Monday, 31 October 2016

Hallowe'en Trick Or Treat Blog Hop 2016

Trick or Treat!

A collage of the spooky stitches I have completed since the last Blog Hop!

Welcome to the spooky hallowe’en mystery phrase blog hop!

All you need to do is visit each of the following blogs in order, jot down the letter displayed with their Hallowe'en stitched picture then return here and leave a comment telling me the Mystery Phrase.

It'd be nice if you left a comment on their blog too, especially if it's new to you.

I have "moderate comments before publishing" enabled so no-one can copy anyone else!

There will be a small prize for one person picked at random from the guessers.  People who posted a picture  will get one chance for that and another chance if they make a guess too.

So without further ado,
start the blog hop – enter if you dare…

Kitten Stitching
Crossing One Stitch at a Time
A Patchwork of Crafts
An Arizona Stitcher
Tiffstitches a Blog
Mii Stitch
Books, Crafts and Other Procrastinations
Fireflies & Cats in the Garden
Wyrd Needles
Justine's Cross Stitch
Family Business
Reading & Stitching
Stitch Niche
Needle, Pen & Sword
Today I Found
Hokkaido Kudasai
Guava Gems
The Greytail
Beth's Needlework Stash
Oubliette - B
Stitching in Sunny California
Dragon Stitches & Stuff by Astrid
The Crafty Princess
Stitch Bitch

and finally back to me for this letter

and this picture:

This is Sampling Hallowe'en by Lizzie*Kate, a gift from Mii in our Hallowe'en Mail Art Exchange last year.  I stitched it on 28 count lilac linen using most of the recommended colours, a few changes so things would show up better on the lilac fabric, which is looking blue in this photo!  The little ghost charm was included with the chart.

Don't forget, some of us are on different time zones so if you visit a blog and can't find a letter or picture yet, pop back later in the day.  
The competition is open for one week closing 00.01 hours 7th November GMT.

happy hunting!

all from Hyraea


  1. When Witches Ride Out On Brooms - wonderful blogs!

  2. Thanks for organising the Halloween Blog hop again this year, it was fun!! There were a few letters still missing when I typed this comment but I think I have worked it out: When Witches Ride Out On Brooms
    Happy Halloween Jo!

  3. Just love the counting bats one. This is so much fun!!!

  4. Your finishes are wonderful, I especially love the Ink Circles one.

  5. Thank you again for hosting this Blog Hop. It was so much fun and I think I have only added 4 things to my wish list. Which is a very good thing for my retirement fund. When Witches Ride out on Brooms.

  6. Comment 1 is my entry with the phrase When Witches ride out on brooms.

  7. Thanks for another fun hop Jo with some new blogs to visit ans some familiar friends.

  8. ciao Jo! thank you for another lovely blog hop! I've been waiting for a few hours for a few posts to be sure and even if some are still missing I'm pretty confident this year's clue is "when witches ride out in brooms" although I just thought, shouldn't it be "on brooms"?
    I hope you enjoyed a lovely Hallowe'en, here it's just an excuse to eat more candy and chocolate, which is exactly what I'm going to do right now! ;D

  9. When Witch's Ride Out On Brooms. I am assuming that is it but there were two blogs that didn't have a letter posted.

  10. 'When witches ride out on brooms'. Fun seeing everyones decorations. Happy Halloween!

  11. having fun visiting them all ... thank you for a wonderful night of blog hopping with my cuppa and a cookie or two :) love mouse xxxx

  12. Love all of your pieces Jo. The answer is: When witches ride out in brooms. This was a fun one.


  13. I enjoyed the blog hop & all of the wonderful Halloween stitching! Thanks so much for hosting. Here is the secret phrase: "When Witches Ride Out On Brooms"

  14. Love all of your beautiful Halloween stitching! Sampling Hallowe'en is super cute. Happy Halloween!

  15. This was so much fun - I've never done one of these before. Lovely stitching and fun posts. My phrase is: When witches ride out on brooms.
    Thanks, Jo!

  16. Wow I'm so happy that I am no longer a blog hop virgin!! That was more fun than I realised. I wish I had tried it sooner. Thanks for letting me be a part of it. I think the phrase is "WHEN WITCHES RIDE OUT ON BROOMS" 🕸🎃🕸🎃

  17. Thank you for hosting a wonderful hop Jo! I had so much fun ogling the pretty designs! Love your stitching, that's quite a lot to handle LOL😊

  18. That was fun! The phrase is "When witches ride out on brooms."

  19. Very fun Hop Jo! I think the phrase is "When witches ride out on brooms".

  20. Wonderful blog hop, lots of fun as usual and some fabulous stitching.

    When witches ride out on brooms.

  21. Thank you for organising the hop Jo, it's been fun and I've found some new blogs to follow.
    There is a letter missing at the moment so I'm having to guess at filling in the blank.
    It is either "When witches ride on out on Grooms" - which reminds me of the Wiccan wedding we shot a few years back, but seems kind of inappropriate for a blog children might read, or "when witches ride on out on Brooms"
    Hmm. Yes. I think I'm going to go with brooms

  22. One of the letters is still missing, but I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that the phrase is: "When witches ride out on brooms." Thanks for letting me join in the fun! Have a good All Saints Day, if that's your thing; if not, have a good Tuesday!

  23. I have enjoyed this hop again,finding some new to me blogs. I really enjoyed seeing everyone's stitching. Here is the phrase.when witches ride out on brooms.

  24. thanks for having this hop, lots of fun, lots of traffic on my blog. Can't wait for next year, time to get stitching so I'll have something new to show off :)

  25. A collage full of spookiness, lots of lovely finished since the last Halloween blog hop.

  26. Thanks for a great blog hop, Jo! Such fun to meet some more "new to me" bloggers! Great phrase "When witches ride out on brooms"
    Well done stitching all your new Halloween stitcheries too!
    Hugs, Barbara xx

  27. That was a lot of fun again, Jo. I just love your blog hops. And it's a always a chance to discover new-to-me blogs.

  28. Thanks for organising this hop Jo - I'm finally sitting down to hop on Bonfire Night!

  29. I thought by the time I came around with blog reading, it would be to late to enter a guess, but looks like I'm just in time! So if I didn't misshop, the phrase for this hop is: WHEN WITCHES RIDE OUT ON ?ROOMS, and I'm pretty sure that one letter I couldn't find is a B!

    Also, your blog hop made me add another three or four blogs to my list...not that I don't have enough to catch up on already!

  30. I only manage to visit the blog hop today as my computer had broken down.!Lovely collection you have there!The phrase is " When witches ride on brooms" Thanks for this lovely blog hop once again!AriadnefromGreece!

  31. I'm so sad I missed a blog hop. I don't have time right now to hop around I'm so far behind on my blog reading list and want to catch up there first. But belated Happy Halloween! Thanks for hosting and keep em coming. They are just so much fun!!

  32. I am still hopping around.... Time got away from me this week - way too much going on at work and in life! Love the phrase... Thank you for organising a fun hop! I am enjoying reading all the posts and will eventually get to them all :)
    Hugs xx

  33. Yay! I finally got there, obviously too late for the competition part but I have read and commented on each blog for the hop. "When Witches Ride out on Brooms!" Thanks, dear Jo, for organising another fun blog hop. xxx

  34. I love the sampler :) Sorry I couldn't participate this year I was in Florida. The fabric looks lilac on my screen :)


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