Sunday, 19 November 2017

A Memorable TUSAL


It's TUSAL time, the Totally Useless SAL where we all show our ORTS and link-up on Daffycat's blog.

I am actually a day late with the TUSAL which almost never happens but I was so ill yesterday!  I came down with the bug that has kept the Small Boy off school all week.  I spent all of yesterday either asleep or being sick in the bathroom.  I managed my 10-a-Day, skipped the 30 as it was beads, put five little stalks into Just Nan's Memories to say I'd worked on it and 2 little stitches on 12 Days of Christmas for the same reason.

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Fortunately I feel better today, delicate but able to finish two projects!  It was really slow going, I have never made so many errors; threading the wrong colour, frogging the satin stitch and even losing the needle at one point.  At least I didn't spill the beads!

The first completed project was Memories by Just Nan, this was a gift from the lovely Vickie of A Stitcher's Story.  I chose a fabric in her favourite colour - Pink, and added one more personal detail, can you spot it?

stitched on 32 count Pink linen

Here are some close-ups of the bands:

The chart didn't come with the bead pack so I substituted what I already had - 00479, 00553 and 18828.

The second finish was my 30-a-Day project - Have a Heart by Just Nan:

stitched on 32 count white evenweave

This was a nice quick stitch, only 17 days.  I will turn this into an ornie when I have the energy!  Short and sweet today, I am in need of a lie-down now.


Finally, it's time to sign up for the Advent Calendar  Blog Hop!  For this hop, each participant is allocated a day in December to make their post on.  They will show something they have stitched on a Christmas theme and answer the topic question I set.  I then copy their photo onto my blog post in the style of an Advent Calendar.

So if you'd like to join in, please leave a comment or send me an email.  Let me know if there is a date you would particularly like or one you'd like to avoid.  I will be in touch towards the end of the month!

Here is a link to last year's so you can see how it works:


  1. Lovely stitching.You did well to put any stitches in,judging by how you were feeling!
    Glad you are a bit better today.

  2. I am so sorry you have been ill and hope you are fully recovered soon. Your finishes are both lovely!

  3. Gorgeous! Hope you are feeling better.

  4. Since you already showed me this, you KNOW I spotted the very special personal detail!!! I will not name it here. I am going to make someone else do that. HA! ;) It is lovely. Congratulations on both of these gorgeous finishes. Now go rest and get well my friend.❤️

  5. Oh yes! Sign me up for the Advent Blog Hop please!🐩

  6. Congrats on the cute finishes Jo. Hope your all better real soon.


  7. That bug sounds terrible! Take good care of yourself. In spite of being sick, you have two lovely finishes!!

  8. Jo: So happy you feel better and able to stitch, Memories is a beautiful design, I love working with threads and beads, I have also substituted my own beads, the bead packets can be spendy,

    Happy Thanksgiving

  9. Jo, your little addition to the stitch has to be that cute little poodle!!! I love the quote on the stitch and the pretty beading. Both Just Nan stiches are so pretty. I hope this finds you 100% better, the bug sounds horrible. Mary

  10. Oh my, this is just stunning. Such a great Just Nan band sampler. I love her band samplers a lot, particularly the earlier ones, and still have some in my stash. Congratulations on your finish. And nice idea to add the little poodle charm - so you always know who sent you the chart :)
    Great second finish, too.
    Good that you already feel better.

  11. I wish you a speedy recovery.

  12. Hope you're feeling better :) I love these Just Nan pieces. I will probably never stitch one but they're so pretty to look at.

  13. Glad you're feeling better! I'm guessing that the addition is the little poodle cute! What a lovely colour scheme on this design.

  14. Hope you are feeling better Jo. Keep taking it slow and easy.

    I really love the Just Nan sampler. and it sure does remind me of Vickie with the pink linen and the poodle charm. It is a beauty! Have a heart is really sweet!

    Get better soon. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  15. Those bugs like to hit us at the worst times. Hope you are all feeling better now. Your stitching is just gorgeous. Congrats on the finishes.

  16. Wow, your finishes look absolutely FAB!!! I love the beading you've done. And the bead colors are sooooooo pretty. Way to go!!!

  17. Oh, and I hope you feel back to normal ASAP. (I should have said that in my other comment, but... Well, I was just thinking how pretty your finishes were, and I forgot!)

  18. I hope you're feeling better. Wonderful work on your bands! And that heart is just precious - love it! :)

  19. A poodle charm, how cute!! Gorgeous this band sampler!
    I hope you are feeling better today!

  20. Love your finish. Hope you are feeling better.

  21. Nope, I have no idea on the special Vickie detail. Is it a cat? :b Another wonderful finish for your 2017 list!

    Hope you got all the gross up and out. I'm hoping my flu shot protects me this year. At least it wasn't during Christmas!

  22. Great finishes - Memories is so pretty and the little poodle charm is adorable! I hope you're feeling better.

  23. My poor stunner, I'm glad you're starting to feel better. Rest up the stitching will be there when you feel better. You did very well to get so much done. Good job.
    xo Alicia

  24. Sorry you caught the bug (or it caught you - the other way 'round implies you were pursuing it) and hope you're feeling much better. Beautiful finishes.

  25. Great finishes Jo!
    Well done stitching when you really were soooo under the weather!
    Looking forward to the Advent Calendar  Blog Hop!
    I’m a bit late but I’ve remember to join in with Daffycat’s TUSALs this month!
    Hope you are feeling better now!
    Hugs, Barbara xx

  26. Sorry to hear you've been poorly, hope you get well soon.
    Lovely finishes on the JNs

  27. Hi, Jo. I am coming from Brigitte's blog and I am glad that I found your beautiful blog. I love stitching and I would love to participate in your calendar. Please email me to to arrange it.
    Just one more thing: I would prefer to post on 22 December, or from 27 to 31 December. Kisses from Greece, my friend.

  28. Hello Jo

    I'm a new blogger but would love to join your advent calendar if possible.
    Beautiful stitching - I love the Just Nan piece.

    1. Hi Milly, you are a no-reply person and there's no link to a blog in your profile. So please could you email me direct. I'll be allocating the days for the Calendar this Sunday so please get in touch soon!

  29. Sorry to hear that you caught the bug from the boy... hope you're feeling heaps better now! Love your Just Nan finishes - they are such lovely designs :o)


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