Friday, 20 July 2018

The Start of IHSW

Bit of a short post, I've been at work every day this week and the stitching has suffered!  Last night I didn't even read any blogs which is my usual evening pastime and spent the time stitching instead.

It's the third full weekend of the year, so here's the start of the Discworld Mappe that I will be stitching this weekend:

I put up a "Guess what it is" post in the IHSW Facebook group and the answers have been very amusing.  From a snake to a mermaid to a bird who smokes too much.  No-one has guessed the correct answer which regular followers will know is - a flying heraldic hippo.  Obviously.

Maybe backstitch will make it clearer...

I haven't shown this next piece for a little while.  It's my Temperature SAL based on Hetti's design:

This takes us up to 16th July and we finally got some red in there, a high of 27 degrees Centigrade.  It has become obvious to me that temperatures in this neck of the woods are much lower than those inland.  It's the cooling sea breeze I guess.

Finally, the Summer Postcard Blog Hop has started!  The first card went out to Ariadne from Greece, so follow the link below and find out who sent the card to her. 

If you want to take part, just email me a photo of something you have stitched which is suitable as a postcard to a fellow stitcher along with a short message of the kind you write on a postcard.  I will forward the photo to another participant who shows it on their blog.  The photo can be anything Summer themed, beach themed, holiday themed, you get the idea!   It can be a new piece or something from your archives.


Barb said...

Your Discworld Mappe is amazing. I could never guess what the design is from what you showed. I hope you have lots of stitching time this week-end!

MartinaM said...

Hi Jo,
Interesting embroidery, I also can not see what it is. But the answer is really funny.
In your variant of Hettis Sal you can already see the warm temperatures, I have to embroider on my again.
Greetings, Martina

Mary said...

Obviously, it's a heraldic hippo!! Thanks for the laugh!! I could not imagine how on earth you don't have all the threads a tangled mess on your Discworld Mappe!! Hope your able to get more stitching done this week, that working thing surely gets in the way.

Linda said...

Your forward to seeing your progress Jo. Waiting for an Alice update.


Renee said...

I hope you are finding a lot of stitching time this weekend!

Leonore Winterer said...

I love your Discworld Map! Good thing we had IHSW after such a busy week. I used it to make a start on my own postcard project (among other things), so hopefully I can get that picture to you soon!

Astrids dragon said...

Well obviously, but maybe backstitching would help!
Your temp SAL is looking very colourful, it looks good. I'm trying to put something together for next year, but need to figure out the details.

Katie said...

I sure understand no stitching time. I got maybe 10 stitches in for this IHSW haha. Hopefully August my life slows down. Love your stitching.

Brigitte said...

That temperature SAL already looks very interesting with all the different temperatures/colours. Great.
Now on to the start of the Summer Postcard Blog Hop.

Bethan said...

I too was enjoying the guesses for your Discworld piece! Ah I do miss a sea breeze in the summer! x

FlashinScissors said...

The temperature chart looks great. Amazing to see the different versions, although saying said that, I haven’t seen any others lately. Must pop over to visit Hetti ...... are people still linking there I wonder?
Barbara xx

Ariadne said...

I enjoyed the card!Thanks for being first and I had the time to write my blogpost!AriadnefromGreece!