glad you get to enjoy a long break before the mad rush pre-Xmas. Love the witch and your cubes look great!

Bea said...

Woo hoo, days off without using holidays! They're the best. Love your witch and I'm glad to hear there's more to the picture. And the foxes look like foxes - except the top right one. Sorry, but that one looks like a cat nursing kittens to me. The cubes are lovely.

Barb said...

I do love the little witch and the cubes! I hope you still have time to relax and stitch.

Mini said...

I love how you are so dedicated to Halloween stitching. Looking fwd to seeing your tree decorated.Nice progress on Fox Forest.

Brigitte said...

So many free days in a row - sounds really cool. And you have made good use of them so far :)
The witch bowing over her cauldron looks gorgeous, so many lovely details to her. And the Christmas Cubes are nearly done.
And even the tree is already in place. For us this would be early as we traditionally put it up in the afternoon of Christmas Eve.
And you even have today and tomorrow off .... doesn't that sound great?

Melinda Forbes said...

Jo, I have that Witches chart in my to do in 2017. I never thought ever I would see this chart stitched up on line. I love those witches. Your cubes are perfect, can't wait to see your tree the advent calendars are so fun catching up today.

Preeti said...

Congrats on the Halloween finish and another cube. You are making a steady progress in cube finishes, that's nice. Looking forward to see the decorated tree.

stitchersanon said...

The cubes are gorgeous. Not something I've tried before...add that to the list rofl

Katie said...

Love the Halloween finish. I look forward to seeing more as it progresses. Another wonderful Christmas block! Love your tree. Fox WIP is looking great. Making a lot of progress.

FlashinScissors said...

Gosh, Jo! The witch is great! The cubes are fantastic.... well done on another finish!
Fabulous tree, even without being decorated - hope you retrieved the decorations without injuring yourself clambering in the loft!
We have foxes that visit us regularly (don't tell anyone! Tee hee!) so I just love Fox Forest!
Hope you've been able to relax a bit on your break!
Hugs, Barbara xx

Anthea said...

Oh I do love your Christmas cubes, so beautifully stitched as always!

Mii Stitch said...

I love the witch and the cubes look great!

Von said...

What a grand tree! Can't wait to see it decorated! I'm dreadfully behind schedule with mine, but I did start moving furniture today so I can get it up soon. :D

Christine said...

7/10, yeah, but in a bookshop, so there's that!
I love that little witch, peering into her cauldron as if she's trying to figure out what went wrong

Sarah in Stitches said...

The little witch is great, and I'm crazy about your Christmas Cubes! They're awesome :D

Leonore Winterer said...

Great progress on everything, and excellent use of a long weekend! I'm a bit behind with the advent calendar reading, but I think I'll catch up this weekend.

gominam said...

Your Christmas Cubes are so nice, and the witch is adorable!

Heather said...

Beautiful finishes!