Sunday, 5 January 2020

January WIPocalypse Introduction

WIPocalypse is hosted by Measi's Musings

Each month we have to share the projects we want to complete before the End Of The World.  Measi always gives us a topic to discuss too.

January - Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year

Since 2011 I have chosen a number of projects to focus on that year, starting with my "11 in '11" and increasing to "20 in '20" for this year.  For 2020 the list includes my Discworld BAP project which will be my Focus Piece each month, some WIPs I really want to see finished,  new starts and four Christmas Ornaments.  Here are the first 8, all WIPs:

Project List:
  1. Ernie Bishop - NOEL Letters
  2. Joan Elliott - Faces 1 Block
  3. Brooke's Books - Stitcher's Alphabet
  4. Chatelaine Designs - Gardens of London
  5. Lyndisfarne - Discworld Map
  6. Nora Corbett - Gathering Eggs
  7. Mrs Peggotty - Queen of Hearts
  8. Just Nan - Christmas Friends
  9. JBW - 12 Days of Christmas Book 1
  10. JBW - 12 Days of Christmas Book 2
  11. JBW - 12 Days of Christmas Book 3
  12. JBW - 12 Days of Christmas Book 4
  13. Hands on Designs - Scary Apothecary 1
  14. Hands on Designs - Scary Apothecary 2
  15. Hands on Designs - Scary Apothecary 3
  16. Just Nan - Winter in the Square
  17. Amanda Butler - Alice in Wonderland
  18. Just Nan - Autumn Mouse Needleroll
  19. Just Nan - a Sampler for the Summer Holiday (TBA)
  20. Country Cottage Needlework - Main Street 1 Chart

The first three are older WIPs I really want to see some progress on.  The NOEL Letters are my oldest project, dating back to the 1990s.  The Joan Elliott Faces SAL stalled so I am setting a low target of one block.  If I'd done one block per year since I started it then I would have finished it by now!  Brooke's Books' Stitcher's Alphabet is technically finished but I want to add a title block and actually finish it so I have put it on the list to motivate myself.

These are the new projects I have started for this year:

JBW - 12 Days of Christmas (started on Boxing Day)
(Projects 9 -12)

Hands on Design - Bat Balm
(Projects 13 - 15)

Just Nan - Winter in the Square
(Project 16)

Amanda Butler - Alice in Wonderland SAL in Cross Stitcher magazine
(Project 17)

The list is then completed by a Just Nan design for Dark October, a Just Nan Sampler for my Summer Holidays and the start of my conversion for Country Cottage Needlework's Main Street.

The planned rotation this year will be:

20-a-Day - stitch 20 stitches every day on one project, first thing in the morning.
Just Nan smalls -  stitch a few stitches each day.  Aim to complete one per month.  Will also be travel and work projects.
Evening stitching - Mrs Peggotty's Queen of Hearts or the Alice SAL.

Complete one JBW Christmas Ornament per month
Complete one HoD Scary Apothecary design every four months
Stitch one Alice block per month
Stitch Discworld Mappe to average one page per month
Focus on one other project per month, possible using the Tiny Decisions app.

The exceptions will be May when I will stitch one length on a different Just Nan small each day (the ones previously started for Maynia) and Dark October when I will focus on Just Nan's Mouse and Needleroll.

The WIPocalypse posts are the last Sunday of each month

My other SALs are

The People's Choice - posts on the first Saturday of each month - theme in sidebar
Fully Finished Gallery - post anything fully finished on the 10th of each month
Gifted Gorgeousness - post anything gifted on the 15th
Hallowe'en Ornie Blog - a different spooky theme each month
Christmas Ornie Blog - a different festive theme each month
Smalls SAL - last Friday of each month

The TUSAL - post on the New Moon each month

Finally, I will be continuing with the ever popular Blog Hops this year.  We will have Valentine's, Easter, the Summer Postcard, Hallowe'en and the Advent Calendar.  All at the appropriate time of the year.  I will be posting about the Secret Stitching Sweethearts for Valentine's Day very soon so watch this space.


Christine said...

Fabulous list of projects!
I started my "Alice" today, just got one surround done so far. I'm planning to alter a lot of the motifs so that they have proper half stitches in them, I can't abide the messy look you get when you just do a whole stitch and then put the back-stitch diagonally across it like it's charted

Julie said...

Nice list, lots of lovely ones on there for this year.

Rachel said...

Whoa... what is that fabric you're stitching Bat Balm on???
I love that you've got a list of old, new, big, small, individual and sets of projects worked out for the year. You're going to be treating us to some wonderful stitching over the next 12 months! Good luck. :)

Katie said...

Good luck on your goals for 2020! I will be here cheering you along.

Margaret said...

I wondered if you would continue and do 20 in 20?! You are so well organised I'm sure you'll succeed too. I've a couple of finishes to do and then will go stash diving to find something else....perhaps a hardanger??

beadgirl said...

Your organization of all of this is impressive!

Beth in IL said...

Love seeing how you organize everything. Looking forward to your SAL's. If I didn't join them, I wouldn't blog nearly as often.

Needles Everywhere said...

Great post. I am not sure I understand how the WIPocolypse works, but I have several, including Gardens of London which I have been working on for several years. I will be watching your progress as it should be inspiring for me!

butterfly said...

Well done on your goal setting , you have some really nice projects .
I have not made any goals but will try and stitch on my UFOs more this year ,
And anything I fancy and see how I go.
Happy New Year.

Carol said...

You've made some lovely choices for your projects this year, Jo! I just can't juggle multiple projects which is why I rarely post until I have a finish to share :) Happy 2020 to you and your family!

diamondc said...

Jo: I see Discworld is almost finished, I bet you are excited.
Gathering eggs is another favorite of mine, I like seeing the progress on this one also.
Your new designs are wonderful, I think you are a Just Nan Fan.


Kaisievic said...

Great list, Jo - I can't wait to see it all unfold over the year.

Clare-Aimetu said...

A great variety of projects Jo, good luck for your 2020 stitching

Bethan said...

A great list of stitching - and oh so very organised. Good luck with your 20 in 20 x

OhSewCrafty said...

Lovely projects! I look forward to seeing Scary Apothecary on the green, as I'm using boring white 😂 Also excited to see how the Alice SAL stitches up. Finishing Discworld will be a major acheivement!

Amy Davidson said...

Great plan for 2020! I look forward to seeing your progress.

Astrids dragon said...

I wish I was as organized as you are, and you've chosen some great pieces for this year!

Leonore Winterer said...

Great list of projects for the year - I think you have a great mix of old and new and big and small going on. Looking at your monthly rotation always makes me a little dizzy, though - I'm amazed and impressed how you can keep up with all of that.
I'm very much looking forward to another year of fun SALs and Hops and general stitching!