Saturday 31 March 2012

Theme-a-licious Looking Backward and Forward III

March's theme was March Madness, stitch a different project each day.  Not going to happen.  LOL.

I did manage to stitch several different designer's pieces and not duplicate a single person.  I also had a Moment of Madness mid-month and did a few stitches on My Lovely Sewing Tools.  Then to round the month off I decided to start a few new projects instead of working on my WIPS.

So here's what I stitched on this month:
1. Julie from In the Company of Friends (Dark Alphabet) T and U, part of V
2. Chez Elisa for the Needlecraft Haven Freebie Challenge
3. Debra Page for the WOCS Daffodil Flower of the Month card
4. Sandy from San Man Originals for her Little Quilt Shop
5. Marie Suarez for My Lovely Sewing Tools from GoS online magazine
6. Joan Elliott for the JE RR on the Yuku Board.
7. A secret project I can't show yet.
8. Elissa Hudson - Alphabet Sampler from Cross Stitcher mag 249
9. Spring Sampler based on motifs from Samplemakers Forum
10. Just Nan Dewdrop the Rabbit
11. Country Cottage Needleworks - Cherry Hill
12. Gazette 94 - Spring Heart
The last 5 projects I started in the last 5 days, I thought I'd have a flourish of starting madness to finish the month!!

And here are the pictures:

Dark Alphabet - T

Dark Alphabet - U
Chez Elisa - Needlecraft Haven March Challenge

WOCS Daffodil card

San Man Original Quilt Shop.
Sent to Lany Bleu as her Epiphany Giveaway prize.

Inside of Lany's card.

My Lovely Sewing Tools - Gift of Stitching

Joan Elliott Round Robin for Jacqui.
I've actually done loads more than this but don't want to show her until I've finished now! 
This is all the black I worked on during IHSW.

Mystery Project!  This is the back of one part.  If you guess what it is then I'm calling you a geek. LOL.
Elissa Hudson for Cross Stitcher mag.
stitched on 32 count white evenweave.  4 letters down, 22 to go!

Samplermakers Forum Spring Challenge.
stitched on Slighly Lilac from Sparklies
Bunny Bum!
A Thank You gift from Jan of the Thread Garden
Country Cottage Needlework - Cherry Hill.
Giveaway prize from Crafty Rahenna.
stitched on 40 count over 2.
Gazette 94 - Spring Heart
stitched on 36 count over 2.
Really bad scanned picture!

Looking forward, April is:

Amazon April
Dip your needle into the vast swath of fabric dedicated to your BIGGEST projects!

I guess I'll be going back to Green Goddess for this one!  I have a JE RR to finish off but that's not an Amazon piece.  The ABC isn't really Amazon either.  My Lovely Sewing Tools?  Could be, it's a 6 parter so that's quite big.
I have just catalogued my fabrics as I was losing sight of how much I had in which counts and colours.  I need more rustic fabrics!  I also need some gold cloth to stitch the Toilet God again for our bathroom.  Something opulent shot through with gold threads.

Finally, a quick reminder you have until Maundy Thursday to sign up to be a Picture Poster for my Easter Treasure Hunt.  We have enough people already to make a short phrase for the hunt.  Incidentally, do you know the origin of "Maundy"?

This is a quote from Wiki:
Most scholars agree that the English word Maundy in that name for the day is derived through Middle English and Old French mandé, from the Latin mandatum, the first word of the phrase "Mandatum novum do vobis ut diligatis invicem sicut dilexi vos" ("A new commandment I give unto you, That you love one another; as I have loved you")
Others theorize that the English name "Maundy Thursday" arose from "maundsor baskets" or "maundy purses" of alms which the king of England distributed to certain poor at Whitehall before attending Mass on that day. Thus, "maund" is connected to the Latin mendicare, and French mendier, to beg.

So there you go, now you know!


Linda said...

Wow Jo. Everything looks fantastic. Great job.


gracie said...

Ready and waiting!

Unknown said...

What great starts and well done on having such a variety of projects for March.

Kerryp77 said...

I love the designs you have done/started. love the sewing hanger and the san man design. great links too, why did i not check out san man before, such lovely designs, good luck with April. x

Sue said...

Marvellous stitching, Jo. I love T is for Things. I'm making WIPs with this SAL, not the other way around! lol I'm looking forward to seeing your progress next month.

Christine said...

Yes, definitely a lot of variety. You've got some lovely projects there.
I AM a geek, but evidently I'm not very good at interpreting backwards designs, it's got me stumped.

Susan said...

Great stitching this month and nice line up for April. I never knew the origin of Maundy and appreciate you looking it up - it's another one of those terms that "just is" and I don't question.

Thoeria said...

Yikes! looks like a busy month!

geeky Heather said...

Looks like you did manage quite a lot of projects in March!! Hmmm, I have no idea what that mystery project is, either!!

LOL at the opulent toilet god...!!

Giovanna said...

Wow, so many projects going on - good for you! The Dark Alphabet is my favourite, of course: congrats on the new letters!

Topcho said...

Wow, you did a lot in M arch and they all look awesome!

TeresaB said...

Lovely projects! You got quite a lot accomplished last month. Looking forward to seeing your Amazon projects.

♥ Nia said...

Wow!! So much stitching!! Great work sweetie :)

Kathy Ellen said...

My goodness, Jo, but your needles have been clicking away, stitching so many interesting pieces for March! Thankyou for sharing the descriptions of the origin of "Maundy"...very interesting.

Blessings in Stitches & Friendship!

Julie said...

Blog catching up - good luck to all in the Easte treasure hunt.

Lots of lovely stitching piccies, well done on the challenge, a lovely finish, mine didn't even get started lol

Happy Easter!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow though you didn't work on a different project every day you certainly got in a good variety there!

Jan Gartlan said...

You have achieved lots! I'm pleased to see bunny's rearend LOL. The San Man design is so cute! I think Dark Alphabet could qualify. Anything with 26x parts in it is Amazon to me

Valentina said...

Nice wips Jo! You've been a very busy bee this last month!