Friday, 22 June 2012

Stash plus some New Things (People, Events and Places)

This week I've been stitching Birthday cards (daytime) and Angi's Round Robin (evenings).  I'll show the cards once the recipients have got them.

I did get some nice new fabric though.  I had a stitching tip printed in Cross Stitch Collection (No 209) and got a £10 voucher from Willow Fabric.  This is the second time I've won a voucher for my handy tips!  Who said Facebook is a complete waste of time?   This is my tip:

"If you're stitching on a budget try stitching over 1 on evenweave.  You need a quarter of the fabric and an eighth of the thread.  Huge savings there.  If you can't manage 28 over 1 then try 25 or 22 count evenweave".

I decided I needed fabric more than anything else.  I'm trying to build up my stock of basic colours in evenweave so I don't have to wait to start new projects!  I choose two new-to-me fabrics, 19count Ariosa in Antique Rose (right) and 18count Davosa in Evening Rose (left).  Both were in the sale and cost £10 together (one FQ and one HalfMetre).

The top photo shows the true colour of the fabrics, the bottom photo shows the true colour of the free threads they sent me as a Thank You for being a customer!  How nice is that?  I don't know what make they are, they seem a little thicker than DMC but not coarse at all.
The fabrics are interesting, quite thick (obviously with the low count!), one is evenweave and the other linen.  I'm planning on stitching over 1 on them but I don't know what yet!

I have a new follower - Sandie aka TigerMum.  You must see the amazing quilt she's made for her grand-daughter here.  At first I thought all the squares were stitched but actually the final block is stitched the rest are fabric.  It's a beautiful piece of craft and I'm sure her grand-daughter loves it.

I also found a new website, Calico Crafts.  One of their picture frames was featured in World of Cross Stitching recently.  They have loads of charms, embellishments, frames and all sorts of knick-knacks to add to your stitching, scrapbooking, random craftmaking.  Check them out!  Their prices are very reasonable too.

The new event is the Passione Ricamo Mistery (sic) SAL.  Do I know what it is?  No, it's a Mystery.  Do I need another BAP SAL?  No, I have no time!  Do I want to sign up?  Damn right I do.  LOL.  It appears to be pinks and purples and features 9 Treasure Braids and 2,500 beads!!  The link has a clue or two for the design, a dark haired lady with flowers and a lovely scrolling border.

Finally, I sent out some cards to 4 random people who entered my Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop, they should all be received by now, so for the sake of having a complete stitching record on my blog here are all four:

The charts came from La Contesse blog and the cards were a cover gift from Cross Stitching magazine.  As is usual these days I didn't like the designs they recommended but used the threads and cards to make these dinky Thank You cards.  I didn't use their scratchy old aida either, but used some 22count aida from my stash.


Vickie said...

Hi Jo! Well I am definitely a big fan of your new stash. ;) I have added your name to my traveling pattern drawing.

Shirlee said...

As you know I was really surprised to receive my card & very pleased with it! It still sits across from my computer on my dry sink where I can see it : )

Mouse said...

ooo well done on the win ... nice colours you have picked too :)
and had a giggle at you doing the sal I defo am not doing that one .... and nice cards you stitched too :)
do we find out who received them ??? love mouse xxxx

Marilyn said...

You have some pretty fabric there Jo, and the cards are cute too.

Unknown said...

I love the fabric colors and I need to do the same by building my fabric collection. The stores around here dont carry anything anymore. The cards are so cute, you did a great job!!

Thoeria said...

Oh great new stash - love the colours! And great stitching too :)

Christine said...

Love the pink fabric.
Those faberge egg designs work really well on the Cross Stitcher cards

Julie said...

Loving the new fabric, such gorgeous colours. I've ordered from Willow I the past, they have a good sale and some nice stuff.
Lovely cards, lucky ladies who received them.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Great new stash there!

I like the little egg-cards you've made.

Giovanna said...

Nice stash, and nice cards - and if you do sign up for the PR SAL, I will enjoy watching it :-)

Angi said...

I think I need to tuck some fabrics for you in the RR mailings!