Sunday 9 September 2012

Some Scrapbooking and the End of the Summer...

Postcard Blog Hop, that is.  The weather still seems to think it is Summer apart from the Autumnal nip in the air in the mornings.

The final postcard came to me from Mouse.  She sent me a choice of pictures, one of which went into the main Blog Hop and the other I kept for Lucky Last.  Can you guess why I kept this picture for me?

Here's the full list of who sent  in postcards and where they went:

Jennifer's postcard sent to Tales of a Stitching Mouse
Mouse's card sent to The Southpaw Stitcher
Southpaw's card sent to Julie's Stitchy Knitter Journal
Julie's card sent to Julie and Yes Dear
Julie (and Yes Dear)'s card sent to Cucki's Stitching Cove
Cucki's card sent to Gracie at Needles, Pins and Dragonflies
Gracie's card sent to Lesley at Lesley's Stitching Diary
Lesley's card sent to It's Geek to Me
Heather's card sent to The Alchymyst's Study
Christine's card sent to Tales of a Stitching Mouse

The links all go to the actual postcard post but while you're there take the time to look round the rest of the blog if it's new to you, they are all great blogs and well worth the browsing time.  In fact you're pretty much looking at a Top Ten of My Favourite Blogs!  (Top Nine really because Mouse is there twice, once for stitching, once for the cuppa and cakes she provides).

And now the Scrapbooking part of the post.  I started stitching alot of smalls last year and rather than have loads of frames all over the place I decided to scrapbook them.  The scrapbook is a proper crafty one with clear slip-in pockets for the pages you can buy.  Most people make photo montages using embellishments but I just stick my stitching on the pages instead.  The range of pages is incredible, some perfect for stitching backdrops and all costing pence rather than pounds!

Here are the Warhol Pansies:

The paper came with the little flowers cut out already.  I backed it with four different coloured pieces of card to match the fabric which was coloured before stitching using fabric pens.  I then stuck some floral embellishments in the centres of the larger flowers.

And the first two of the Brooke's Books Birthday Cakes series:



Eventually I'll have all twelve cakes completed.  I do love a series of designs!

Finally, here's a blog that deserves a wider circulation - SAL Directory.  We all love a good Part-Work SAL don't we?  And we all kick ourselves when we miss a sign-up date or have to play catch-up because we're five parts behind everyone else.  Well here's a solution.  Blu has started this blog to list all the Part Work SALs out there on t'internet.  If you know of one starting soon then drop her an email and she'll add it to the blog.


gracie said...

Thank you for organizing the Postcard Hop. I so enjoyed visiting everyone!

Emma/Itzy said...

What a great idea for your small stitches, I have a few I have done and once they were finished I didn't really know what to do with them!

Also thank you for the SAL Directory, only yesterday I was saying how I would like to find one for the new year :)

Emma xo

cucki said...

thank you for organizing the post card hop.we all had so much fun..
wow i really love the lovely cards..
sending you hugs
cucki xxx

Heather said...

I love the finishes using the scrapbook techniques. What a fabulous idea!

Also, the postcard hop was lovely. I'll have to remember to take part next time. Thank you for organizing it.

rosey175 said...

Oooh, thanks for the SAL Directory link! There are so many I miss entirely because I hadn't found any info on it at all until someone posts a completed picture! Aaaa.

Also, the postcard hop was fun and I found more lovely people to stalk! I promise I'm harmless. Mostly. :D

Your cakes look scrumdiddlyumptious and I'm going to assume June has beads like August for I am still blind, weee!

Rahenna said...

Ooh, thanks for sharing the SAL blog link!

And those cakes look amazing, so cute!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Great job with the summer postcards Jo!

Those warhol pansies are pretty cool and the cakes are pretty!

Christine said...

Thank you for organising the postcard hop. It was fun.
My girls laugh themselves silly when I actually pronounce it t'internet

Giovanna said...

Great scrapbooking - very creative! And the SAL blog is brilliant, thanks for pointing it out.

The Merry Stitcher said...

Those cakes look fantastic!

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

That is a brilliant idea Jo.What a great way to display smaller finishes.

Stitching Noni said...

Great idea for your small stitching pieces!
Thanks for the SAL link :o)

Topcho said...

LOVE your finishing techniques! Amd the cakes, oh the cakes :)) And mow I should go do some hopping to see all the other cards!

Julie said...

I loved the postcard blog hop, thank you for including me - i eventually got it right how it worked LOL

Your scrapbook pages are fab, its such a great idea, will be remembering this one.

Joysze said...

Love your scrapbooking pages, Jo. :D

Anne said...

Love the postcard from Mouse! I'm guessing you love it for that desert and the beautiful little pillow!! I feel bad I didn't come through on the postcard hop...wasn't around a computer :( It's been fun to read all the postcards though! I adore your Warhol pansies and I really cherish that pillow you made for me...thanks again dear Jo!!