Saturday 27 September 2014

500 Followers Blog Hop?

As I mentioned in the last post I have reached a rather big milestone; 500 followers.  I had thought of doing a giveaway to celebrate but to be absolutely honest I still have two giveaway prizes to sort out from earlier this year and I don't want to be still working on 2014's giveaways in 2015!

So I had a little think and thought about a Surprise Blog Hop.  Very simple to take part, just leave a comment on this post making sure I can find your email address and your blog address from your profile.
Next weekend I will email you the name of another participant and you must create a blog post dedicated to that person.  Read her/his blog and find out what they like and post any stitched pictures you might have that you think they might appreciate.  Maybe find an online cartoon or a link to something they love.  Anything you want really.
I will list all the blogs here and we can hop around to see who had dedicated a post to whom.

So not a giveaway in the physical sense but you will receive some thoughtfulness, some comments and hopefully a few new followers yourself.

What have I been stitching this week?  I completed The Little Stitcher piece for the TUSAL and was torn between the latest part of the Joan Elliott Faces SAL and the Frosted Pumpkin SAL.  Then I remembered I have to rechart the skin for the JE design and that tipped the balance for the FP Hallowe'en Not-a-Mystery Town anymore SAL.

Here is my progress:

The fabric is 28 count Moondust by Crafty Kitten and I am using the DMC conversion.  I am very happy with the house colour, I blended 501 and 503 to make it a little bit more varied than plain 503.

I must order some more fabric from Crafty Kitten, you get a discount code in your Birthday Month and mine is nearly over!

Finally, I have been coerced into signing up for the DUCJC2015 (Debbie's Ultimate Crazy January Challenge) in honour of the recently departed Debbie.  I have made a list of 27 designs I want to stitch on during January with the remaining four spaces put aside for new additions over the next three months or maybe unfinished projects from this year!  Who else finds it fun just going through your list of designs and piles of charts?  So many are gifts from friends so they come with little notes and letters to re-read too.


Angela said...

The blog hop sounds like fun but please don't include me this time around :) I had to say how much I love the color of the fabric you are stitching the Halloween project with :)

Vickie said...

Alrighty then! Count me in for the Blog Hop. You are so clever Jo. :)

Linda said...

Nice progress Jo. So happy that we "coerced" you into joining us. LOL


Unknown said...

Go for it Jo, sign me up! Sounds like a really good fun way to celebrate your follower milestone :-)

A Patchwork of Crafts said...

Oh that's a more tricky hop, happy to join in and have journey around the Serendipitous blog verse. I await the call!

diamondc said...

Oh my ghosh count me in Love your halloween stitch, the house is so cute love the colors.


Christine said...

The blog hops sounds fun, count me in!
Your Hallowe'en town is looking great

rosey175 said...

Oooh, count me in!

Your SAL is coming along nicely~

Good luck with your DUCJC2015! I'll cheer from the sidelines hah.

Oh oh, I love going through my stash too. :D Then I sometimes (usually) get lost reading the old magazines, get lost looking for the Precisely Right floss, get lost thinking I don't have the right pattern where can I find this must make a new one........... Well, you get the idea. LOL.

KimM said...

The blog hop sounds like so much FUN! Please count me in. Best of luck with the DUCJC2015 ;0)

Preeti said...

Congrats on the milestone !! :) I would have loved to be in the blog hop but I am so erratic in blogging these days that I will not be able to post in detail about new friends.

Anna van Schurman said...

The Frosted Pumpkin stuff is so cute. I'll join your blog hop to celebrate!

findingflapjack said...

Hey! I'm new to following you and just entering the world of crafty blogging, so I'd love to join your blog hop and meet some others too!


EvalinaMaria said...

Congratulations on reaching the milestone. Blog hop sounds like fun! I can't wait to see which blog I would write about.

Kaisievic said...

Hi Jo, congrats on 500 followers and I hear you re giveaways - sometimes it is easy to forget to do the actual sending bit. lol! Love the idea of a blog hop so please count me in - so you! I am still wrestling with my 31 - but having great fun thinking about it!

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Hey Jo, congrats on reaching 500+ followers. Is it too late to join your blog hop?

geeky Heather said...

I'm hip to hop if there's still space! Congrats on the 500 followers!