Monday, 21 October 2019

October IHSW

IHSW or International Hermit and Stitch Weekend always starts on the third Friday of the month.  It's a chance to lock yourself away and focus on your stitching for the weekend.  You can take part on your blog or via the Facebook page.  Links at the bottom of this post.

My focus piece for the weekend is Raven by Nora Corbett.  Here's where I was on Friday morning:

Here's the part I worked on this weekend:

Lots of over one skin!  The gaps are for beads.

And here is the whole piece now:

stitched on 32 count Belfast in Nebula by Crafty Kitten

You may have spotted where the frog attacked.  The pale purple in the dress is charted as 156 but it just didn't look quite right so I frogged it and I'm replacing with 155 which looks much nicer.  And it's a break from over one skin on linen.  I made the decision to stitch the backstitch on her arms first and fit the skin around it.  This turned out to be a very good plan although I may redo the backstitch in a darker grey.  It was charted for a lighter fabric.  It did help get the arms nice and smooth.

I've also been making daily progress on my Mystic Sampler by The Primitive Needle.  Here is Day 21:

stitched on 40 count Jewel Butterbeer linen from Under the Sea Fabrics

That tree took ages!

A few people have said that they don't do Facebook and asked if I could host a link-up for them, so here it is! Just add your name and the link to your actual IHSW post, not just your blog home page.



Finally, the next IHSW will be 15th - 17th November so make sure you note the date in your diary or come and join us in the Facebook Group - IHSW on Facebook. If you don't do Facebook then you can check in here.


Christine said...

Wow, Raven is looking fabulous!

Barb said...

Raven is beautiful. I have never stitched one of her designs!

Rachel said...

That looks like a successful IHSW to me, even if the frogs joined you (but by invitation rather than gate-crashing!) Raven looks a little more human now that she has a couple of limbs! :)

Bethan said...

A very successful IHSW indeed! By stitching 1 over, is that a term for when stitching with linen rather than aida?

Purple Pixie Dust said...

I like your dragon stitch.

Leonore Winterer said...

Raven looks gorgeous! Over-one skin always seems to be worth the extra time it takes.

Katie said...

Gorgeous progress!

Astrids dragon said...

She's coming along beautifully, that fabric looks great with it!
Nice progress on your sampler too.