Saturday, 5 May 2012

May WIPocalypse and Manka's Hungarian SAL

Here's the round-up for the progress since the last Full Moon.

Part 1 - My 12 in '12

1. Completed all the letters on the Dark Alphabet, charted the title and signoff block, stitching an "A" for Alphabet.

I'll do a complete blog post dedicated to this design very soon.

2. No progress on Green Goddess.  Oh dear, poor old GG.

3. Stitched a couple of days on My Lovely Sewing Tools.

4. Home of a Needleworker - not started

5. Blackbird Designs - I tea-dyed a piece of fabric for this!

6. Ed Hardy Skull and Roses - not started

7. I chose the design for my friend's wedding.  This chart was a prize from Minnie of All XXs.
Isn't this lovely (and hopefully quite quick to stitch!).  I plan to put the Bride and Groom's initials and date in the centre rather than the verse.

8. Baby Sampler.  Have stitched A - N on this one.

9. Baby design for my cousin - baby due this month, gender currently unknown.  Not started

10. Yiotas Coffee Fairy - have made a start on this one (only 2 evenings but it's a start!)

11. Papillon Around the World in 80 Stitches (this "bounced" Castles in the Air off the 12, one of my "rules" is that I'm only allowed to bounce a design in favour of another design by the same designer).  Have started (see separate page for progress pic).  If you're stitching this too then let me know and I'll add you to my list.

12. Nora Corbett Trick or Treat Fairy - I did look at the fabric for this when I was sorting my stash out!

Part 2 - Just Nan-a-thon

Nothing at all for Nan this month.

Part 3 - Theme-a-licious: Amazon April

I worked on my BAPs - Big Alphabet Projects.  My Lovely Sewing Tools, Dark Alphabet and Baby Alphabet.  All of which featured in the Theme-a-licious update here.

I did sign up for a Mini Mystery SAL with Manka and a few others.  This is Part 1, stitched on 28count green evenweave using the current favourite DMC 4045.  I used this on Life's a Stitch, CCN Cherry Hill and the Needlecraft Haven monthly challenge (not pictured yet).  Here it is used again:

Now I can email this to Manka and get Part 2!
Be sure to look at her album on Pinterest for all the versions of this.

Finally, Yiota who makes the Coffee Fairy (see above) and all these lovely cross stitch kits has offered to sponsor my 250 followers giveaway.  Only problem is - I've stalled at 243!  Hopefully I'll pick up a few people through the WIPocalypse post on Measi's blog.  So if you're just drifting past looking at the projects, consider clicking on the "follow" button!


dulcinella said...

I'll try to get people to pass here (and stay here of course:-)). Your progress is, as always so impressive! I'm looking forward to see a Papillon SAL update but I love each and every update with pictures! Happy stitching

Unknown said...

I love the baby sampler and thank you for the books my boys love them :).

Brigitte said...

A great update post. I'm looking forward to reading more about the Dark Alphabet.

Anonymous said...

All your stitchings are great!

Julie said...

Lovely wedding design, that's going to be a truly unique and very special keepsake.

Christine said...

Lots of stitching going on at your house then, I've barely picked up a needle all month :(
LOVE the dark alphabet finish. Zombees ??? LOL

Miamina said...

Great progress and beautiful stitching as always!

Cindy said...

Lovely stitching. I have just found your blog & have become a follower.

Cindy in MA

Giovanna said...

Well that's a lot done! It's great to see the last letter done on the Dark Alphabet.

Susan said...

You were busy this month! Dark Alphabet looks great. Looking forward to seeing your signature block.

Mouse said...

oooo well done on all the progress's and the new stuff too
keep up the good work :) love mouse xxxxx

Linda said...

Great progress Jo and beautiful stitching as always.


Ziggyeor said...

great progress! I'm liking the Dark Alphabet again. Some of the first patterns I wasn't thrilled with but that Z is for zombiees it soo cool! I like some of the other letter too.

♥ Nia said...

So many projects that you have on your hands!! :p
Good progress on your wips :)

Michelle said...

I like your Dark Alphabet -- that is great!

Anne said...

All your WIP's are looking fantastic Jo!! Can't wait to see more of the Stitching Tools!! What a pretty wedding chart you won! I love hearts for weddings :D



The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

Great stitching on all your projects. Love the alphabet,especially the giraffe and the little mouse.

Caitlin @ Naughts Cross Stitches said...

gorgeous stitching :)

Ewa said...

I love that most of us stitchers are incapable of having just one project at a time. It actually makes me really happy because I have more images to drool over :)